Getting ready to head out for another night of work...or the Mystery Nursing Game! But had to caffeinate with the cup my little sis got me! #nightnursechronicles #caffienequeen #floatnursesarethebestnurses
#nightnursechronicles 💉
#ThankYouNurse @grays_anatomy206 💜
Resuscitation nurse for tonight 😃 #ER #rn #nightnursechronicles #nursesrock #countingmyblessings #blackgirlmagic #islandgirl
Love is all you need ❤
#NightNurseChronicles #LovingOnTheBabies #NICUNurse #MyWeekend
They might love plums and that’s ok! What someone thinks about you is none of your business 😉 .

I wish I had TRULY believed that years ago because I wasted too much time worrying and creating anxiety for no damn reason! Now I just have to figure out how to teach this to my kiddos 🤔 Any thoughts?!
🔅For most my life I tiptoed around in order to go unnoticed, but starting a business changed that for me. I can no longer float. .

My feet must rest squarely in the area in which I reside, look people in the eye, and own the space I occupy. Why? .

Because if I don’t believe I belong, I never will.
• ALERT. ALERT. 🚨 TOUGH LOVE post here! ❤️ This pic is me after getting up this morning when I did not want to.. and one of the twins waking up. Watch my stories for more on that... Moving on~~~~

DON'T TELL ME you want to lose weight and get healthy yet you spend all day playing watching TV, playing video games or shouting out “ to do’s “ to others from your command center. .

DON'T TELL ME you want to lose weight yet you eat extra large portions / extra snacks / tons of fried fatty food... emotionally eat because you are mad at yourself for doing it in the first place! .

DON'T TELL ME you want to get healthy and still smoke, drink to excess, or have a high fat diet! .

DON'T TELL ME you want to be an example to your kids and you eat at fast food restaurants when most convenient. (Just get them the toy in the Kids Meal - that is all they really want.) Or live a sedentary lifestyle.. or how about say you going to do something and not follow through! .

DON'T TELL ME you want to serve your country in the military, law enforcement, medical or fire fighter, yet you cannot even take care of yourself. How are you supposed to have the ability to save your partner or a someone needing help? That is hypocritical as well. .

DON'T TELL ME you want to be in Special Forces one day, but you do not know what it means to push yourself physically / mentally and still fail - BUT get back up and succeed. .

So For now on - DONT TELL ME - Just DO it... I will do everything in my power to help guide you to figure out what you need and to overcome obstacles but YOU have to meet half way. This is ABOUT YOU. STOP feeling sorry for yourself and making excuses. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I know, I know... most people say “MEAL PREP SUNDAY!”I used too! . . ☝️Now I say “FOOD PREP SUNDAY!” Why the one word change?? Well, I suppose I am not like most people where I write my MEALS out for the week for each day. I literally make FOOD that I can throw together and create as I go. I Prep by cutting up fruit and veggies to have them readily available, Cook an abundance of PROTEIN depending on what I have or what’s on sale at the store. I base it off all of my NUTRIENTS and make SIMPLE portion fixed “meals” from that. My Carbs same as Protein.. make a bunch and or grab quick stuff from my shop!⭐️ .

Like I always say, I am busy and a lil scattered brained lol. This works for me! I am great at meal planning for others though! I tell my busy peeps how much I love my InstaPot because I can throw in whatever I want and it’s super quick. Lastnight I made a Chilli/Gumbo that I can use to create different meals anytime based off of the chaos that day! Food Prep is not has difficult has it seems once you get used to it 😉 .
Thinking about changing your lifestyle?! Hit me up 🤙 Drop a comment or PM me.
L O V E ❤️ This. . .

I LOVE it because I learned these three pieces of advice on my own and it took sooooooo long to realize their importance. Resonates with me so much because I wouldn’t be the gal I am today if I hadn’t applied these rules in my life! .

Stolen from @islandgirl0707 😜
• Here WE are minus the Twin Littles! Dave brings two girls pictured (also twins) and I brought Parker, my son into our relationship (those that are just getting to know me who do not know) #blenedfamiliesrock annnnnnd we have twins together 😳😍 Yes, our family is a small basketball team!! •

My spirit hubs is the drummer in a Rock Reggae band #9mileroots .. We are headed to Luray, VA to DoahFest where they will be playing riverside this afternoon ✌️🌈💚 •

Blended Families can be super challenging let me tell ya but, we have been so fortunate to stay solid on our end and that’s what matters with us! No steps over here ❤️ my kids. Cheers to a FUN n CHILL day!
• It’s never easy to get out n pamper myself being home with the kiddos! Thank you @maddiezador_ For your help today!! •
I am SOOO happy to be out getting my hair done 💁🏻‍♀️.. FINALLY!! Can’t wait to see it! @sublimedesigns142 •

I feel like as moms, some dads even -we typically do not make enough time for ourselves! I definitely learned my lesson this time around ❤️ • ☝️I am an all around happier Mom, spirit wifey and just person when I take that ME TIME 🙌❤️ DO IT!
Because.. why not?? No, it’s actually A- but I will not own it 😜
Obviously, I am not walking around like a happy troll all the time lol. .
(Sing and Dance and Hug and Sing and Dance and 🤗) Can you tell babies like that movie 🙄 lol .

I try to look for the positives in situations because I used to instantly focus on the negatives and it caused me anxiety! It made my thought process negative and I refuse to be THAT person again! Nope!
Sooooooo, my blood type 💉 shall be POSITIVE 🙌🌈💜
Guess what I am doing tonight?!?! Saturday night!!! 💃 🍱🍷 .

Nope. Nothing. Except clean, organize and do a lil work (if I want to consider it work) 😉 Making some Health Plans for my peeps! .

First time I put makeup on and put actual clothes on ALL week! I had a really exciting day! Lol. I went to the library to get my phone because I left it there last night 5 min before they closed smh 🤦🏻‍♀️Then I went to Walgreens Annnnnnnd family dollar { wooohoooooo!!}.. they are going out of business though, so I made out like a bandit 👏👏 SOOOO.. Much Excitement!! .
What are YOU doing right now?! I want to know 🤗💜
Green Pancakes 🥞 from yesterday. I added some blueberries. Whoa.. game changer :) .
Spinach- cup?
Uncooked Min Oats - 1/4 cup? 🤔
1/2 banana
2 eggs
Splash of water/almond milk
Stevia- optional
Blueberries- optional
Blend!!! Nonstick Pan OO/coconut .
I create recipes and they are typically never the same! Lol.
Can I be Honest..? .

I have two sleeping babies and two kids playing on their iPads. (Its only been 3 hours, sike 15 min.. and they did chores first just sayin 😝) .
. 👉 I DO NOT FEEL LIKE doing anything. I don’t feel like working out, I don’t feel like cleaning, I don’t feel like sending messages out, I don’t feel like feeding the chickens or myself lol. I don’t feel like posting in my IG stories (you should come watch btw.. 🤗) . .

Buuut I am being held accountable F$*K!!!!!! Guess I have to do it. ALL of it😉 plus my shirt says that I am a SAVAGE 🤷🏻‍♀️
Absolutely 🙌 I mean seriously, everyone’s definition of “Pretty” is different anyway. Let’s ALL be pretty..PRETTY FING AWESOME 💯🌈💜 I would rather be around Pretty amazing people than just “pretty”ppl. Just sayin 😙 .

What is “pretty” too me? Someone who is kind, honest, confident, funny, compassionate, nonjudgmental... shall I keep going??!
Because who really has time to cook a gourmet meal?! 😍 I know I don’t 🙋🏻‍♀️ .
Simple, Clean and Portion Fixed Eating Just part of our holistic plan ✌️✌️✌️ •

Want to learn more about how to start living a simple healthy lifestyle?! Hit me up 🤙 ❤️
True story!!! #nightnursechronicles #nursesbelike💊💉
When life catches up to you🏃🏽‍♀️, taps you on your bumper 🚗 and reminds you to come on back to your 9-5 🏥 😒 let me swiftly nock these next 3-12 hour shifts out so I can go on vacation again! See you Thursday Los Angeles!! 😜 #NightNurseChronicles #TheNightShift #NurseLife #NurseNique #LegalDrugDealer 👩🏽‍⚕️💉💊👑 now, somebody bring me something to eat please 😥🤣🤣
Mmmhmmm.. guess what?! I was shocked. The babies tore this up! .

This is 10 min boil in a bag (a few for prep) mixed brown n wild rice and quinoa. Chopped peppers, cucumber, parsley and black beans. I squeezed fresh lime and lemon 🍋 juice. Added a lil pink Salt n Pepper ❤️.
This is me ❤️
This morning ❤️ After my 12 hr Night.

Windows Down, Hair Blowing, Music blaring 🎶 ..Singing in the car with the wind smacking my face 🌈❤️ Hands Free Of course !
It is fascinating that I get to spend my time helping ppl get more “ In Tune ” 💜 with their bodies through Health Discovery and alternatively get to support/comfort folks “ Out ” of their bodies when they are dying 🖤
Definitely makes your perspective on LIFE change a bit! Anyhow .. whew that was deep! I thought I posted this morning but didn’t... now I am only working on 2 hours of sleep 😕 Remind me again why I agreed to work all night with twin toddlers to come home to....🤷🏻‍♀️

Yup! Pretty much ❤️ . 🙌 We ALL here just figuring it out together 😍
#nightnursechronicles 😎💰
Yep, he’s an amazing chef too 👏🏼Rough nights at work don’t seem so bad when you have [the best] homemade tiramisu for breakfast. And [the best] boyfriend. #werecheesy #whatwork? #nightnursechronicles #foodiegram #dessertforbreakfast #wowza @sleephen
😒 #nursesbelike #thoughtsofanurse #nightnursechronicles
Sleep looking like "I'm not even gonna try"

#nurseproblems #nursechronicles #RNChronicles #RNLife #lifeoftheRN #lifeofanurse #nurse #nightshiftproblems #nightnurse #NightNurseChronicles #nightnurseproblems
0130hrs rounds!!
#ugood #nightnurse #nightshiftnurse #nightshiftproblems #RNChronicles #RNLife #NurseChronicles #NightNurseChronicles #RN
💜👑ilike my lovers #selfish, you know how sexy it is when someone only wants you💜👑😂😂 🍷 ☕️ #loveaffair #wineandcoffee #boo1andboo2 #whychoose #lol #nighshiftnurse #nightnursechronicles
Yeah RIGHT! #nightnursechronicles #gotosleep
Maaaaaaaaan!!! #nightnursechronicles
Nothing better than two patients crashing on you at the same time at 5am during med pass. Talk about a wake up call!!!😲😯😪😴😢😭 #rnlife💉💊❤️ #nightnursechronicles #ilovebeinganursethough
This includes keeping babies safe from Grinches and Scrooges.
#HolidayDuty #Gratitude365 #NightNurseChronicles
Night nurse stay woke potion!!! Energy energy energy!!! #nurselife #nightnursechronicles #vegan #energyboost #staywoke #youbettergetyousome
Good morning NYC!!🌞😊😴😪 #riseandshine #imgoingtobed #nightnursechronicles #awakeatnightsleepduringday 😓😌
For the sake of balance on my social media account, I should begin posting pictures of all the hard labor. The times I go into work at 7 pm and leave at 10:30am the next morning, without going to the bathroom or grabbing a bite to eat not even once in the shift. After stressing tirelessly , in order to ensure the health of a stranger..... Then again, I suppose this view is prettier than the raw moments of the majority of my life.
Much needed Rest #nightnursechronicles #criticalcarenurse #toGodbetheGlory
My love my Cup of Joe. Let’s pushed 2 more hours ....#coffeetime #nightlife #nursesrock #nightnursechronicles #coffeelover
No Greater Love 💖
#LateInTheMidnightHour #PinkStarburstsAreTheBest #NightNurseChronicles #JoyAfterDark
Have to start the season off right 🍊🍁
#PumpkinSpiceEverything #FirstDayOfFall🍁 #GrabAndGo #BreakfastAtDinnerTime #NightNurseChronicles
When your patient is asleep, you have to entertain yourself... lol #NightNurseProblems #NurseLife #NightNurseChronicles #LoveWhatYouDo #DoWhatYouLove
The face when intern strolls n to take blood samples at this hour & can't find squat 😒😒😒😒
#stupsedo #imnotgettingish #nightnursechronicles #nightshiftnurse #youcantbeforreal
Dinner at 8am🤔😊😋 #nightnursechronicles #foodie #thisisunhealthy #ilovetoeat
#nightnurse #NightNurseChronicles #graveyardshiftnurse #keepingthemalivetil705
#RNChronicles #nightshiftnurse #NurseChronicles #LilNursey
💜👑overworked and still smiling👑💜 #nightnursechronicles #blessedbeyondmeasure #nightshiftnurse
Cranberry Kale Pecan Salad with Shrimp, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Whole Wheat Pita Bread & Guacamole
#EasyPitaPockets #LunchAt5pm #NightNurseChronicles
Drink No.1
#nightnurse #NightNurseChronicles #NurseLife #NurseChronicles
this shift is busy, but it flies by ☺#lunchbreakselfie #twilightnurse #Nightnursechronicles #Nurselife #lovethis❤
💜👑 be the human version of somebody's first bite of chocolate cake 💜👑#blessedbeyondmeasure #nightnursechronicles #coffeeandcrossfit
Hazelnut coffee down the hatch...
#nightnurse #nightshiftnurse #RNChronicles #NurseLife #NightNurseChronicles #NurseChronicles
#crossfitopen ranking 12th in the state of registered nurses and 49th in the northeast region💪💜👑in the grand scheme of #crossfit this accomplishment may be so minute but being a #nurse and knowing the hours and the stress of the job, I'm proud to be able to share my rankings in the fitness world because a lot of career men/women won't find a way to even get to a gym daily let alone compete with other athletes all over the world👑💜 #proudnurse #fitnurse #nightnursechronicles
The look on your face when you clock in then hear "Code Orange (Unattended Delivery), Main Lobby" over the loud speaker 😮😲
#BabiesWaitForNoOne #Night3AlreadyLit #NightNurseChronicles
The face you make when you're in town but Goddy has to work 😢😭
#TwoSadPuppies #GoddyMissesYouToo #NightNurseChronicles
Behold my reason for not sleeping at night when I'm off work ... Lord Jesus tell him to leave my room!!!! He is my nocturnal companion. #4am @jcesar_23... Best buds when the clock strikes midnight 😒😴😂 #nightnursechronicles #latenighttalks Eat your heart out @papi_l0uiee_
☕️💛 GM..Quiet mornings clear my Mind & give me fuel to keep going. #nightnursechronicles 💊💉 #rainydays
Coming home after last night like 🤕🤕 ......... sucking the life out of me while I'm trying to save another's. I'm pooped. ICU is not for the weak minded. #madeit #criticalcare #nightnursechronicles . Goodnight 😴😴or Gm or whatever it is. #lovemycareer💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
#nightnursechronicles #nightnurse #goodnight #nightshift #envyja
This is how im looking rite bout now😴😴😴

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