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You could make something like this from @foodfitnesstreats who shared this epic grilled chicken burger 🍔 with us😍
Grilled chicken 🍗 with @eatlean #proteincheese 🧀, @callowfit_official smokey bbq sauce 😋
Served with tenderstem broccoli 🥦 and homemade sweet potato 🍠 fries
What more could you want on a Sunday evening!🥰❤️
Cozy Saturday night at home. Prepped some snacks for my dear @thejoshdgarcia’s visit. A mini @yvonnesvegankitchen cheeseboard with 3 of our #VeganCheeses: Cranberry and Dill, Black Truffle, Roasted Garlic Herb & Chive; our Superfood Crackers, and dried figs, apricots, and whatever fruit we had in the fridge.
Big shout out to our ambassador @brizzlehadley for sharing these cheesy dishes!🙌🏼
Using our limited edition Eatlean Red and one of our #proteincheese shakers, Brett increased his protein intake swapping standard cheese with @eatlean ❤️🧀 in his first epic meal
Then the grated protein cheese was generously sprinkled on top of his next delicious looking dish😍
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Are you counting calories, love cheese but have to resist throwing too much into your meals because of its high calorie content?😫🧀
Using @eatlean #proteincheese means you can have the same portion of cheese for much fewer calories and less fat than a standard cheddar🙌🏼
Take a look at these macro comparisons between our @eatlean standard block and a popular lighter cheese 🧀
Look at the numbers you get using the same amount of each😃
When counting calories, which cheese will you chose?🤔
You could even afford to throw a bit more on your plate using @eatlean 😋😉❤️
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Shout out to @samsfitdiary for this awesome burger 🍔🥰
🥩 120g bbq beef steak burger
🧀 40g @eatlean Tasty #proteincheese
🍔 Beetroot low carb brioche bun
🌶 @nandosuk perinaise & crispy onions
What do you like in your burgers?😊😍
Saturday night is “cheatzza and rugby night” for @that_disco_biff 🍕 🏉
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What a great idea from @fityuyu6 this is - A low carb Napolitana sandwich!🙌🏼
To make the base:
✔ 250g of cauliflower
✔ 1 egg 🥚 ✔ 1 pinch of salt 🧂 and pepper
✔ Spices to taste 🌶 -
Fill it with Turkey 🦃 and/or ham and plenty of @eatlean #proteincheese 🧀 - And to make it messy, tomato 🍅 based sauce and more protein cheese 🧀 on top!
1. Steam the cauliflower then chop it up into small crumb sizes by using a processor.
2. Drain the water well and dry with kitchen roll.
3. Mix the cauliflower with 1 egg 🥚, salt 🧂, pepper and spices 🌿 .
4. Cook half the cauliflower dough on medium heat in a small frying pan using a little oil.
5. Turn over once browned underneath and place the cheese 🧀 and turkey 🦃 on top.
6. Put the rest of the cauliflower dough on top and spread out with a spatula.
7. Cover on low heat so that the egg 🍳 cooks well.
8. Once cooked spread the tomato sauce/paste on and sprinkle protein cheese on top.
9. Cover again until the cheese melts.
10. Enjoy!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mini pizza and veggie soup anyone?
@heffer2hench used 2 warburtons thins ✅ (@ww.uk 6sp) , toasting them, then adding her own pizza base sauce for 0sp 🥫
Topping with 79g @eatlean protein cheese 🧀 for just ✅ 1sp and fresh baby plumb tomatoes 🍅 .
Baked until the cheese started to bubble and crisp😍
Served with homemade veggie soup (see @heffer2hench instagram highlights for recipe) ✅2sp🙌🏼
For a total of just ✅9sp !!! 😃💪🏼WOWZERS!!
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Why not take Valentines Day into the weekend and treat your loved one with the number one, original award winning #proteincheese🧀
From the original makers of protein cheese, we want to continue spreading the love and give you and your partner a chance to try cheese from our whole range😋🧀
Why not treat yourselves to our Limited Edition Eatlean Red, try Tasty if you haven’t already or indulge in another of our protein cheeses❤️
OFFER ON 16-17 FEBRUARY ONLY! Don’t miss out!!👍🏼😉
Shipping fee still applies, discount does not include shipping.
Omg if you’re on the hunt for a good dairy free cheese alternative, you need to try these!!! We also have a garlic flavour too! You can use these on crackers like a dip, on sandwiches, wraps and in pastas and salads!!! So good! @nuttybay
#cashewcheese #byronbay #nuttybay #garlic #chives #dairyfree #vegan #healthy #cheesealternative #yum #dip #govitaspringfield #govita #orionspringfield
A birthday treat earlier in the week called for an experimental takeaway choice. Exploring the vegan section of a primarily meat based takeaway can be daunting and expectations were low.
Upon arrival we were pleased with the tomato base and it wasn't too saturated in vegan cheese as a lot of vegan pizza chains can do and become over powering.
We will order again!
This is just a plain 12inch Margarita. Can't go too wrong.
Bought from Pizzaologoy in Heaton.
#pizza #vegan #takeaway #treat #tasty #dinner #margarita #cheese #cheesealternative #newcastle #newcastlevegan
Tonight we are joining @platformperformance during their popular WOD Friday night workout 🏋🏾‍♀️ 🏋🏼‍♂️ 👍🏼
Tonight’s WOD (Workout Of the Day) is sponsored by @eatlean 🧀💪🏼
And we have just the protein treat for them afterwards! Lots of #proteincheese ❤️🧀❤️🧀❤️🧀
Awesome gym, awesome Eatleaners 🙌🏼
Keep up the fab work guys!😉
How much cheese do you like to throw onto your fajita dish?🧀
@mrsjlb used @eatlean #proteincheese so that she could use more cheese on her meal without any extra guilt!🙌🏼
💪🏼 45% more protein
💪🏼 90% less fat
💪🏼 55% fewer calories
Than standard cheddar
Why choose a more calorific cheese when you have have the same taste and melt with @eatlean?😄👍🏼
Come on Eatleaners, show us your cheesy portions!🧀❤️😍
Don’t have time to make breakfast but need to get your protein fix from somewhere?💪🏼
Why not try making egg #proteincheese muffins the night before, ready for picking out the fridge in the morning, saving you time and fulfilling your macro requirements😍👍🏼
@nutriprofe13 made these delicious looking protein fix cupcakes, which look amazing ❤️
🥚 @twochicksproducts egg whites
🍄 Mushrooms
💪🏼 Black olives
💪🏼 Ham
🧀 plenty of @eatlean protein cheese
What a start to the day!🙌🏼
QUESTION: are you staying on or dining out for Valentine’s Day tonight? 🍽 -
If you are staying in, what are you making for your loved one?🥰
How about a bit of inspiration from @steff_slimmingformywedding with this awesome pizza 🍕 topped hash brown and some salad on the 🥗
❤️5 slices of @tescofood pizza pepperoni slices (4 syns)
❤️70g @eatlean #proteincheese 🧀 (healthy extra A1)
“@eatlean protein cheese melts and goes all delicious”! Says Steff😋❤️
For the hash brown recipe for to @steff_slimmingformywedding highlights 👍🏼😍
❤️COMPETITION TIME!!❤️ We want to share the love this valentines day, and treat you guys with a chance of winning 5 spreadable and 5 blocks of our delicious Eatlean Red Limited Edition 😍
We're spread-able-ing the, red love 🤗 (OK that was poor, so if you think of another phrase, feel free to share!)😅
Same cheese, different colour🧀
Delicious on crackers, melts perfectly on toast 🥪 and a show-off on pizza 🍕
All you need to do is
1. Like this post
2. Tag a special companion who you would love to share your cheese prize with
3. Both must follow @eatlean
1, 2, 3 GO!
Competition ends at midnight on Sunday! ❤️
We want to know how you are celebrating Valentine’s Day! Send in your valentines recipes and creations and use the #loveeatlean 🥰
Why not try a heart shaped pizza using @lodough.co pizza base 🍕 and plenty of @eatlean Limited Edition Red #proteincheese 🧀. Finish it off with a sprinkle of @spicentice Italian herb, and you have yourself a low carb, low calorie, low fat pizza😍👍🏼 Come on Eatleaners, share the love and show us your romantic gestures 💓🥰😍❤️
I was feeling kind of peckish.... 🤤
My life feels complete
Dairy free cheese!
Locally made!
Tonight's we will be dining on pasta just like Nonna used to make!
(But with dairy free Parm!) Thank you for all the great customer service and recommendations @georgianbayfrauxmagerie
You can find these wonderful products and more @thewildstandgeneralstore
#dairyfree #cheese #cheesealternative
#cashew #almond #italian #healthyeating #canada #buylocal
Marbled chocolate cheesecake😃🙌🏼
A whopping 650g of @eatlean spreadable #proteincheese 🧀 went into this beauty from ambassador @tommy_c_88_😍
Shout out if you want the recipe!! 🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊
Starting today, we have several items on sale, including our line of Dairy Free Cheddar! 🧀 Hit the link in bio to start shopping now, before we sell out! Sale runs through February 20th.

Shop 15% off our Cheddar, Nacho Cheddar, Jalapeno Cheddar, Salted Whipped Butter, Garlic Whipped Butter, French Onion, and Bleu Cheese.
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Savory Oatmeal with “cheese”🥰 (Compare to cheese grits)
- Use nutritional yeast as a “cheese” sub👌🏾
#breakfast #breakfastbowl #plantbased #plantpower #oatmeal #oatmealbowl #nutritionalyeast #whatveganseat #fitfood #foodie #foodiesofinstagram #foodporn #comfortfood #yumm #hearthealth #dairyfree #dairyalternative #cheesealternative #holistichealth #instadaily #vegan #vegainz #easyrecipes #cheesegrits #grits
Time to play ketchup!
Today is day 3 of no dairy, gluten, or red 🥩(seafood only). Breakfast at work has been looking like a bowl of fruit and two pieces of #glutenfree toasts. Today it’s topped with #novalox , cucumbers, and creamed #cashew “cheese.” Easily the hardest part about giving up dairy is saying bye to cheese so I need to find alternatives and I really liked this! 🙂
“What a better way to reward a weigh in loss than 483 calories of my favourite new foods”!
@danniisadler has a new found love in @eatlean #proteincheese 🧀 as well as @lodough.co pizza 🍕 bases, which if you ask us is a perfect combination❤️💪🏼
Using smoked protein cheese, Dannii made a pizza and a mini pasta bake😋
Who else has a love of proteincheese??🙌🏼❤️😍🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀
We are excited to announce that #gourmetvanille products are available in @anaiscafe 😊
#plantbased #plantbasedfood #bahrain #bahrainfood #vegan #veganfood #vegansofbahrain #بديل_الجبن #نباتيين_البحرين #نباتي_صرف #cheesealternative #bahrainvegan #bahraineat #dairyfree #nondairy
WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE PIZZA TOPPING? ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ Are you a Hawaiian girl/boy like me? Do you think pineapple belongs on pizza?🍕🍍 I love it, especially when it’s topped with plenty of @eatlean #proteincheese 🧀 and ham❤️ Using a @lodough.co bass would cut the carbs and calories even further too!👏🏼 @sweetstronghappy - next time you make an epic pizza like this, can I be invited round??😉💪🏼
QUESTION: do you prefer sweet or savoury in your crumpets?

Shout out to @mind_body_squat for this delicious cheesy heaven!❤️ Crumpet bake made with toasted crumpets cut in half and placed in an oven dish🙌🏼 Topped with chorizo, beans and of course @eatlean #proteincheese 🧀

Put under the grill for 5-10 minutes or until cheese is bubbling😍
Following my last vegan cheese post, this is the macaroni cheese stack! These three make a decent cheese sauce. I have found the Violife Prosociano Parmesan is perfect for this and pasta topping. Available at most supermarkets.
The cheese sauce powder is from Holland and Barrett and doesn’t make a good sauce on its own - at all! Totally kaka.
The bottom tub is what people call “nutritional yeast” and it makes for a nutty pasta topper or is perfect in the cheese sauce. Available in more and more supermarkets, Holland and Barrett, plus health food shops.
So there you go. Don’t ask me how much of each I put in a sauce because I just make it up 😋
#vegancheese #veganmacaronicheese #macaronicheese #cheesealternative #dairyfree #lactoseintolerant #vegan #veganmeals #veganrecipes #veganjunkfood #veganuk #vegandinner #veganfoodie #veganuary #vegansofig
LIKE if you want to know how to make these awesome healthy 'mozerella'-type sticks!😍👍🏼 High protein, low calorie - These are great to share with the family or for putting out on the table as snacks when entertaining!😉 "Combining together 2 of my go to brands @eatlean and @lodough.co”
🧀 3 @eatlean #proteincheese snacking bars (halved lengthways)
🥚 1 egg (beaten)
🍞 1 sheet of @lodough.co (blended into breadcrumbs)
👍🏼 Olive oil
Coat the @eatlean snacking bars in the egg and then the lodough breadcrumbs. TWICE! You want to double coat them so when you cook them the cheese doesn’t spill out.

Fill the base of a wok with 4-5tbsp Olive oil and bring to a medium heat. Add in the coated sticks 3 at a time and cook until golden.

Remove them from the pan and dab away the excess oil with a paper towel.

Serve with a handful of mixed salad and some tomato salsa, then enjoy🙌🏽

Nutritional info:
💪🏼40g protein
💪🏼8g carbs
💪🏼15g fat

Shout out to @jamiereadaf for this awesome post!!!❤️
Shout out to @georgiaslifewithralph for sharing this awesome photo of her cheesy chilli boats🚣‍♂️🌶 🦃 250g turkey breast mince turkey 💪🏼grated courgette 💪🏼2 chopped peppers 💪🏼1 chopped onion 🥫1 tin chopped tomatoes 💪🏼1 tin of kidney beans in water 🌶1 sachet of @spicentice chilli con carne mix (1 SP per portion, Serves 4) 🌮2 @oldelpaso stand n stuff tortillas (2 SP each) 🧀50g @eatlean #proteincheese (1 SP)

Boats of cheesy deliciousness if you ask me! ❤️😍🙌🏼
Have you ever used @eatlean spreadable #proteincheese on pizza?😍 Not only does our grated cheese melt awesomely on pizza, but our spreadable is an excellent addition to increase your protein intake💪🏼😋 @david.stansbury shared this delicious looking pizza fakeaway with us - we just hope he has done left for us!!😉🙌🏼🍕🧀
LOOKING FOR AN EXTRA PROTEIN BOOST?💪🏼 Cheese is a great source of protein, but is sometimes taken off people’s menus due to its high fat and calorie content🙁

With @eatlean spreadable #proteincheese, you get more protein without significantly increasing your fat and calorie intake🙌🏼 Let’s take this comparison, between Eatlean spreadable and Philadelphia Lighter. The same amount of Eatlean spreadable gives you: 💪🏼130% more protein
💪🏼10% fewer calories
💪🏼57% less saturated fat
💪🏼63% less sugar 🧀Awarded HIGHLY COMMENDED STATUS for ‘best dairy product’ at the 2019 FMT Food Industry Awards 🏆 🧀GOLD WINNER at the 2018 International Cheese Awards for ‘spreadable cheese’ 🥇
Our award winning spreadable cheese tastes great on crackers, toast, as a cheese sauce mixed with pasta, or even when dipping carrot sticks or celery into it!😍🧀 If you are looking for an extra protein boost and are watching your calories, why not try our spreadable.❤️
Give us a LIKE if you love quiche!❤️ Using a @lodough.co base and @eatlean #proteincheese 🧀, @ms_buster made this delicious looking low fat, low carb, low calorie quiche.😀🙌🏼 Macros for 1/4 slice were:
💪 92 Calories
💪 2g Carbs
💪 3g Fat
💪 13g Protein

Have you tried one of our quiche kits yet? If not, give them a try!😛 You get all the ingredients including protein cheese and Lo-Dough bases, enough to make 2 quiches!💪🏼😉 Visit our website to find out more about our quiche.....and take a look at our awesome quiche recipes in the recipes section!😘
Every night can be pizza night if you just believe.
First time using a cauliflower crust, it was delicious! 😋🤗😜🤷🏼‍♀️👌🏻🤷🏼‍♀️💦🍕🍍 #cauliflower #cauliflowerpizza #cauliflowercrust #pizza #pizzanight🍕 #pizzanightiseverynight #homemade #pinapple #pineapplepizza #peppers #onions #veggiecheese #cheesealternative #healthy #vibes #peace #love #namaste🙏
Every night can be pizza night if you just believe.
First time using a cauliflower crust, it was delicious! 😋🤗😜🤷🏼‍♀️👌🏻🤷🏼‍♀️💦🍕🍍 #cauliflower #cauliflowerpizza #cauliflowercrust #pizza #pizzanight🍕 #pizzanightiseverynight #homemade #pinapple #pineapplepizza #peppers #onions #veggiecheese #cheesealternative #healthy #vibes #peace #love #namaste🙏
Vegan grilled cheese. Definitely not bad.
#vegangrilledcheese #dairyfree #healthyfood #cheesealternative #homemadefood #vegancomfortfood
Werbung durch Markennennung* 🌱 Enjoyment without suffering 🤤

#vegan #cheese #simplyv #alternative #käseersatz #cheesealternative #vegancheese #foodporn #veganfood #vegandeutschland #veganfoodporn #veganfoodhaul #foodhaul #tasty #tastyvegan #animalsarefriends #fortheanimals #whatveganseats #veganproducts #veganlife #veganlifestyle #plantbased #veganfoodshare #veganforlife #veganforhealth #veganpower #veganshare #eatclean #eat
The cheesier, the better, right?

With storm Eric about outside, maybe you are looking for something to warm you up and make you feel all cheerful inside 😊👍🏼. So how about making a cheesy 🧀Sausage pasta bake, like this one from @ameliaseats? ❤

🧀80g dry pasta
🧀2 @heckfooduk chicken Italia sausages (pre cooked)
🧀400g (1 whole tin) chopped tomatoes
🧀1 tsp onion powder
🧀1 tsp garlic powder
🧀Fresh basil
🧀20g @eatlean #proteincheese ❤️❤️
🧀20g grated mozzarella "Cook the pasta for a bit less than the time on the packet. This was meant to cook for 11 minutes but I cooked for 7-8 minutes.

In a saucepan add your chopped tomatoes, sausages, garlic powder, onion powder and some basil.

When the pasta is done, drain it and put it in with the sauce.

Add everything into a greased oven-safe dish and top with your cheese.
Cooker 180°C for about 10-15 min or until the cheese is melted/browned/however you like it.

Top with some more basil and enjoy”!🤪
There are many #hormones and other compounds in milk and other dairy products whose functions are not yet fully understood 🤔
Researchers are trying to understand their #biological effects including their contribution to cheese craving that is so common 🧐
One review* identified the following hormones and related #naturalchemicals in cow’s milk:
prolactin, somatostatin, oxytocin, melatonin, growth hormone, leuteinizing hormone-releasing hormone, thyrotropin-releasing hormone, thyroid-stimulating hormone, vasoactive intestinal peptide, calcitonin, parathyroid hormone, corticosteroids, estrogens, progesterone, insulin, epidermal growth factor, insulin-like growth factor, erythropoietin, bombesin, neurotensin, motolin, and cholecystokinin
*Teschemacher H, Koch G, Brantl V. Milk protein-derived opioid receptor ligands. Biopolymers 1997;43:99-117.

#dairyfree #cleaneating #wfpb
QUESTION: What is your favourite high protein breakfast??😛👍🏼 How about something like this from @blueeyesandthickthighs.....a 3 egg 🥚fluffy omelette with bacon 🥓 (free on @slimmingworld), no added sugar, no added salt 🧂 @heinzketchup (0.5 per 2 tbsp), and @eatlean spreadable #proteincheese 🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀(90g HExA)! Having a high breakfast to keep you going until lunch time will certainly prevent any mid morning snacking.💪🏼🙌🏼 Choose a high protein breakfast instead of cereal this morning, see what a difference it makes!😉❤️
#cheesealternative I used this on popcorn or anything I want to have a cheese flavor.
Huge shot out to @beyondbetterfoods for making this Ahmazing Cashew and Sunflower seed Cheese Sauce! Such a delicious alternative for us cheese lovers! If you haven’t tried it you betta get to it! #vegetarian #plantbased #passionforplants #vegan #veganinaz #cashewcheese #sunflowercheese #veggies #nuts #nutcheese #delicious #cheesealternative #healthy #selfcare #lifestyle
Courtesy of one of our @eatlean_es ambassadors🙌🏼 @netastyle always makes delicious looking @eatlean #proteincheese dishes......and this one is is no exception!😍 What better way to celebrate #nationalpizzaday than to create an epic pizza like this!

And pizza doesn’t have to break the bank in terms of calories either....use Eatlean protein cheese 🧀❤️ and you can significantly reduce the calories and fat in your pizza 🍕💪🏼 How are you celebrating national pizza day tonight? 👍🏼🤤😋😉
Rudi’s 100% whole wheat bread 🍞 follow your heart pepper jack style slices #dairyfree vegan lactose free caseine free soy free #cheesealternative earth balance organic whipped buttery spread & #sombrerosswag #oaev #nutrition with a heart #wearehrc #normal ya3ni no filter #tasty #happycaturdayyall😻
⬇PIZZA AND GARLIC BREAD FOR UNDER 500Kcal⬇ #nationalpizzaday

@Lodough.co pizza AND Garlic Bread using @eatlean #proteincheese 💪 499 calories
💪 87g Protein
💪 7g Fat
💪 10g Carbs
💪 18g Fibre

@lukeanthony.ld shared this awesome recipe, showing how you can still enjoy your food when on a diet!🙌🏼 "I talk for every single person that I know when I say that #pizzaislife🍕 , when I was losing weight, my weakness was pizza, restricting myself to pizza only on ‘cheat’ days was bloody exhausting! 😰
So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered @Lodough.co, @nowtponcy and @Eatlean Protein Cheese 🧀 ❤🔥 There isn’t a day that goes by, restricted or not restricted, where I don't eat a pizza ☺🍕 The pizza and garlic bread took 20 minutes to prep/cook!! 1⃣Preheat your oven to 250°C/475F/Gas 9
2⃣Spray the fry-light into a pan, and fry off your 2 Lo-Dough pieces to add some colour to the bases.
3⃣Place each Lo-Dough onto your cooking tray/pizza stone/air-fryer stand.

4⃣For the pizza - spread 15-20g of nowt poncy to the edge,eat lean cheese - 100g chicken breast and 20g red pepper.🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕 5⃣For the garlic bread - spread 45g eat leat spreadable with a sweat of galric clove to the edge and 45g eat lean grated cheese with a sprinkle of parsley 🌿

6⃣Bake in your oven for 7-9 minutes or until golden and bubbling. 🧀❤️ Garnish with fresh mixed herbs if you like. Serve straight away.
Tip: If you feel you like your base could be crispier when it comes out, try adding back to a hot, dry frying pan for 8-10 seconds and remove with a fish slice".😉 Thanks for the tip Luke!❤️ If you fancy making a pizza, take a look at our pizza kit on our website!😘
Unique platter every time .. no platter looks like the other.
Wish you all are having a beautiful evening 😊
#بديل_الجبن #cheesealternative #نباتيين_البحرين #نباتي_صرف #البحرين #bahrain #bahrainfood #plantbased #plantbasedfood #bahraineat #vegan #vegansofbahrain #platter #boardplatter #veganplatter #plantbasedplatter
A whole pizza for 10 syns @slimmingworld members!!🍕 "How?" I hear you ask!🤓🧐 ✔ @Lodough.co base (2 syns)🍕
✔ Pepperami (2 syns)🍕
✔ @eatlean #proteincheese 🧀(6 syns or a Hexa if you havent already had cheese today!)
✔ Mixed peppers
✔ Red onion
✔ Butternut squash chips 🍟
Are you having pizza tonight like @sickgrrrrl_sw ?😍
🍕🍕NEW EATLEAN RECIPE - #nationalpizzaday🍕🍕 What a great day, who doesn’t like pizza! 🤤 To celebrate National Pizza day today, we wanted to share with you our new low carb #fakeaway pizza recipe🙌🏼 The weekend takeaway craving is real, but before you place your order tonight, why not try our Fakeaway Pizza Recipe. 💪🏼 With less than 300 calories, 11g Fat and a whopping 80g of Protein for the whole pizza, it's a must try!😃 Last year we launched our Eatlean Pizza Kits which offer up the perfect base kits to add your favourite toppings to, to create macro winning pizzas. 🤤👏🏼 Here we've spiced ours up with lean mince, added our low fat Spreadable Protein Cheese 🧀 because it's insane on a pizza, and topped with lots of mixed peppers and griddled onions for all the flavour!😍 Take a look at our pizza kits on our website and also at our new pizza recipe video in the recipes section for more information!🍕😉
This is not natural. With all the amazing alternatives available, why continue supporting the #dairy industry? I was a CHEESE junkie! Pizza was more than an addiction, I did not go vegan for my health let me be clear. But now they I know the truth, I would never go back. #ditchdairy #cows #babies #dairycow #calves #februdairy #dairyfree #momma #milk #protein #vegan #cheesealternative #kindness #love #dairyisscary #thetruth #thedairyindustry #compassion #usda #earthlings #pizza #cheese #delicious #veganfood #mymom #breastmilk #notyours #milking #factoryfarms
Throwing a quick and easy meal together usually leads to making a not-so-healthy dinner 🍽 😣

But taking a leaf from @mygutfeelings and throwing a few simple ingredients together to make an awesome pizza 🍕 like this, can not only satisfy those taste buds, but also keep you going until your next meal whilst still keeping on track with your macros! 🙌🏼💪🏼
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This mac and "cheese" was insane. The sauce is tofu based and I added my left over macerated salsa cruda from my super bowl bruschetta. OMG THIS WAS AWESOME!

#RyanHainsworth #MacandCheese
Shout out to @what.we.eat.in.the.shadows for making this yummy looking crustless quiche!😍👍🏼 Using plenty of @Eatlean #proteincheese🧀, this simple recipe is Low-Carb is @slimmingworld friendly! 🙌🏼 Containing Ham, Onion, Peppers, Mushroom 🍄 & Olives - Who wouldn't want to give this a try!😃 AND if you like quiche, then take a look at our healthy quiche kits online! 😉👏🏼You won't believe the macros!!💪🏼
THIS IS THE STUFF OF DREAMS. A fully plant-based cheesemonger has opened TODAY in Brixton. I just went there for my lunch break to stock up and it is amazing. Two years ago when I went vegan, I could never have envisaged this being a thing, but I can now say it’s a definite thing. Well done to @lafauxmagerie for pulling it off and congratulations on your opening day. Cheese for lunch is a thing too, right? (I stocked up on @kindaco & @iamnutok 😍🙏🏻)
COMPETITION TIME: Do you know what day it is tomorrow? Yes it’s Saturday, but it’s also #NationalPizzaDay 🍕🍕🍕🍕 To celebrate early, since we love cheesy pizza so much 🧀😍, we are giving you the chance to win one of our awesome pizza kits!!👏🏼💪🏼 All you have to do is:

1️⃣Like this post
2️⃣Post a photo of your Fakeaway pizza using @eatlean #proteincheese and tag us in!
3️⃣Use the hashtag #fridayfakeaway
4️⃣In your photo, tag a friend who enjoys pizza just as much as you do (they too will win a pizza kit as long as they follow us also)! The best and most creative fakeaway will win the prize!!🙌🏼 1, 2, 3 GO!👍🏼🍕🧀
Cauliflower Gnocchi W/
Cashew Fiesta Cheese Dip
Tastes like Cheesy mochi balls🤷‍♂️😋
#nieldegrassetyson says it's okay to microwave... So I've been saving some time, sometimes.🧀
#latenitemeals #veganideas
Please nourish me holistically so that I can grow🙏🌎💚
What are you up to today ?
اشعندكم اليوم ؟
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Almond with sundried tomato; our very first product. Thanks to the recipe creator ! We have been following the recipe since our start with no modification.
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الكازو بالشبنت والزعتر اول اختراعاتي: استلهمته من البيذان بالطماطمالمجفف... من يومها وهو #الاكثر_مبيعا من منتجات غورميه فانيل
#بديل_الجبن #cheesealternative #نباتيين_البحرين #نباتي_صرف #نباتي #البحرين #bahrain #bahraineat #bahrainfood #dairyfree #nondairy #plantbased #plantbasedfood
في غورميه فانيل نختار الحب الشمسي الغير معدل وراثيا بعناية لان تهمنا صحتكم..
At #gourmetvanille we carefully select the sunflower seeds, making sure it is #gmofree because we care.
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جمعة مباركة على الجميع
Good morning to you all
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This mac and "cheese" was insane. The sauce is tofu based and I added my left over macerated salsa cruda from my super bowl bruschetta. OMG THIS WAS AWESOME!
#RyanHainsworth #MacandCheese
Eatlean ambassador @charlesworth_sam took inspiration from his brother @tommy_c_88_ in making delicious chocolate brownies 😍

LIKE if you love brownies ❤️ However, this brownie is made using @eatlean spreadable #proteincheese 🙌🏼 to reduce calories and sugar.😉 Have you given brownies a go using eatlean spreadable yet?😊
@swtrackabow shared this awesome looking lunch with us recently, making @aldiuk pointy peppers sexy!😍😘 Stuffing the peppers with #synfree pastrami, quark, mushrooms🍄 , red onions and plenty of @eatlean #proteincheese (HexA) 🧀 and roasting it until the cheese bubbles.❤️ Served on a bed spinach with roasted veg, this lunch looks very appetising indeed!👏🏼💪🏼
"Dairy is scary.", to quote Erin Janus. It is the most mucus-causing food of them all. I used to be the biggest cheese lover you could imagine. Watching me with parmesan cheese and a creamy pasta was a sight to behold... Giving up cheese was absolutely hard. But one month after quitting, I no longer craved it. Two months later and I didnt even think about it at all. Three months later and the smell of cheese made my stomach churn. I do not miss cheese. Nor do I miss the cold, flu, bronchitis, every day allergies, puffy face and having to buy tissues every week. Mucus is the cause of ALL disease. Remove one of the biggest causes and watch your health improve. TRUST ME. And there are a multitude of alternative options now. (And no, they're not all gross; just some of the super cheap ones made from chemicals.) #vegan #plantbased #crueltyfree #dairyfree #friendsnotfood #meatfree #glutenfree #dairy #cheese #cheeselover #dairyisscary #cheesealternative #vegancheese #nutbasedcheese #pasta #cheesypasta #parmesan #excheeseaddict
It is the weekend ... more platters are yet to be delivered.
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فراشة رشيقةجميلة ... حطّت ذات صباح أمام محلي المتواضع بكل تواضع... بشارة خير من رب كريم.
#يا_حلاة_حظي والفراشة حاطة على الورد عندي في المحل 🦋🌼
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السبريدز (spreads) اللي نسويها من الحبوب والمكسرات تكون بثلاث احجام. علشان نرضي رغباتكم واحياجاتكم، وبعد مرور ٦ سنوات على المشروع، توصلنا إلى ان أفضل حل هو وجود المنتج بأحجام مختلفة... #ceganspreads #nutspreads #بديل_الجبن #cheesealternative #نباتيين_البحرين #نباتي_صرف #plantbased #plantbasedbahrain #dairyfree #nondairy #bahrain #vegansofbahrain #البحرين
What is the weather like outside your window Eatleaners? Take a photo 📸 and send it to us via stories!! If it is anything like it is at the Eatlean Farm this morning, then you will be in need of a nice lunch to warm you up ☔️ 🌬, just like this one from @mad4fit_pt! “Spicy sausage pasta bake 🍝 , made with red lentil penne pasta.

SWIPE ACROSS FOR THE NUTRITIONALS! ⏭⏭⏭⏭⏭ "Lightly fry sausages. Add in the rest of the ingredients. Allow to cook for 15 mins. Once pasta is cooked- train and add pasta and sauce to baking dish. Top with @eatlean '#proteincheese 🧀 and bake for 15 mins". Enjoy!!😍
في كل يوم فرصة للحياة ...
#cheeseboard #بديل_الجبن #cheesealternative #نباتيين_البحرين #نباتي_صرف #البحرين #bahrain #bahrainnfood #dairyfree #nondairy #platter
Between asking and receiving, there is a lot of determination, discipline and compassion ...
#cheeseboard #بديل_الجبن #cheesealternative #نباتيين_البحرين #نباتي_صرف #bahrain #bahrainfood #veganbahrain #vegansofbahrain #nondairy #dairyfree #plantbased #plantbasedfood #البحرين
Making pizza healthy.....a @lodough.co base and @eatlean #proteincheese are a winning combination 🙌🏼 @danniisadler used both to make an incredible pizza 🍕for low carb, low fat, low calorie, high protein macros🤩

Adding turkey 🦃, mushrooms 🍄 and onions, Dannii had a pizza with chips and salad for tea 👏🏼😍 Look at how that cheese has melted, we are drooling and craving pizza right now, even for breakfast!! 🤤
صباحكم خير من رب كريم
Have a lovely morning dearest ones
#nutbased #cheeseboard #بديل_الجبن #cheesealternative #نباتيين_البحرين #dairyfree #nondairy #plantbased #plantbasedfood #bahrain #bahrainfood #bahraineat #crgansofbahrain #نباتي #نباتي_صرف

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