move over coffee, this is a job for @whiteclaw 👯‍♀️🥂
is this seat taken or do you mind if i slytherin🐍

my lace up top is from @shopvioletskye and is one of my favorite tees! join their VIP group on facebook to enter the latest giveaway and win one for yourself 🌟
Came home from work to a sweet card and heart-shaped cookies on Valentine's Day morning from the hubs (he knows me so well!) And then celebrated in style later in the night with my work fam 😊
#latergram #valentines #nightshiftlife #pedsnurseshavemorefun
Chances are he’s cheesin’ so hard because I’m off to work and he’s about to watch superhero movies. Why would Valentine’s Day be any different 😂!?
Kidding (mostly). Never a dull moment with this Valentine of mine ♥️
interrupting your feed of couples pictures to wish you a happy valentine’s day from me and my puppy girl. have a great day!💝❤️
Sigh... that feeling after you connect with your tribe, talk goals, organization, empowerment, and time management
My team is all busy mamas and women with full time jobs. We have fallen in love with sharing our stories and helping others. A way to keep accountable to our health, empower others, and help support our families financially
There is never enough time. We make time... after bedtime sitting by the fire, up at the crack of dawn to do work before our kids wake up, at our kitchen tables or cozy under a blanket on the couch. We work our business wherever we want, whenever works for us, and collaborate and push each other for more
The feeling of leading a team, building right along with them is AMAZING. These women deserve freedom. I am so excited to see where team #FOLLOWYOURARROWFIT goes in 2019!
tonight while my kiddos are sleeping, i’ll be making valentines for all of them to wake up to(puppy tattoos are included in these). each and every child deserves to know they’re appreciated and have touched my heart in some way. ❤️👶🏻🏥

speaking of hearts, tomorrow @jaanuubydrneela will donating 25% of each purchase made to the American Heart Association's Life Is Why We Give™ campaign to raise awareness about women and hearth health (up to $5k). it’s for a truly amazing cause and what better way to spread the love this Valentine's Day than by donating to healthy hearts😊❤️
I often hear...’I don’t know how you do it all!’
Truth is, neither do I 🤷🏻‍♀️.
I can’t say no.
I miss deadlines.
I don’t get enough sleep.
I watch far too much reality TV.
I reply ‘sorry for the delay in getting back to you!’ daily.
I stress eat at times.
I lay around in workout clothes & scrubs for far too long.
I do not clean my house enough & rarely have I decorated for the correct season.
I am a perfectionist, yet imperfect everyday.
Must I go on...
I am no superhuman. But I care about my family, my marriage, my friends, my patients, my students, my spin class participants, AND prioritize my health & help others do the same. I just do my best and fail everyday but I wouldn’t have it any other way ♥️
reasons why i love celebrating valentine’s day all week long 💕💝
1. it’s an excuse to wear more pink
2. i never say no to someone giving me a gift
3. i’ll use any excuse to eat more chocolate
4. @teamiblends is having a sale for the holiday!

take 25% your purchase from teami until the 18th using promo code Eve25 and buy yourself or someone else (like me) a valentine’s day present! #thankyouteami #TeamiInfluencer
Night 4 of 4 requires some shoutouts:
1️⃣Under eye concealer
2️⃣Dry shampoo & headbands
3️⃣Quick 20 min living room workouts
4️⃣Throwback Workout Spotify playlist
5️⃣@jenaed2 & her Starbucks run
Anyone else on that nightshift grind tonight?
•vital information for your everyday life•
did you know vital signs change as you get older? i always find it so interesting that it can be normal to see a baby’s heat beat 200 beats per minute, but it’s extremely concerning to see a teenager with the same heart rate. most kids hate getting their vitals taken, but i try to turn it into a game to make it a little easier! the little ones are way more willing to have their blood pressure taken if you’re “measuring their muscles and how strong they are” 👩🏻‍⚕️❤️👶🏻🏥

scrubs: @smittenscrubs in the new gorgeous purple reign
the extra allergy medicine i took to be able to have this experience was so so worth it🐯❤️
honestly a little bitter that i spent yesterday sleeping to prep for last night’s shift (which was canceled) instead of getting the chance to see @edelman11 celebrate his win, so here’s a picture from my last trip to disney when i was loving life and feeling magical from the mango margaritas✨🐭❤️

in sort of related disney news, my newest blog post “if disney princesses were nurses” is now live for your perusing! take a peek and let me know what you think
happy superbowl sunday friends! the game may not be interesting, but i hope you’re all enjoying it (or at least all the good food). tell me who you’re rooting for: especially if you’re like me on team adam levine! 🏈🍻
Aunt life is the best life #crazysaturdaynight
in case you wanted to know what it looked like to watch me take a million selfies before posting or sending one decent one 💁🏻‍♀️🤳🏻

thank you @get.casely for this super cute phone case! it’s so lightweight and offers the perfect protection for my phone
hi from the PICU! i’ve started my orientation this week to cross train in our pediatric intensive care unit. it’s been so interesting to work in a higher acuity setting and i’m definitely learning a lot, from both my coworkers and my patients. and who knows, maybe one day picu will become my regular home 👩🏻‍⚕️🏥💕
Had a lovely night out eating and drinking our way through the city with my work fam on Monday.
Not pictured: The 2 dozen #oysters we finished from the table next to us 😅
#AmandaEats #SFRestaurantWeek @bluxomewinery @cockscombsf @coinopsf @roohsf #latergram #pedsnurseshavemorefun
when you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine 🌞 •

i know most people are currently freezing their butts off, which might make everyday seem a little less sunny. but in bad weather, remember to find the good in everyday! i have lots of great and exciting things to share with you all soon, but for now, tell me something good or exciting happening in your week
Nurse Victoria💉🥰 Nurses don’t have the “prettiest” job but you sure can’t tell 😩😊
• 🌸One of my patients had terrible seizures yesterday and every time she does I’m reminded of not only how important my role in her life is, but how hers and my other work babies are important to mine. They each remind me how critical it is to be grateful for life at all times. • 🌸If you know a nurse show them some love and if you are a nurse drop this emoji—->👩🏾‍⚕️ down in the comments so we can show you some personal love.
Stereotypical Nurse Pose 🤷‍♀️😂 #selfie #noshame #ifitsnotdocumenteditdidnthappen #nurselife #nurse #cringe #pediatricnurse #pedsnurse #pedsnurseshavemorefun #redhair #redheadsofinstagram
On the most Sunday of all Sundays, the only things I dragged myself off the couch for were 1) brunch 2) groceries that are not yet put away or prepped and 3) to make this GF & vegan grilled cheese + soup. It’s been such a chill day, I don’t even care that the ‘wich got a little extra toasty 🤷🏻‍♀️.
Anyone else Sunday so hard today?
i went to work today with no makeup and my hair thrown in a ponytail and got told i looked like a zombie and asked if i was old enough to be a nurse...so here’s a picture of me with hair and makeup done while in scrubs 😂 do other adults frequently get mistaken for children or this just me?
It’s late but #nightshiftnurseproblems got me like 👀.
Today I got off work at 0730 then...
+ Napped—> ZzzZzzZzz
+ Connected with some babes through social media
+ Taught a throwback jams spin class
+ Went to a b-ball game with the hubs
+ Watched @bravotopchef
+ Shared my story with some fabulous potential coaches
+ Dropped some inspo for my #transformtribe & loved on their accountability check-ins
The 15⭐️ on this sweatshirt probably means nothing to you, but it means everything to me. It means that someone believed in me enough to be a part of this incredible online coach sisterhood- where we get to change a whole lotta lives & do big things together. We focus on helping others (and ourselves!) find an imperfectly balanced life of happiness and health.
Yet we do it on our own time & get to live what we love by truly making it a part of our lifestyle...while working full time jobs, mom bossing, napping, making time with fam & friends, and yes, even watching guilty pleasure Bravo shows...and I could not be more grateful that this is my life♥️
current goal besides keeping the tiny humans alive? keeping myself alive this month 😂 the next couple of weeks are going to be crazy busy for me, from work to studying for my CPN and everything in between! •

when i get stressed, the first things i turn to are chocolate and caffeine to help get me through. the large amounts of sugar are definitely not good for me, so i’m turning to @teamiblends bloom tea to cut my cravings. so far, the sweetness from the fruit and the caffeine from the black tea are helping and i love the taste. get some for yourself with a discount using the code AriellaEve15 🍵💚 #thankyouteami #TeamiInfluencer
Over the moon 🤸🏻‍♀️ & pumped because I just solidified my spot for yet another earned trip through this coaching thing!
It’s not a scam. It’s not a joke. It’s literally me working on myself & helping others do the same and by doing so, I am recognized and rewarded with one of my favorite things in the world...to travel & better yet, with the women I get to do this with ♥️.
I am no one special. I am a nurse from Iowa & I care about helping others and am now equipped to do so with a sisterhood of BA babes.
If you want to learn how you could take your passion for helping others & earn trips too, message me & Ill add you to our freebie info session! No obligation but it may just completely change your life...just sayin 🤷🏻‍♀️
that face you make when you’re the first to clock out and all of your patients are happy and stable 💁🏻‍♀️

wearing my newest obsession: @jaanuubydrneela scrubs from the #aryacollection. so cute and the athletic fabric is perfect for chasing my kiddos around!
sitting around in the hospital for days in a boring open gown is tough for anyone, but especially for kids. my hospital recently received these @starlightchildrensfoundation gowns and they have been life changing! the kids get so excited to receive them and you can see their confidence go up once they put on the patterned gowns. this heart one is my favorite, but they are all so so cute! hey starlight, do you have some in my size? 🌟🏥💕
Poor quality photo, high quality friend. Loved sweating it out with hundreds of other fitness fanatics LIVE with @shaunt in Chi Town this morning! It’s safe to say our post-workout endorphins were at an all-time high ♥️.
It still blows my mind I am able to literally live out my passion for health & fitness through online coaching. And that working out consistently is part of my JOB to show others they absolutely can too and are WORTH showing up for themselves, too...despite all the bajillion excuses we all have.
My #transformtribe ladies don’t know what’s coming with these workouts...in the best way possible. Get ready to change your body & your mind, ladies!
***PS- You can still join us! Message me for deets about this 6 week fitness & nutrition program we’re launching MONDAY or click the link in my bio! If your little voice in your head says maybe, you should probs listen to it. I mean...what do you have to lose.
Day 5 of #salute2019withyoga is stop drop and updog! (Or Cobra). I love how this pose stretches the back and shoulders, opens the chest, and hey, firms up our bums! YES!🍑😏
#coffeeaddict #yogainscrubs #yogisinscrubs #dansko #nurselife #pedsnurses #pedsnursesrock #pedsnurseshavemorefun #earlymorningyoga #stopdropandupdog
. "There is nothing magical about the split of the calendar, but it represents a clean break, a new hope, a black canvas" Jason Soroski


1. Standing Forward Fold
2. Plank
3. Chatarunga Dandasana (low plank)
4. Warrior 1
5. Updog or Cobra
6. Downdog
7. Tadasana (mountain pose)
Shift essentials 💁🏼‍♀️
Real Chewbacca and wannabe chewbacca!! 😂😂 #starwarsvisit #pedsnurseshavemorefun #mylittlewookie #goldensofinstagram #saycheese
I know I’m like a year behind the times on this fad kitchen appliance, but this thing just might be my new best friend. We’re still figuring things out, so you could say our relationship is still complicated but we’ll get there 😉 Peep my stories for what NOT to do and also how freakin easy it made spaghetti squash!
Who else loves their Instantpot and what are your fav recipes!?
save one life, you’re a hero. save 100 lives, you’re a nurse. 💕👩🏻‍⚕️💉

scrubs: sponsored by @jaanuubydrneela #aryacollection
Thankful for some liquid sunshine to get me through this dreary Monday! 🥤☀️
Hey you saying you don’t have ‘time’ to workout.
What happened in the last episode of This Is Us?
Or who’s house are you drooling over now on HGTV?
What’s so&so from high school up-to this weekend?
Or better yet, what’s (insert celeb) doing on their IG stories today?
And if you’re rolling your eyes at me that you don’t do any of these things, I still KNOW you can make 20 min for you freakin’ self before you go into crazy work or mom-life mode. I promise you’ll thank me and yourSELF for it.
We waste (yes, I can say waste because I do it to) SO much time in things that truly don’t matter if you break it down. You can watch that episode or scroll after you get completely owned by a 20 min workout with me (we really could do it together- virtually if you need that accountability!) that you can stream from anywhere, so you don’t even have to waste 20 min even getting to a gym.
Just my unsolicited✌🏻cents today. Action > excuses guys. Works every time.
a new year means it’s the perfect time for new nursing supplies! to help you refresh for 2019, i’ve teamed up with @scrubpocket to give away these amazing nurse tools! the winner will receive a RN badge buddy, reference cards for your badge, a new badge reel, bandage scissors, a super cute keychain, and a couple of other surprises from me 😍

The rules are easy!
1. Follow @ariellaeve and @scrubpocket
2. Like this picture
3.Tag at least 3 friends (you can tag more in extra comments)
4. For an extra entry, share this post on your story!

Giveaway ends 1/10/19 at 11:59pm EST. Open to US residents only. Happy new year and good luck!! 🎉❤️
no better way to start off your first shift of 2019 than with puppy scrubs and lots of puppy kisses 🥰 🐾❤️ •

i’m ready for a year filled with fun at work, compassion and caring for my kiddos, and spreading love everyday! here’s to 2019 and all it has to offer us
Feeling so much better today and went a little cray cray at Target, snagged a random pair of VS leggings I was obsessed with that I spotted from outside the store 😂 and accomplished a (three-part) grocery store run. And now I feel even better 😉.
Anyone else feel like retail therapy is a real thing!?
This 🙌🏻.
Even while spending another whole day on the couch, I’m still dreaming big, setting goals, and making plans to crush 2019.
Being sick is not exactly how I expected to spend Day 1 of 2019, but in this moment I’m just thankful for another year of 1) Cat snuggles 2) Rest and 3) Continuing to build our health & fitness community literally from the couch, even while being beached whale status, watching Bravo with a fever of 101.
My mission since I started coaching roughly 1 year ago was to create this compound effect of women who are empowered to be bigger than their excuses & to create an (online) environment for them with resources and tools to thrive. And I can do this on top of nursing, teaching, traveling...literally whenever.
I am pumped to be the cheerleader for the 8 women who have joined in the past 48 hours. They committed to a nutrition & fitness program (just like I did a year ago) and I am overjoyed for them to start living the healthier, happier life they deserve. ✨ARE YOU!?✨
Inspire & empower. Kinda my jam lately.
If you’ve got New Year resolution goals, I am here to HELP, friend (seriously- it’s my job🙌🏻) And it’s OK to have big goals, even if they seem impossible right now. I want to give you a WIN to start 2019. My mission is to help women achieve their health goals, believe in themselves, & find their IMperfect balance, inside & out.
Start now. Seriously what are you waiting for? The ‘right’ time? Not a thing. Now. Now is your time.
6 weeks. 20 min workouts, 6 days a week. 6 week meal plan. Healthy recipes. Group of women doing it with you. Accountability!
Does it work? ➖If you work it. And how do you know if you don’t even try?
Is it sustainable? ➖I’m still here 11mos later🤷🏻‍♀️.
Is it worth it? ➖Um...is your health & happiness worth it? DUH!
Jan 7th we kick off but if you register by Dec 31st by midnight, I’ll send you a special something 🎁 for committing to yourself right now! Let’s do this!! Leave a ♥️ OR click on the link in my bio for more details!
It’s late & my hair and house may be lookin’ a hot mess, but workout is done and the post-workout endorphins are a flowin’
Do yourself a favor and find a way to get your workout on CONSISTENTLY in 2019. It will radically change your energy level, metabolism, mood...the list goes on! And literally no one says ‘man, I regretted that workout.’
6 weeks of 20 min workouts you can do anywhere, anytime sound like a good place to start? I got you, friend. Join our #transformtribe and take the guess work out of your fitness & nutrition. Check out the link in my bio or just message me 💌 ‘I’m ready to get my sweat on!’
pediatric nurses sleigh all day 🎄🎁
merry christmas!🎅🏻 last night was the first time i worked a christmas shift and it was honestly pretty weird to be hanging fluids and drawing blood while my friends were out at the bars (as most jewish 20-somethings do on christmas eve). it was however, a fun night for both me and my patients! not only did we have a visit from santa, but my coworkers and i put toys in our patients’ rooms so they all woke up to christmas presents🥰 i’m so happy i could spread some holiday cheer to the kiddos and i’m ready to go back tonight and do it again. 🎄🎁❤️
Nurses are Santa's favorite elves! •

#merrychristmas #christmas #santashelper #nurselife #pedsnurse #elves #nurses #nursesofinstagram #pedsnurseshavemorefun #santa #santacomestothehospital
happy holidays from the folks who take care of your children #pedsnurseshavemorefun ❤️❄️
Haven’t opened a single chart and it’s almost 1400, but it’s rude not to accept a party invite. Also, we look like, really good. 💁🏻‍♀️
#pedsnurseshavemorefun #pedsnurselife #nurselife #pediatrics #photobooth #uglysweater #uglysweaterparty 🎄🎅🏼
Life just got a whole lot sweeter with you in it Beckett Emery Eggland! I have a feeling we’ll have a lot of adventures together, sweet little one ♥️ #auntlife
Santa Claus came to town! Peds is the best! #santa #santaclaus #pedsnurseshavemorefun #pedsnurse #peds #pediatricnurse #christmas #christmasiscoming
Who needs a visit from Santa when you can get a visit from a Storm Trooper, Darth Vader, a Rebel Fighter Pilot and Boba Fett?!? JK, Santa arrives next week 🎬
#starwars #darthvader #jedi #pedsnurseshavemorefun #picunurse #movietime🎬 #sundayfunday #travelnurselife #travelnurseadventures
Night 4 means livin’ on dry shampoo and caffeine, am I right!?
Maybe one of these days I’ll decide to work when it’s light outside or have weekends off but until then, I’ll just be here living the dream in my counting sheep scrubs 😉
Holiday weekends on 2 Hope. #pedsnurseshavemorefun #doitforthekids #happyholidays #nightshift
TFW: you're actually too excited and happy to do any silly poses. #iamgroot #iamgroot🌱 #childrenshospital #pedsrn #pediatricnurse #pedsnurseshavemorefun #superherocoilition #latergram
gonna go lay under the unit christmas tree cause i am a gift 💁🏻‍♀️🎁🎄

note: please do not actually sit or lay on the floor of a hospital! there are a lot of nasty germs on those floors and it is extremely unhygienic
From watching over each other's patients to watching each other fall over after a night full of mules & dancing...these are my people! Thankful to call these wonderful women my friends! 🍹 🎄❤️💃🏼 #pedsnurseshavemorefun #4CFam #merrychristmasyafilthyanimal #mybossiscoolerthanyours
Peds Sorority Holiday Party! 🎅🏻🍻#holidayseason #pedsnurseshavemorefun
We ditched our scrubs for a day and had a fun get together! #pedsnurses #pedsnurseshavemorefun #holidayparty #missioninnriverside #armc #christmas2018
We clean up nice!!! 🍽🎄🎅🏼#4south #4southrocks #4southleadership #pedsnurses #pedsnurseshavemorefun #pedsnursesrock #tistheseason
Thanks for making little hearts happy Nash!! (And one big heart happy too!) #Nashstartedit #gopreds💛💙 #pedsnurseshavemorefun
It’s late (#nightshiftprobs) but today I finallllly got to do one of the workouts from our #transformtribe program launching in Jan that my girls and I have been prepping for...and ok that I realize I’ve been talking about SO much! But it was everything. This is how working out should make you feel! Yeah of course I work hard, but I also like to have FUN while doing it.
**Dancing is NOT part of this program** but it just took over me because I seriously loved the workout that much. So excuse me while I am all smiles over here loving the flexibility of a 20 MIN (that’s not a typo folks) total body workout- it makes me HOLLER 🙌🏻 More deets in the link in my bio.
If you just wanna try this freebie preview workout yoself, drop a 🙋🏻‍♀️ below and I’ll message you the link! OR join us everyday Saturday in Dec at 8am CST for a free virtual workout date with me & my girlies- 💌 message me for deets on that!
PS- The step is not required to try, but it might just become your best friend if you join our #transformtribe and RISE UP with us in 2019! See what I did there 😉
cold hands, warm heart (and hot coffee!) ❤️☕️ between my winter-y animal scrubs, a real cold front in florida, and my coffee badge reel from @pinsandneedlesbadgereels, i think it’s finally starting to feel like winter here! ❄️
Fa la la la llama! We love matchy matchy. But we missed our Miri @mirmbrantley! Merry Christmas from some of 6E 🎄👩🏼‍⚕️🎅🏼🤶🏼#ghschildrenshospital #pediatricnurse #pedsnurseshavemorefun #peds #pedsnurse #RN #llama #Christmas
#amosthewonderhorse #therapyhorse #pedsnurseshavemorefun
Naughty⬜️ Nice ⬜️ We Tried ✅ #holidayparty #floatteam #pedsnurseshavemorefun #doubledate #checkoutthatcandycane #reasonswhyimhappy
And on a lighter note - I bring you... The Wizard of Oz meets PICU! Not sure who enjoyed this more... us or the kids?🤷🏼‍♀️🐒
***I am NOT posting this to complain about a hard day or long hours. •

I AM posting this to share how incredibly grateful I am. •

At 7:53pm I sat in my car, and opened the untouched lunch that I made at 5:00 this morning. Today was one of those days that you’re lucky to find a minute to relieve your bladder in the midst of a 13 hour work day full of baby rocking, handholding, Halloween costumes, heartbreak, tears, and an incredibly helpful team of coworkers. So here I sit- eating for the first time since my shake at 5:30 this morning. Again, this is not meant to be a moment of complaining- because MAN does this career make my problems seem so small. This is just a reminder that I am SO stinkin’ thankful for my nutrient dense shake that’s equivalent to 6 salads and jam packed with 70+ ingredients that got me through this day with a sound mind and not a trace of a migraine. 🙏🏼
Taking advantage of break time to feed the soul 🧡

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