Today I completed @shaunt 6 week program. This picture was from yesterday’s Shaun-a-Thon, aka an hour long workout where I was both physically and mentally drained. These 6 weeks weren’t easy: I’ve been so busy and stressed at work, I went to Europe, and I’ve caught myself wanting to emotional eat more than usual. But I’m so proud of myself for sticking it through and completing this with my tribe. Without them I would have been lost 💜

Next round starts Monday!! Ain’t no time to waste 😂 comment below if you want in!
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#nurses #nurselife 🏥 #nurseproblems #nightnurses 💉 #nursesofinstagram #nursehumor 💊 #nursememe #nursestudent 💯 #nurses #nurse #nursememes #rn #cna #lpn #pa #funny #doctor #hospital #ouch #medicaljokes #medicalmemes #nursesareangels #nursememes101 #nursessavelives #thankanurse #underrated #nurselife #workhard #angelsinscrubs #scrubs #nursegame
Comparing me to me has made a HUGE difference in my workouts. I’m no longer comparing myself to anyone I see on social media, any of the other girls in my accountability group, or any of the cast members in my program 🌟 I used to let the comparison game bring out my inner mean girl and let her tear me down.
“You’re not going as fast as him”
“Your arms aren’t as toned as hers are”
But with this program, I’ve been tracking my numbers and comparing MY progress week to week. And our trainer had us compare our week 6 numbers with our week 1 numbers and holy cow I have come SO FAR! (Physically and mentally) 👊🏼 My next bootcamp starts on Monday and I’ll be sharing all of my tips with you on how I’ve changed my mindset! Comment or DM me to snag a spot 💖
@christinetroyer showing off our Leopard Night Shifter glasses! They look awesome on you Christine!

See the link in our bio to get your own pair!
From the ages of 20-25 we go through a ton of huge transitions in our lives.
Graduate college.
Star your first job.
Live on your own.
Get engaged (maybe).
Try to figure out who you are and who you want to be.
And in all those transitions the one thing I think everyone can relate to is the STRESS you’re bound to experience. And what happens when we’re stressed? WE PUT OURSELVES LAST. Our mental health. Our physical health. Probably our financial health too if we’re being honest. And even though it’s the worst thing we can do, WE DO IT ANYWAYS!

I want to help you get out of this negative place and back to making YOU a priority. I’m looking for 10 ladies who are ready to create their own TRANSFORMATION - mental, physical, emotional, and financial.

You will get:
▪️20 minute workouts (new daily)
▪️an easy to follow meal plan
▪️simple recipes and grocery lists
▪️an exclusive accountability and support group with other ladies who are on a similar journey
▪️the opportunity to lose 5-15 pounds in 6 weeks (by working out 20 mins/day)

We officially start on February 25 and NOW is the time to get in! Comment below or DM me to save your spot and get a little goodie bag from me for doing so 😍
Delighted to receive this amazing donation from Cobh Indoor Bowls today for this year’s #Butterflyball2019
@irishcancersociety #nightnurses
Just me and this guy today 👯‍♀️ If you watched my story you’ll know that my trainer @shaunt did this entire workout silently. Instead of him motivating and pushing you through, you had to do it yourself. And as much as I can be positive and motivate the ladies in my bootcamp, I have a HARD time getting through that negative self-talk and motivating myself. But I did it today. For 20 minutes, I used my OWN words as motivation to get through. And I am so proud of myself 💖
To be totally honest, this is a really hard week for me. Friday is the anniversary of my mom’s death, and a lot of bad stuff happened this week 6 years ago. So I’m having a bit of a tough time, but I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. This account brings me a lot of happiness and I’ve met a lot of amazing people because of it, and it’s making a hard week a little bit easier 💜
My new motto:
🌟Wake up
🌟Kick ass
Whether it’s working out, going to your job, doing schoolwork, whatever, why don’t we all strive to kick ass at whatever we’re doing? Instead of just going through the motions to get through it or get it done, take it to the next level and KICK ASS 🍑
Get. In. My. Belly. 😍😋
😅😅Si‼️ Suele pasar mucho..
💢 Si te contaminas, te bajas 😨
😅😅Yes‼️ it usually happens a lot..
💢 If you get contaminated, you get off 😨
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I’m not as confident or as happy with my body as I’ve been in the past. But I know it’s not a permanent feeling. Instead of letting that feeling set me back farther, I’m using it as motivation to push me forward. And that’s all I can ask for 👊🏼
Jessica makes every night shift fun. I seriously am so lucky to have her as a friend 🦄 top notch nurse, woman, friend, and a rockstar mom. @jess_brown92 #nursefriend #nightnurses #nursemeri #momfriend #nursemoms #bestteam #ivegotherback #shesgotmyback #teamnosleep #jk #teamnapsarelife #utahnurse #rn #lpn
Started from St. Joseph’s Hospital 🏥
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Nurses need love too! Check out these custom nurse decals made for some very hardworking #nightnurses in North Carolina. They are the #unsungheroes who put up with all the chaos of your worst days. And they do it EVERYday! Show your favorite #nurse some love with a hug, a handshake, or a sweet decal! Check the link in our bio for this and other #nurseswag now on sale in our shop! .
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@alisha.aker modeling our Leopard Night Shifter glasses. Blue light blocking glasses match perfectly with blue scrubs! 😎😆 Thanks Alisha!
We're ready for another morning. #nightshift #nightnurses #nursephlebotomist
Galentine’s Crew 💕 where better to spend Valentines Day than on the cardiac unit? #telemetry #nurses #nightnurses #galentinesday
@nelananicole making everyone jealous with our Smooth Gray Night Shifters! Thanks for your photo Niki!
Didn’t get home until 940 pm last night but my favorite flowers where waiting for me:) after one of the toughest physical and mental days in a long time it was nice to feel loved 💜💜💜#PurpleIris’s
Thank god it’s friiiiiiday 🎶 Is it just me or has this week felt like the longest week ever? I just got back from my trip and already feel like I need another vacation 😅 even more thankful than normal for my 20 minute workouts because I’ve been on the struggle bus this week! If you keep using the “I don’t have time” excuse I don’t wanna hear it. These workouts are only 20 minutes and I’m DRIPPING sweat after I’m done. If you’re ready to drop your excuses and try this program with me for my next round, DM me or comment below and I’ll get you added to our group ✌🏼
OH MY! This Night Nurse is perfect for extra dry, winter lips and nourishes with a soothing blanket of shea, coconut, and jojoba to deeply condition and comfort, plus naturally cooling peppermint essential oil and menthol.

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Happy Valentine’s Day to my favorite person 💖
How I look at people who tell me at home workouts are easy and don’t work 🙄 uh yeah, you get on this step and do a @shaunt workout and then tell me that same thing ✌🏼 There are still spots open in my next bootcamp if you wanna try this not-your-average step program for yourself! And a $20 gift card could be yours too... all you gotta do is let me know you want in 👊🏼
Whitney (@coupleofnurses) and Edna from the Incredibles both modeling our Night Shifter glasses 😂😎 Thank you!
@sheiscaptivating modeling our Night Shifter glasses. 😍😍 Love it! Thanks Amanda!
I used to think posting about your workouts was so dumb. I thought that if I was gonna work out, no one else needed to know about it. Aaaaaand that mentality caused me to skip a bunch of my workouts and never get results 🤷🏽‍♀️ The girls in my bootcamp this month are so freaking inspiring. Sometimes I’m literally brought to tears by the things they say. Someone said that it was so weird they were “telling a group of strangers this before anyone else, but you guys don’t feel like strangers at all, I feel like I’ve known you forever.” I wouldn’t be where I am without these badass ladies and I look forward to chatting with them everyday 💖

Cheers to some of the most dedicated and motivating group of women I’ve ever met! If you’re looking to be part of a group this bomb 💣 drop a comment below and I’ll add ya to the bunch 👯‍♀️
Intensive home care 🥰 🐱#homesweethome #doofuses #nightnurses #peaceful #stronger
Today’s workout was called STRONGER and that’s exaaaaaactly how I feel today. Actually, I’m feeling ON TOP OF THE FREAKING WORLD. I used to come home from vacation and have a hard time getting back into a routine and back on track with my nutrition especially. But just last night Sean and I both commented to each other how easy we found it to jump right back into our regular nutrition habits. Because that’s what our LIFESTYLE is like. We’re not fad-dieting, we’re not binging, we’re living a healthy lifestyle that allows us to enjoy our treats and then move on and get right back on track. And damn it feels good to say that and do that 🙌🏼 My next bootcamp will be focusing on nutrition and having a healthy mindset when it comes to food and I want to teach you AAAALL the things I’ve learned over the years on my journey. What are you waiting for? Are you ready to take the leap? 💖
As a RN/LPN/RT/aide/NP Do you work extra shifts? Or do you just stick to your scheduled shifts? .
Right after finishing RN school I use to work any extra shifts I could get, then backed off and just worked scheduled for a few years. Until recently. .
Do you have any tips or regimens you stick to when working extra?
I am currently in the middle of working 10 shifts out of 12 days/nights (I’m working both shifts!)
Either I’m completely crazy, or smart in earning a good pay check- I’ll let you know!! .
A few things I try to do when working extra:
1- Drink more water than normal (2L+). Attempt to manage your caffeine consumption, to limit rebound. This is the hardest for me, I love my coffee!! I do try to limit to 2-3 cups per 24hr. .
2- meal/snack plan some healthy options as much as possible to keep from eating junk- which makes me feel terrible. .
3- Sleep. If you don’t get sleep when working extra shifts you could really hamper your immune system. (And the flu is still really active right now!) .
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COFFEE & BEER...when your wife works at night you fix yourself a beer and her coffee #nightshift #nightnurses #coffeeandbeer
Ahhh learning how to assist with clamshell thoracotomies, cardiac massage, and mtp in trauma with the love of my life 💕 nothing like practicing holding someone’s heart with the one who holds yours 😆
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Never understood how people could get home from traveling abroad and already want to go back... but now I’ve been bitten by the travel bug and all I can think about is where I wanna go next! What’s your favorite place you’ve ever gone?
My alarm goes off at 4:00 so I can workout and do some coaching work before I go to my full time nursing job.

My “gym” is in my living room of my tiny NYC apartment. But it’s MY space and I can get my workouts done anywhere.

If you’re saying you don’t have the time, the energy, the space, the motivation, I’m here to tell you that you’re WRONG. My main job is to be here to support and HELP you with all of that and more. Wouldn’t you rather try and take something into your own hands than wait for something to just fall in your lap? Because when does that actually work?

I’ve opened up TEN more spots in my virtual gym. Workouts. Meal plans. Mental health tips. Prizes. Clean eating tips and recipes. Are you ready to do this with me? 💖 Send me a DM or comment below and I’ll be in touch
Just finished 4 nights in a row at the hospital... enjoying my Monday morning OFF and I don't have to go back to work until Friday or friYAY 😂⚰ Ice cream and the Avengers then my ass is taking a nap because I can 😘 I love what I do but it's so exhausting and always keeps me on my toes. Its amazing what I have learned "live" in the field in just a year. So here's to my break #🍻 #⚰️ #😂 #😭 #friyay #benandjerrys #chocolatefudgebrownie #avengers #avengersinfinitywar #nightnurses #rnlife #hospitallife🏥 #nurse
🎶 Reunited and it feels so good 🎶 can’t say I’m thrilled to be back from vacation and to real life, but I am happy to be back with my step and my routine! I’m a creature of habit so it feels kinda nice to get back into the swing of things, although I’d rather be walking down the streets of Paris with a baguette in my hand 🤷🏽‍♀️ powered through the first workout of the final chapter of this program and I can’t believe how far me and the other ladies I’m doing this with have come! I’m so proud of myself and all of them and I know I couldn’t have done it without them, especially last week when I was in Europe. If you don’t have a girl gang supporting you like I do, you’re missing out. But luckily for you my next bootcamp starts next week and we’d love to have you and support you too! Drop a 🥖 in the comments and I’ll send you more info on how you can be a part of it ☺️
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HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY To the Bestest Best friend! Sister! Hallpartner Work Wifey! Liquid breakfast date! EVER!!!!! 🗣 PERIOD!!!!! Love & miss the hell outta you @cat_waring 😘💕 #nightnurses #thatsmybestfrand #nopinkeye #bleachwipesstat #hiiiiibitch
@castleleah modeling our Leopard Night Shifter Glasses! Too cute! Thanks Leah! 🤓
@ashleytsu modeling our Night Shifter glasses! 😍😎 Thanks Ash!
Link in bio if you want your own pair!
It’s always work, class, or clinical 😅 #exhausted #runningonzerosleep #tired #feelingburnedout #nightnurse #nightnurses #nurse #nursing #nursingstudent #nightnurseproblems #alwaysadaybehind #nursingschool #np #futurenp #futurefnp #graduationcouldntcomesooner #graduation2019 #classof2019 #graduateschool #graduatestudent #nursepractitioner #nursepractitionerstudent #nursepractitionerlife #clinical #medical #medicalsurgicalnursing #medicine #womeninmedicine #respectyournurse #respectyournurses
Amsterdam, you were good to us and we’ll miss you so much! Next stop: Paris! 🇫🇷
Big thanks to @shandalisarice for modeling our Leopard Night Shifter blue light blocking glasses! They look great on you girl! 😍😎
I seriously commend people who work Monday through Friday 8-5. It’s Tuesday of week 2 and I don’t know if I’ll make it until Friday. Oh and, more marker on the wall. Send help. 🙃
How I felt about Sean asking me to wait to start eating so he could take a picture
I need to brag for a second...
@kayraery joined my boot camps a few months back and has had GREAT success! She has lost over 20 lbs, kicking butt in the workouts and has been dominating her nutrition 👊🏼
In January I took her to a live event and she saw the potential of the business opportunity and decided to give it a go 🙌🏽🙌🏽
In her first month she has SLAYED her biz! She has already started helping people get results....while vacationing in Jamaica! Like for real?!? 😍
I’m so excited for you and your journey 💜💜
#mentor #businesspartners #nursefriends #nightnurses #cardiac nurse #icurn #rn #traveltheworld #travelbugs #bosslife #positiveaffirmations #positivevibes #positivity
Congrats to our two RNs that finally made it official 🥰❤️ Definitely a nurses affair!!! Loved seeing the work fam all dressed up 😍 my favorite part was the cake if ya didn’t notice 😂😉🎂 @mo_ben10 @evesterling24 #JFKstaff#3C#CDU#cardiacdecisionunit#mostlydayshift#wherearethe#nightnurses#nursewedding
No one else I’d rather walk 8 miles with 💖 I’d call our adventure a success!
Pancakes twice the size of my head 🙌🏼 This place was highly recommended and understandably so 😍 it’s the cutest, smallest place ever. Only has 4 tables and if you make a reservation and aren’t there right at your time they give your table away. 10/10 would recommend 👍🏼
Feeling the love, night staff never get nominated for anything!!! #RVN #NightNurses #FeelingLoved #VetNurseLife #GOTEAMHVC #TeamPaws
me after this night shift tonight.... thank God for coffee.. #ED #nights #nurses #coffee #nightshift #nightnurses #ednurse #aenurse #nhs #hospital #howlongsthewait #resus #itu #itunurses #lols #canihaveabslikebradplease #abs #meme
Amsterdam you are rad 💖
On another note It is now time for bed after a 72 hour week of nights ✊🏻🤦‍♀️🤯😩 #nightnurse #nightnurseproblems #nightnurses #intensivecareunit #intensivecarenurse
What do the say? Never underestimate the power of a woman with red lipstick and a high ponytail? 💋 Landed in Amsterdam at 1:00 local time aka 7:00 am EST, went through customs, checked into our hotel, and immediately pressed play. I absolutely did not want to workout, but I knew I’d feel so much better moving my body after sitting for a 6 hour overnight flight ✈️ The gym didn’t have a step so instead of letting that get me down and cause me to skip my workout like the old me would have, I got creative! Swipe right to see how I made it work. No excuses, just get it done 👊🏼 Now time to explore and EAT 😍
All packed and ready to go! My suitcase may be 3/4 the size of me and I may have packed enough underwear to change it 5 times a day, but it’s fine! Any last minute recommendations for the flight / Amsterdam / Paris? ⬇️⬇️⬇️
Gd evening dear people 😘😘😘😘
This morning in my PD, the author of the book I’m reading was talking about people looking for the motivation to finally start whatever it is they’ve been wanting to do. But what he said was stuck with me so much that I felt like I needed to share it with you: “Action isn’t just the effect of motivation; it’s also the cause of it.” Basically, we look for motivation or inspiration to accomplish something, and if we don’t feel anything, then we think we’re screwed. But that’s not true. If you do something, ANYTHING, and take that reaction to the action, you can use that as a way to begin motivating yourself.

So in short: Do something. Become your own source of inspiration. Become your own source of motivation. Just DO something 👊🏼
Someone is always watching. Your significant other, your children, your family member, a friend... maybe even someone you don’t even know.
You are inspiring someone. You may not know it. But you are! The journey can be tough, but you gotta keep pushing! Embrace the challenge. Think about how far you’ve come! You got this!!!
CRAVING YOU AINT GOT NOTHING ON ME 🙅🏽‍♀️ healthy cookie dough bites (or energy balls if you wanna sound cool and Pinterest-y)

For the chocolate bites:
▪️1/2 cup chocolate protein powder
▪️1/2 cup vanilla protein powder (I use shakeology)
▪️1 cup oats
▪️1 cup runny peanut butter (aka only ingredients are peanuts!)
▪️1/2 cup maple syrup
▪️1/4 cup chocolate chips

For the vanilla bites:
▪️2 scoops vanilla protein powder (I use shakeology)
▪️1/3 cup runny peanut butter
▪️1/4 cup almond milk
▪️Add dark chocolate chips or whatever else your heart desires

For both: Roll into balls and keep in the fridge! 😍 Save for later when those cravings hit!
I always knew I wanted to help people, which is one of the main reasons why I wanted to be a nurse. But I never imagined myself as a leader, helping other women build a business and help others along the way.

I LOVE being a health coach. I love showing other women that regardless of what society tells them is “right” and “normal”, what their current career is, and what their past is, there IS a future of absolute FREEDOM and pure HAPPINESS out there for them if they want it.

Don’t let doubt, anxiety, or fear of what others will think keep holding you back. Comment below with your favorite emoji if you are looking for an opportunity that brings you passion, freedom, and joy 💖
woodland housemates- RIP

it lives in @night_nurses
album art. they live on a dragonfly (sik traQ, btw)

1. SHY, ep /2017; 2. Lean Into the Dawn, single/2017 (dragonfly is on SHY/proceeds donated to @ppact 💙) :):)

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