Who the heck is this girl who said to herself on a Saturday morning - “I miss lifting weights?!?!?!” 💪🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️💪 WHAT?! 💪🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️💪 I haven’t lifted a weight in over 5 weeks, but kind of felt like I was missing it this morning.
LOVE that this program has optional weighted workouts to add into the mix for days like today when you just feel like you want a little more!

Wish me luck! 💪🏋️‍♀️💪
1st ever #parkrun done and dusted. Im starting to feel like my old self again. Im now 7weeks4days #postpartum and ive even put some mascara on today.... 😱😱
The Oakwell @parkrunuk course is pretty brutal and more like trail running which isnt normally my thing but i really enjoyed running outside again.
I had to walk now and again and my time was 37mins but that just means there is loads of room for improvement ☺🏃🏼‍♀️
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6 weeks with @jullianwood_pt. This past week was hard. These photos remind me why. Also 2xpbs today- 55kg 10 rep squat and 65kg 10 rep deadlift....so there’s that. Here’s to the next 6 weeks. .
#mumbod #mumbody #fitterthanyesterday #6weektransformation #accountability #postpartumbody #postbabyfitness #postpregnancybody #fitnessjourney #strongerthanyesterday
Hellllo ladies! 👋🏻I thought I'd take a quick moment to introduce myself a little better for those new to the Physio Laura/Pregnancy Posse party 💃🏻 Here's some things you may not know about me...
1. I have the most beautiful son Massi, who is 13 months old. His name was inspired by the Italian name "Massimo". He is such a happy, smiley & social bub but when he's not... boy you'll know about it 😬
2. The other guy in this pic is my incredible husband JA who is not only my life partner but also my business partner. He is one of the main reasons why the Pregnancy Posse exists and likes to think of himself as the CEO, whilst I'm the brand ambassador 😂
3. If I didn't get into physiotherapy, I wanted to be a midwife. I would still consider it if it wasn't such a long time to study, so instead I have thought about becoming a doula later in life! 🤰
4. I can be described as "text-book smart" but not very "common-sense smart". I once put my hand out the window of the car on a freeway to check whether or not it was a windy day 🤦🏼‍♀️
5. I am really hoping for a VBAC for my next pregnancy, but I also don't believe in "vaginal birth at all costs" 👶🏼
6. I LOVE coffee, my morning order is a piccolo ☕️
7. Gross to most, delicious to me... I eat organic butter on top of 90% dark chocolate as a dessert 🍫😂
8. I've only ever had 2 surgeries- a broken finger from playing hockey and my C-section 💉
9. I was a national level triple-jumper back in my prime 👟
10. I cannot sing to save my life, but do jump at any opportunity I can to bust some Beyonce-inspired dance moves 💁🏼
So there ya go! That's a little bit of me behind the scenes... now don't forget to do your pelvic floor exercises this weekend! 😉
I had someone ask me how I get my workout done with two kids at home.
The truth...every day looks different. Sometimes I get up earlier or press play during nap time. Sometimes I turn on the TV to entertain them while I sweat. Sometimes they do it with me...which is cute and usually a bonus workout for me! 😜
It’s not perfect, but it’s a whole lot easier for me to be consistent when I can just get it done in 30 minutes or less in my living room!
What’s your plans for tomorrow ?.
Ready to get out of the house? Meet new moms? Make friends? Bond with your baby? Let your babies run and play?
Join us this week for only $10 for one full week!
#mombod #fitmom #postbabyfitness #longbeach #healthypregnancy #sweatymommy
Soooo excited today for my current ladies and new ones jumping on board with our second round of our 20min/day program! 🎉 I’ve taken ALL of my past meal plans and what has worked for me and created 6 weeks of plans for them for our next round of our current program! 🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️6 weeks of meal plans and new healthy dinner recipes is GOLD! 🏅

Can’t wait to send to them all and help them tailor it to their own preferences!!!! 🥙🌮🥑🍓 .
Would love to share with you too! Jump in with us! I’m only a message away 😊❤️✌🏻
New hair who dis? Swipe over to see it without a filter. 😘
Do you love yourself enough to take care of you? I’m hosting a #SelfLoveChallenge !

I know that health is soooo much more than physical. It wasn’t until I found a this community and a new mindset that I was able to get into my best health ever.

Far too often, we think that we are too busy and we put ourselves on the bottom of our to-do list. This 5 day FREE challenge/Bootcamp will teach you to focus on self-love and taking care of YOU! Even if you don’t commit to the workouts or clean eating. You will still get so much out of it. Just commit to yourself for 10 min a day.

You will learn methods on how to show yourself more love, including affirmations, healthy living tips, and get to see how inspiring it is to spend a little time with strong encouraging women! And if you want to try my workouts and meal plans you can do that too! 😘😘

Drop an emoji (or slide in my DMs) if you’re ready to give yourself some love. ✌🏽and tag a friend or two that should also join! Sharing is caring. 👭
Man, this week has been a doozy…⁣⁣
The kids were sick (and now so am I), it was rainy and cold most of the week, lots of no-sleep nights, relationships weren’t easy, I got behind at work and with coaching clients, I’m pretty sure I tore my hamstring, was told there was a hand foot mouth disease breakout at daycare yesterday, and someone also told me it was Valentine’s Day… 😜 Needless to say, when it rains, it certainly pours. ⁣⁣
Now I’m sitting here trying to catch up on life and shift perspective… ⁣⁣
It’s so easy to get down on ourselves when we experience setbacks and hardship. It’s so easy to want to just throw in the towel and give up, pull the blanket over our heads and hibernate, or teleport to another universe where you can eat everything and watch Netflix alone all day in your sweats. ⁣⁣
This is when I try to remember that I’m right where I’m supposed to be. ⁣⁣
One of my coaching clients told me this week that she had a setback in her weight loss, which made her sad and disappointed, and she overindulged because of it. You know what I told her? To show herself some grace and compassion; she is right where she needs to be. ⁣⁣
Because without setbacks, hardships, things not going our way all the time, and without experiences that force us to be uncomfortable, or to face something new, or scary, or hard, how will we grow? How will we overcome and become better? How will we face the storm and come out on top so we can keep facing more and continuing to conquer? ⁣⁣
So we can choose to let things defeat us and just keep going through the motions, or we can face the hard things and keep building the confidence to know we can get back up and be even better each time we fail. ⁣

Keep showing up for yourself friends. You are worth it. ⁣⁣❤️
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What a fab day today! If the change in weather has motivated you start some postnatal exercises then check out this fab blog from @bump2babyfitness Chloe is amazing and runs fab exercise classes and offers sports clothing perfect for pregnancy
http://www.louantenatal.com/2017/12/22/baby-steps-back-exercise - link to my website in my bio
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Face to face Friday....pregnancy weight - post, think this may be one of her worst pictures I seen of myself whilst pregnant but great too look back on now!! #postbabybody #postbabyworkout #postbabyfitness #runningmum #6monthspostpartum #facetofacefriday
Repetition- although sometimes boring, it's effective

So many people are trying to reinvent the wheel. Hoping for different/ faster results. Truth is, it's the boring, mundane stuff that furthers our discipline. The gym isn't suppose to be easy - it's suppose to be a WORKout. We are forcing our bodies to change.... one way or another in varying degrees. Master the basics and you will succeed both physically and mentally
🔹 Managed to pull off my body weight for a few followed by reps upon reps of presses
🔹Finished with a combo burnout (In your push-up, keep hands a bit wider to keep focus on the chest)
🤷🏻‍♀️what’s your playlist like?
12 Weeks Trusting The Process - Flexible Meal Planning Eating Highly Nourishing Power Foods + Lifting Big - 💥 It Works - Not Rocket Science BUT it is Science !

Over 2000 calories per day of nourishing superfood (which is also super delicious) + 5 days per week careful steady weight training - No supplements, No liquid meals, no expensive ‘cleanses’, detoxes, pills, potions, oils, no hectic cardio or plyometrics, no latest diet, no latest method, no fasting, no restricting food groups - simple consistency, work, patience and common sense training and eating💜

Biggest Transformation is facial expression and overall demeanour - How Pissed Off Does That Chick On The Left Look!????...... and I can tell you now that it had more to do with how I FELT than how I looked ...... first day back into the gym my coach said to me “GET YOUR CHEST UP”..... He was talking about more than just form ..... Chest Up - Shoulders Back - Be Proud
So in the last week I finally stopped procrastinating and decided to start getting fit again.. starting with a brisk 2.5 mile circuit which is pretty hilly (22 floors) then after a few days I added in a bit of jogging, then today I mixed it up and walked on the steep hills then jogged & sprinted on the flat. I don’t really like jogging (sorry joggers 😬) but I do love a good fast run/sprint. Already my resting heart rate has gone down to below 60 and I’m 12 beats slower on my peak heart rate than last week! I feel so much better mentally for it too. The last year from when Alex was about 6-18months I was constantly knackered.. the early weeks of motherhood are obviously very tiring but for me it was the year of constant drip drip drip of lack of sleep, being up 2/3/4 times in the night with his teething and then starting working again that made me feel constantly shattered. These days are so much better, now I’ve got the energy to get out and exercise! 😃🙌🏼💁🏻‍♀️ #running #motherhood #postbabyfitness #itdoesgeteasier #walking #fitness #exercise #fitbit
✨ Be the person you’ve always wanted to be ✨
I spent wayyyy too long dreaming about getting my $hit together, about being that girl who was in shape after having kids, about being that person who set goals and went after them - not the kind your job forces you to document and checks in on quarterly - the kind that freakin 🔥 LIGHT YOU ON FIRE for what YOU WANT!! 🔥

But I let self-doubt and self-limiting beliefs and being content with my life in my quiet, shy little bubble hold me back.
Until one day...what other people thought of me mattered less, I wanted to take this ONE LIFE I have and make it MEANINGFUL and PURPOSEFUL!!!! So I worked on my own personal growth every.single.day (and still do!) and I leaned that our behaviors, thoughts, and mindset can actually be CHANGED!!! I decided to make it my mission to go out there in this 🌎 and be the best ME!! And at the same time - show YOU HOW TO SO THE SAME!!
BUTT AND THIGHS LOW IMPACT WORKOUT 🍑 | making things work around my foot injury. Seeing the doc later today to see if it’s more serious than thought, but in the mean time I completed this non weight bearing mini workout at home to keep the body active 🏃🏼‍♀️
✅side leg raises ✅mini leg circles
#lowimpactworkout #nonweightbearingworkout #smallspaceworkouts #smallspaceworkout #workingonthebestversionofmyself #mamatimefitness @mamatimefitness
Happy Valentine's day!
Hope you all have a great day.
Xoxoxo 😘
The Chinese gender chart was created over 700 years ago so the imperial family would be assured of getting sons. These days many women still swear by it, even though there is no hard evidence to back up their claims that it does work. However, I went back and checked on it for my son... and it was right 😳 who swears by this method?!
Hey guys, looking for healthy, quick cook meals? Try my simple turkey chilli 🎉 Prep and cook time is approx. 30 -35 minutes and it tastes great. Feeds 4-5 people 💞 SEE VIDEO FOR COOK DEMO. INGREDIENTS LISTED BELOW. •••
Olive or Avocado Oil
1/2 chopped onion
1 kg Ground Turkey
1 can chickpeas or 540ml soaked chickpeas
1-2 cups chopped grape or cherry tomatoes
Garlic Powder
Chili Powder
Salt Free All Purpose Seasoning
Parsley •••
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Ladies, you have been BEGGING me for this and it’s FINALLY HERE! 🙌🏼
Next week I am hosting a FREE mini virtual Bootcamp for everyone who wants to TRY my workouts, meal plans, and community!
Free! No strings attached 😘

You get to experience FIVE DAYS of
❤️clean eating
❤️30 minute workouts
❤️a step-by-step meal planning template
❤️a supportive community of other ladies on the same journey
❤️ a self love challenge to help you love you where you’re at

👉🏼Do you need a jumpstart? Maybe you don’t know where to begin…
👉🏼Are you a beginner and need to ease into the healthy lifestyle?
👉🏼Have you thought about joining one of my virtual Bootcamps, but talked yourself out of fully committing because you didn’t know if you’d like it or stick with it?

Well then this is for YOU!
Before you go ALL IN with one of my actual bootcamps, let me give you a TASTE of the FUN! 💃🏻

Yes, it’s hard to make big changes in your life, but if you start by focusing on just ONE week, I KNOW you will have incredible results and be HOOKED!
It’s often the START that STOPS people, so let me help you take that FIRST STEP.

We start on Feb 16 (with a few days of prep) and officially begin the workouts and meal plans on the 18th!

If you want IN and want serious RESULTS to jumpstart your journey, please drop an emoji below and I’ll send you the link to join. That’s it. Free 😘
It’s true. ❤️
I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s day. The best gift to yourself is taking care of yourself. Are you still looking for the right way to tone up or just how to eat better overall? Oh, and still enjoy CARBS?
FASTer Way is it. My next round starts on MONDAY with Prep Week. Join us and get going before Spring Break and Summer.
The link to sign up is in my bio. Spots are going so don’t miss out and sign up today!
To be successful your focus has to be so intense that others think you’re crazy.
I may have been called crazy a few times, but I’m cool with that!!
Happy Valentines Day all ❤️

I make sure my boys know everyday how much I love them - I would be absolutely nothing without them... but this is the first year ever I’ve shown myself a little ‘self love’ on this official day ❤️ •

Ive worked out (pushed that little bit extra) and now feel ready for a very special ‘treat’ day... •

Love yourself guys... •

You matter ❤️

Ps - I feel super happy that my body shape is changing so much... #feelingstrong #ihavemuscles
First 2 Miles Post Baby 👶🏻 Felt a little easier than the first mile 3 weeks ago 😃 #fromover11minutemilestounder11minutes #slowandsteady #notquitemymarathondistance #13weekspostpopping #gettingthere💪 #postbabyfitness #bikiniinapril 🤪
MAKING MY MAMA TIME FIT | here’s an example of a simple low impact lower body workout you can do at home to get things moving ✌️
Exercise doesn’t need to be all fast paced and sweaty necessarily, concentrate on your form and repetitions to get in a good quality workout 🙂 ✅non weighted deadlifts
✅straight leg donkey kick overs
✅bird dogs
✅leg raises - switch to single pegs if this is too much for you 😉
#mamatimefitness #smallspaceworkout #workingoutaroundbaby
Drop a ❤ if there is something on here that you would like to work on! The workouts I do and the women I surround myself with have changed my life for the better. We all support one another while crushing our goals at the same time! AND we're not only working on the outside but also the inside as mindset is SO important! If this sounds like something you wanna do, please reach out and I'll send my free gift to you!
😓20 mins sweat sesh.
Ok this one was tough... and all the noises will convince you😤 oh and if I look like I’m ready to kill it’s cause I just wasn’t feeling it.....but cardio ✅

Warm-up: 5 mins skipping, not recorded

1st video: 3 moves/video
20 secs each move
3 sets

1 min rest

2nd Video:
10 thrusters/side
10 weighted lunges/side
20 mountain climbers
3 sets

Rest 1 min

3rd video: shake it all out!!!😂
20 secs each
3 sets
*Keep it light for when you get tired and sloppy. I used 10's on the bar (35) and 20lbs DB
Another slow one at the end of my run earlier this week. I’ve since twisted my ankle 😫 but will continue with some upper body workouts to keep me moving 🙂
✅ non weighted dead lift reach
✅ straight leg donkey kicks
✅ bird dogs
✅ leg raises
#smallspaceworkout #smallspaceworkouts #mamagettingfit #mamatimefitness #workingonthebestversionofmyself
A double workout isn’t that hard when it still takes less than an hour! 🙌🏻
Played a little catch up today and to be honest I was dreading it. But before I knew it 2 rounds of 20min were done and I felt great! This program is everything.
Reach out, friend! Would love for you to join me! ✌🏻😎❤️
She was focused on growth...
Her heart
Her soul
& her glutes 😘
It’s a cold, snowy, rainy, messy morning...❄️🌨❄️ Who wants to get up, bundle up, clean their car off and shlep out in the snowstorm to get to the gym?! ❌👉Not this girl!!!👈❌ If there was any excuse in the books to skip a workout that would DEFINITELY do it for me!!! Instead, I roll out of bed, get my workout clothes on, and get my sweat on in my warm, cozy house on my laptop! 🏡 💻 🏡
My very own personal trainer comes to me and pushes me through a 20 minute HIIT step workout while my kiddos (well, one of them, is still snoozing upstairs!! 🙌💪
-3 stone #6monthspostpartum #postbabyfitness #postbabybody #postbabyworkout #runningmum
Crushed it.💪
Also everything hurts and in dying.😆😵
Do you need to improve your eating habits, diet and nutrition? 🍏🤓 Want to learn how to eat healthy? Need nutritional tips? Would you like some quick and easy meals to inspire your meal prep and cooking time in the kitchen? ❤️ ••• Meal prep doesn’t have to be tedious, hard or overwhelming. It’s simple! Let me show you 😊 FOLLOW @simplyfitbyabbi •••
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Do you need to improve your eating habits, diet and nutrition? 🍏🤓 Want to learn how to eat healthy? Need nutritional tips? Would you like some quick and easy meals to inspire your meal prep and cooking time in the kitchen? ❤️ ••• Meal prep doesn’t have to be tedious, hard or overwhelming. It’s simple! Let me show you 😊 FOLLOW @simplyfitbyabbi •••
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BRING IT👊🏽 Was seriously wanting to die by this round. Note to self record round 1 first so you dont scare people away😂 Oh wait, was dieing then to. There are times throughout a woman's cycle that energy is just low... Its ok to go at your own pace but still push to that limit👊
Tag a partner and save this one

Not the prettiest🤣 but real work doesn’t lie
🔸Complete each move in a row 40 secs on 20 sec rest
🔸Complete 4 rounds in total
🔸 1 min rest in between each round🤘🏽
Who else does this?? But it’s more like 9:37 pm for me 🤣🤣
Thanks for the giggles @mammojo !
Real life #6weekspostpartum. I still have 10-15 pounds to drop and build back up my muscle. Just doing what I can and taking it one day at a time. 🤷🏻‍♀️💪🏼 .
#6weekspostpartum #postpartum #postbaby #postpartumjourney #postbabyjourney #postpartumbody #postbabyjourney3 #postpartumjourney3 #mombod #postpartumfitness #postpartumweightloss #postbabybelly #postbabyweightloss #postbabyfitness #6weekspostbaby #fitness #fitmama #fitmom #fitmommy #fitmoms #fitmomjourney
Can we all just take a minute to appreciate girlfriends!? 🙌🏻
I talk a lot about what coaching has brought into my life, but the one thing I never saw coming was girlfriends! I grew up with the same group of people, so when I moved off to Spain and then to Arizona I realized quickly finding friends as an adult isn’t as easy as when I was a kid. I’m awkward, I’m an introvert and I’d much rather have one close friend than 10 acquaintances. .
This job has brought SO many girlfriends into my life though, and the coolest part is we’re all over the place!! Like my girl @debra_maxfield in Utah who I seriously NEVER would have learned to curl my hair without! I randomly met her on IG, she joined a group with me, we became friends over the months and she introduced me to my favorite curling wand that (for a hair-challenged girl like myself) was SO easy!! Now she’s a coach on my team who I’ll hopefully be squeezing in Indy this July! 💛
I can’t imagine living this crazy mom life without a tribe of girlfriends surrounding me…women who I have more than “my kid is 5 too” in common with. 😜 If you’re looking for that kind of community, you can sit with us! 😘
Just cos it zips does not mean it fits... except today it fits AND zips!! Holy shit the last 5 weeks have actually done something @jullianwood_pt !! These jeans look mint because they basically haven’t been worn- bought about 7 months after I had Stella and then worn for a short time after I finally got comfortable in my skin....until I got pregnant and puffy with Evatt. Now 8mo post second babe I thought “why not give them a try?” this AM and holy crap they actually did up without a bunch of cussing and sucking in. Worn with pride. Scales haven’t moved an inch but the inches sure have moved... #postpartumbody #postpregnancybody #fitnessjourney #postbabyfitness
[PREGNANCY/POST PARTUM SQUATS] This is an exercise I'm currently doing at the gym and I'm loving it and I know all my pregnant and postpartum Mamas will love it too! 🏋🏼‍♀️ Sit down into a squat and tuck your elbows into the inside of your knees.

Lift your bottom up and straighten your knees and then bend down again.

Repeat x 10 times, and if you're doing OK, continue for 20 reps!
It's a burner 🔥

As with any exercise, please stop if you have any pelvic or back pain or vaginal pressure/discomfort 🙅🏼
You could be one workout closer to your goal right now!! One step closer to changing your life!!
••• Don’t make excuses like I’m too tired, my schedule is too hectic, it’s cold outside ❄️🙄 Lol!! All of us could complain about having too little time, some of us about not having enough money, yet there are people all around the world right now achieving their goals and making things happen!! Simply put, DECIDE that your health is a priority, your fitness goals are a priority. ••• Here are some reasons YOU SHOULD EXERCISE:
1. Improved strength and muscular endurance
2. Increased energy, mood and confidence
3. Improved body composition; weight loss and muscle toning
4. Improved sleep and bone density!
5. Preventative “treatment” to numerous diseases such as arthritis, high cholesterol, stroke, etc.
6. Improved joint mobility and range of motion
7. Improved cardiorespiratory capacity
Get in the gym today! ••• #goals #fitness #fitnesscoach #lifecoach #fitnessmotivation #fitness #fitnessgirl #dailymotivation #womenshealth #womensfitness #torontofitness #vaughanfitness #toronto #vaughan #bodybuilding #weightlosstransformation #fitnessmodel #fitchick #girlwholift #postbabyfitness #postpartumfitness #prebabyfitness #simplyfitbyabbi #nicoleabbifitness #armsabbi #absabbi 😘
Some days I still can't believe how far I've come and the things I keep proving [to myself] that I'm capable of doing!⁣

Also...is it even a good workout if you DON'T have crotch sweat?!? 🤦⁣

#askingforafriend #noitsme #youcanclearlyseethat 😆
I hope to be the type of woman who 🄸🄽🅂🄿🄸🅁🄴🅂 other women to level up.🙌🏽
It isn’t a competition..when we choose to rise individually💫 we show others how to rise too.

Back & Bi day! swipe to see my super-quad-set(did I say that right?!) 🏋🏽‍♀️
3 sets of 10 reps
Wide rows
Wide curls
Reg rows
Hammer curls

No rest in between moves. Peep my stories for the core portion! Save for you back and bi day! And tag a friend who needs some inspiration 😘
What does perfectly imperfect mean to you?? ❤️❤️🥰❤️❤️ I’m setting up my next online bootcamp getting women added into the group page and it got me thinking about loving everything about ourselves - even the "imperfections." ❤️❤️💪❤️❤️ It's so hard when we see so many perfectly set up pictures, the highlight reel on social media - and we set these high (sometimes unrealistic) standards we feel like we have to live up to. 👙💪👙 Even some of my own "after" pictures I've been sharing have me thinking...I'm
sharing pictures that I feel truly show how I have changed my body...at a good angle, in good lighting, that highlight what I've been able to do, but what I don't show is the fact that I still have that post-baby loose, wrinkly skin on my belly like so many other moms!!! So go ahead - zoom in - there it is!!! Even after years of healthy eating and working out, that post-baby belly skin is like a deflated balloon!! And I don’t think it’s going anywhere!!! 🎈👶🏻🎈 I mean this belly was stretched out twice to make a cozy little house for two healthy babies, which is really freaking incredible when you stop to think about it!
It’s something we should be able to embrace as moms! Forget about embrace, we should be FLAUNTING it! Like, “hey - LOOK what I have as proof of the incredible things my body did!!!!!!!” So while I often talk about my goals are to tighten my core and work towards toning up my tummy - something I have learned as a coach and through personal development is that we are all PERFECTLY IMPERFECT in some way!
This tummy is never going to have the same belly button it had before babies, it's never going to have that tight skin that doesn't wrinkle up when I bend over or sit, and THAT IS OK!!!! 👌🏼 👌🏼 So whether you're a size 14 or a 4, 16 or a 0, if you're healthy, fit, confident, and HAPPY with how you look and feel - that's all that matters!!! Just about last call if you’re ready to come embrace and appreciate alllll of YOU in my Self-Love Bootcamp!
We start prep tomorrow and there are only TWO spots left!! Drop a comment below or message me - let’s do this together! ❤️👯‍♀️❤️
MAKING MY MAMA TIME FIT | welcome to my new page... where I hope to inspire and provide mamas with more tools to make their Mama Time Fit!
I know how challenging it can be to workout around little people, knowing where to start and how to balance your eating habits and head space to set you on your way to achieve a confident post-baby body.
I hope you will enjoy my tips and workout inspo to help you along your journey and make your mama time more balanced and ‘fit’ too!! #mamatimefitness #findingbalance #motherhood #mamafitness
This was so much harder than what I thought it was gonna be #superset #dying 😨😨😩😂😂 #thebossladyg #fearnothingmore
Move: Banded shoulder extenstions to presses
Reps and Sets: 10-12 reps for 4 sets on each side

Equipment used: Medium- heavy non-loop latex resistance band

#home #homeworkout
#homeexercises #gymworkout #workoutfromhome
#resistancetraining #resistancebands #resistancebandsworkout #pilates #fullbody #fitmama #postbabyfitness #postbabybody #postbabyweightloss #hotmama #natural #core #arms #shoulderworkout #shoulders #curlyhair #blackfitness #dmv #dmvfitness #fitnessmodel #model
🥰📖🥰FREEBIE ALERT 🥰📖🥰 This morning’s 20 minute workout - done while one of my littles colored and played with stickers next to me, then joined in at the end!

My February Self-Love Bootcamp is a mix of all different programs, but if you struggle finding the time to fit in a quick - EFFECTIVE - workout, THIS IS FOR YOU!!!!! In the time it would take you to drive to and from the gym, your workout is DONE!

Don’t tell me you don’t blow more than 20 minutes a day doing useless $hit!! I’m guilty of doing it too, but I make sure THIS is done before I mindlessly waste my time!

The next 3️⃣THREE3️⃣ new clients who join my self-love bootcamp are going to get an amazing book from me to read along with us in the group - it’s a 30 day guide to living your happiest life! I got a head start reading it and am LOVING it!! 🥰🥰📖🥰🥰 Drop a 📖 below or message me and let’s reboot those New Years resolutions together!!
Never be afraid to fall apart. It presents and opportunity to rebuild yourself the way you wish you’d been all along.✌🏽

Chest day! I did each exercise 10 times and then repeated the whole thing 3 times. Make sure you save to try later and tag your workout partners to add to your next chest day! Peep 👀 my stories for the hiit Portion!! Let me know if you try any of it 😘
What isn’t working for you and what is?
It’s something I ask myself every week…because if I keep doing the same things, I’ll keep getting the same results.
For a while I went to the gym daily. I LOVED it. We were living in Spain, I needed something to do when my hubby was working, there wasn’t much else to do on the base and with no kids I had SO much time (even though I thought I was sooooo busy)
When my hubs got out and we came back to CA, we started doing random workouts from home. We followed routines from YouTube, we took the sheets my PT had printed out for me when I was in Spain and we spent about an hour a day sweating and lifting what weights we had.
Then we had kids. My body changed, what my body needed changed and most importantly…I didn’t have a lot of time or motivation after a sleepless night and tiring day with kids. I had workouts I could do from home, I knew how to eat well…I just wasn’t doing it.
The missing link…support! I needed a group of women who understood my struggles, who were getting it done anyway, who were sharing tips and tricks to make it doable at this stage in my life and who were seeing results so I knew I could too! And bonus, when I found that community I also found out 30 minutes a day from home was all the time I needed!!
What are YOU missing. You may be doing the things, you may know all you need to know, but why aren’t you getting to the results you want? Maybe it’s your workouts, maybe it’s tweaking your nutrition, maybe it’s time, maybe (like me) it’s motivation…whatever it is, I can help!
Our community is looking for positive women who are READY to make a change. Who are feeling a little lost and just need more direction and a lot of love! If that’s you, let’s do this!!!
LOW IMPACT WORKOUT | you can still work up a sweat with a little low impact workout like this 💪small space? No worries... Concentrate on your form and give this all round workout a try!! ✌️
✅around the world plank taps
✅forward lunges to broad jump combo
✅push ups
✅ab tuck sit ups
✅side plank crunchers
#mamatimefitness #smallspaceworkout #smallspaceworkouts #mamagettingfit #workingonthebestversionofmyself
This weekend I finished the second phase of my 6 week program. 4 weeks in and 2 to go‼️ I am amazed by what a 20min/day workout has done to my body. I’ve lost 9.5lbs, inches in all the right places and feel SO much stronger all over. The short workouts are exactly what I needed in my crazy 👦🏼👦🏼👦🏼👶🏼 life right now! These programs will work, if you put in the work! .

One of the MOST important pieces of success is our group of ladies and the accountability and motivation we give to each other every day. It’s like having a group of inspiring, motivating women in your living room with you cheering you on and telling you you can do it! It’s amazing! 🙌🏻❤️🙌🏻❤️ .

I love it all so much I have decided to do another round when this one is over and I am looking for 10 more ladies who want to join me! 🙋‍♀️ .

Maybe you are finally ready to start moving again after neglecting yourself for too long, or maybe you have found you don’t have time to workout out of the house anymore, or maybe you just need something different because what you’ve been doing hasn’t been working! 🤷‍♀️ Whatever the reason is, deciding to just go for it will be the hardest part! .

All you have to do is message me or comment below and I will send you some info! Just take the first step! After that I have your back! ✌🏻😎 ❤️👯‍♀️
Ok, I have a little truth 💣/tough-love for you this morning...if you're sitting there searching for that 1️⃣person1️⃣ who will change your life, who will get you up off your butt to make that change you keep saying you want to make... take a look in the mirror!
👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 .
Because it’s 👉👉👉YOU👈👈👈 If you're waiting for the right time to start making a change..... it's NOW!
Seriously, guys - if you’re waiting for someone else to make changes for you and waiting for the perfect time to start, it’s a recipe.for.FAILURE!
Trust me, I've been there and done that!! ✅🙋🏻😳🙈 Work will always be crazy, the kids will never sleep perfectly and soundly, the kids will always have sports and activities, LIFE IS ALWAYS GOING TO BE HAPPENING!!! But it’s up to YOU to grab life by the horns, move your body and feed your mind and soul with what it NEEDS to be the best mom, employee, friend, wife, to be the best YOU even if it’s just for YOU!!! You deserve to FEEL allllllll of the effects of living a healthier life!!! Where: My virtual ❤️Self-Love Bootcamp❤️
When: plan & prep starts WEDENSDAY!!!
How: Apply using the Online Bootcamp Application linked in my bio or drop a comment below and I’ll send info on how to grab your spot!
Why: Because your physical and mental health are worth investing 20-30 mins/day in!
Day✌️of heading to the gym for a mummy workout 🏋️‍♀️ And this is NOT some motivational post about being a new mum and getting back into fitness. Because I get that going to the gym, and also having a newborn baby is kinda impossible, and definitely not “normal”. The truth is that, on this one, I just got lucky due to my circumstances.
Both Ben & I work from home, the gym is a 30 second drive from my house (which means I can drive home if she needs to be fed), and Bub has a sleep in the afternoons, meaning I can pop out quickly while Ben watches her.
I get that not everyone has that. If these weren’t my circumstances, maybe I would be doing a mini workout at home, or nothing at all, who knows? And that is OK.
The point is that we just do the best with what we have access to. In fitness, business, parenting, life, whatever, it’s impossible to compare yourself to anyone else because you just never know what the situation is. Don’t even waste your time worrying about what other people do or don’t have, just focus your energy on what YOU can do with what YOU have. You are doing amazing already, I promise 💕
Home🔁 Gym #thebossladyg #fearnothingmore *I was just standing on my band and bunched it up in my hand on the side I'm working. Nothing fancy, just slow and controlled reps.* Move: Banded side raises
Reps and Sets: 10-12 reps for 4 sets on each side

Equipment used: Medium- heavy non-loop latex resistance band

#home #homeworkout
#homeexercises #gymworkout #workoutfromhome
#resistancetraining #resistancebands #resistancebandsworkout #pilates #fullbody #fitmama #postbabyfitness #postbabybody #postbabyweightloss #hotmama #natural #nomakeup #naturalista #core #arms #shoulderworkout #shoulders #curlyhair #blackfitness #dmv #dmvfitness #fitnessmodel #model
It’s true what they say about time... have a baby and you’ll see how quickly it seems to pass. This girl has brought us all so much joy in the past 9 short months... she wakes up with a smile every day and has a natural sweetness about her. She’s stubborn and tenacious, focused and determined. She loves her big sister more than anyone else in the world, and no one can make her laugh harder. I can’t wait to continue to watch you grow, Zoe Marie. You make my world go round. 💟 .
#momsofinsta #girlmom #personalgrowth #feedyoursoul #healthcoach #nutrition #wellness #lifecoach #ketogenicdiet #eatwholefoods #ketogenicweightloss #intermittentfasting #intuitiveeating #healthymama #healthylifestyle #nutritionscience #inflammation #wellnesscoach #weightloss #postbabyfitness #postcsectionfitness #intermittentfastingforweightloss #macros #wellnesscoach #mindsetcoach
❌YOU are not defined my the number on the scale❌ I’m reminding myself here too)
If you want to continue to change your body, you need to continue to change your MINDSET! 🧠
It’s so easy to get caught up in that number, but it’s so often a trap that can cause us to become paralyzed and limit us from reaching our full potential. We allow ourselves to think we aren’t making any progress so we begin to start throwing in the towel and sabotaging ourselves! .
I just finished week 4 of my 6 week program. I’ve completed the “commit” phase and the “climb” phase and tomorrow I move onto the “conquer” phase. I’m not down a ton of pounds yet (and I’m totally okay with that) but I sure am FEELING great!!! .
There are SO many more measures of progress that we often overlook! Sometimes the scale doesn’t move and we beat ourselves up over it when we should be focusing on all the non-scale victories like:
✨ Fitting better in our clothes 👗
✨ Fitting back into something tucked in the back of our closet👖(best feeling ever!!!)
✨ Having more energy
✨ Feeling more confident in our own skin
✨ Gaining strength and stamina 💪🏼
✨ Feeling happier 😃
Love that the program has built in measures of progress that are NOT based on the number on the scale! Each day there are 3 “transformers” and we repeat these moves weekly and track them so we can compare week over week. @shaunt .
This reminds me I’m not in this to reach a “goal weight,” I’m just continuing my daily journey to become a better version of myself: healthier and stronger for myself and my family!
If you need some motivation to get started or support to continue on your health journey, (whether or not you have a lot of weight to lose) I’d love to walk alongside of you! I’ve got the tools you need to change your mindset so you can see lasting results! Comment below or send me a message and let’s chat! 📲 It’s better together!!!
#weightlosstransformation #homeworkout #accountabilitypartner #14monthspostpartum #athomeworkouts #postpartumfitnessjourney #weightlossjourney #fitnessgroup #weightlosssupport #workoutathome #postbabyfitness #weightlossstory #progress #weightloss #progressnotperfection #fitspiration
It feels good to ✨FEEL GOOD✨
From Day 1 to Today.
It’s easy to for me to go back to the mindset of when I first started.
It’s hard. I’m tired. Nothing will work.

But the thing is, I’m NOT the same person.
Not physically. Not mentally.

My confidence has increased by showing up for myself. By proving to myself that I CAN.
The mindset shift by embracing the things about myself I used to be embarrassed of. By appreciation of my body of where it has come from and where it is taking me.

Guess what- I’m still tired, it’s still hard, but those excuses won’t get me where I want to be. And THIS what I’m doing works, it works because I show up, put in the work, and have a kick ass community of women cheering me on to become the BEST ME possible.
Are you ready to start FEELING GOOD?!
Ladies NOW is the time!
Im looking to help 10 ladies who are READY to start feeling like their BEST SELF!
⭐️The first 5 Ladies who commit will get a @starbucks on me!⭐️
Drop a 🦋 for more info!
#faithfulfitfun #bestme #bestyou #youcansitwithus #youcansitwithme
The grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side.
You see the good, the shiny, and you think…if only I did ____. But guess what…when you switch from thing to thing trying to find the “easier” in life…you’re only making your life harder!
EVERYTHING in life worth having takes work, and every new opportunity looks AMAZING and sounds great because of course that’s what people want you to believe.
#truthbomb – my job is SIMPLE AF, but it is also hard. It takes showing up daily, it takes getting out of your comfort zone, it takes learning new skills and growing as a person, it takes working on YOU first. But the rewards far outweigh the hard.
Meeting some of the most amazing people you’ve ever met who become your besties, taking free trips all over the place, getting to be the healthiest you’ve ever been, earning a real income from home...just to name a few!
I think gigs like mine get a bad rap because people are always jumping ship to the next new thing. I promise you I’m not going anywhere. Not because I make good money or because I love this job (both of which I do) but because I would do these things every day anyway. I would still workout using these programs because they work, I would still drink my superfoods shake every day because I feel so much healthier when I do, I would still meal plan because it saves us money and makes my life easier…it’s taken time to get here but it’s my life and I love it! So why not share that with others!?
If you think you can do that too, if you’re a hard working mama who is ready to hustle for your dream life, let’s do this!! Just finished up a brand new training for the coaches on my team and you can be one of the first to check it out!! Drop a comment or DM me to learn more!
You can leak milk from as early as 12 weeks pregnant! 🤱

Myth or fact? 🤔Comment your answer below...
As moms, we quite literally have NO TIME for a long-ass workout. Those days are long gone. The good news is, you can do A LOT in a little time. My favorite “Oh crap, I have no time to train”-hack is to combine strength moves with a cardio accelerator. ✅Hit every muscle. ✅Spike your heart. Done and done!
You’ll need a medicine ball or a slam ball for this. Make sure you are using a soft medicine ball so it doesn’t bounce back and hit you in your awesome face! 😱 I will put a good option up in my stories. Here is how it works. You will do the prescribed reps for the strength moves and then get as much work as you can do (safely with good form) in 45 seconds for your cardio accelerator.
4 Rounds:
1️⃣Lunge Roll & Pull, 15 each side
2️⃣Shuffle and Press, 45 sec.
3️⃣1-Leg Deadlift & Slam, 15 each side
4️⃣Hug & Jump, 45 seconds
5️⃣Squat with Heartbeat, 15 reps
6️⃣Clean, press & slam, 45 sec.
7️⃣Double Pulse Squat with Heel Raise, 15 reps.
Rest 1-2 minutes between rounds.
Turn on sound for form cues. Big take away is NO RIB BOOBS when you lift that ball overhead. Ribs need to be locked...core solid.
Go get your sweat on!! 😅👏🏾🤜🏽
#getmomstrong #medicineballworkout #homeworkout #quickworkout #totalbodyworkout #coreworkout #diastasisrecti #fitmomsofig
Hi hi lovelies I recorded 3 resistance band exercises for ya! I love these bands because you can work your whole body with just one of them, they're super portable, plus cost effective 💙 #thebossladyg #fearnothingmore .
#home #homeworkout
#homeexercises #workoutfromhome
#resistancetraining #resistancebands #resistancebandsworkout #pilates #fullbody #fitmama #postbabyfitness #postbabybody #postbabyweightloss #hotmama #natural #nomakeup #naturalista #legs #core #arms #shoulderworkout #shoulders #curlyhair #blackfitness #dmv #dmvfitness #fitnessmodel #model
Are you my people?? 🤣 Or like this weekend as we do our clean out 🚫💩...take your medicine and I’ll give you a lollipop! 😜
#whatmykideats #briberyworks #honestmotherhood #momminainteasy #momwin #imomsohard
On good days I workout hard. On bad days I workout harder...

She woke up different today. Done with anything that doesn’t bring peace. Life is way too short to leave the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket. ✌🏽
Sometimes we need a slap in the face as a reminder that the “hard things” like working out on a Saturday morning aren’t actually all that hard at all!! This morning when I was changing into my workout clothes, I saw the markings from my mammogram appointment Thursday when I needed an ultrasound to double check a particular area and it reminded me that this workout isn’t a chore - it’s a PRIVILEGE that I should be grateful for!!! There are SO MANY people out there who would love nothing more than to wake up today, put two feet on the floor, and WORKOUT - but can’t for one reason or another.
Can’t wait to help guide some ladies in my Self-Love Bootcamp on how to change our perspective with GRATITUDE & POSITIVE THOUGHTS!!!!!! If you haven’t grabbed one of the spots yet - what the heck are you waiting for?! Ladies are ordering their books to follow along with during the group and getting pumped to get started next week!!! Apply using the online bootcamp link in my bio or drop a ❤️ below for more info or to grab your spot!
Now, seriously - is this sharpie on me?! How long until my doctor’s artwork washes off?!?!
It can be daunting getting active again after baby. Apart from anything, there's so much choice! We asked Catherine Hebb of @runwaypilatesuk for the lowdown on Reformer Pilates, and why it’s so good for Mums of all abilities to reconnect core muscles, strengthen their pelvic floors and generally regain their fitness. It’s live on our blog now! Head to http://bit.ly/reformer-pilates-after-baby-buumpactive

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