their backs must hurt from carrying the series
ac etherealaudios_
dt emery & tina
um they snapped
for ava mak and drea
ac ??
#shanksgrp #vaultgrp
first of all, thank u all so so so much for being here over a whole year now
and also thank u for almost 7k
u guys are INSANE! 💖

to get the giveaway:
-post this on your story and tag me
-request @newtssmile.ga (my giveaway account) and check out the post after being accepted
-copy the link and here ya gooo

ib/ chaoticbane

btw i’m really sorry i couldn’t make an 'one year edit' but i hadn’t been at home a lot the last days which means i hadn’t got time to edit —
#shanksgrp #glvdergrp #tmrgrp
drarry au: Harry & Draco had secret relationship for a good 2 years. They kept it private cause they knew what kind of drama it would cause. But this didn’t stop Draco from teasing/flirting with Harry in public. Draco promised Harry he would tell his father about their love, Harry thought they kept it for long enough. But Draco never told his father. Harry felt betrayed and he thought Draco was ashamed of being together with him. Truth is, Lucius Malfoy wanted the Potter kid dead. He hated him and never wanted to have to do anything with the guy, not even his family. Harry never knew this and Draco didn’t want to tell cause he was Scared Harry would break up.
After all Draco still never told Harry and he broke up with him anyway. Even though they were still madly in love.

When the battle of hogwarts began Harry hasn’t seen Draco in months. He regret breaking up with him, if he didn’t he might knew where he was right now.
After a really long while Harry, Hermione & Ron got captured by the Malfoy family. However, Hermione used a spell to make Harry look unrecognizable. They were in Malfoy manor and that is where Harry and Draco meet again. Even with Harry’s terrible looks, Draco would always recognize the love of his life. Bellatrix forces him to tell them if it’s Harry or not so they can give him to the lord. Draco lied to protect Harry and hopefully save him. Bellatrix isn’t having any of it so she set Harry & Ron into a cell and she tortures Hermione.

Harry, Ron & Luna (who happened to be also there in the cell) escape. They got Hermione free from Bellatrix and Draco helps them to get away. They casted a teleportation spell, but Bellatrix threw a knife to hopefully kill one of them. Bellatrix’ knife made it just in time to get into the spell. Draco hopes it didn’t get to Harry and that is when Draco never got to see his only love again.

ac retro.lana
for Dana & Julie💓
Newtmas 💞
Dt: shanksgrp
#pinknasacult #aquaearthgrp #shanksgrp #ignitegrp
Ac: @vogue.wdw
my man 🥵
he is so hot I can’t-
btw I tried to be creative hahah
pls don’t let this flop because I actually like this
ac deadaudio
song jaden smith- GHOST
cc me
dt jasmin, julie, jenni, mariella, juliette, hanna, marie, ana, dasha, ava, amelie, anoud, emily, bella, mary & anna [ #thebraingrp #shanksgrp #glvdergrp #wvfflesgrp #nasagrp ]
tysm jasmin for for putting rsmb on the edit ilyy

—Wig snatched by Dylan o‘brien
ac basedluca cc bravenry
dt julia, calista, mariella, hanna, jenni, dasha, emily, kyleigh, ana, lia + tagged 🥵
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my audio
dt laurey and emery
This is a scrap but I miss this cute friendship 😖😖
ac: sayitsoftly
cc: xepiphanys
dt: Kaya, Dasha and Lorien
the one who didn’t betray him
back on my bullshit🤠👊🏻
for tagged (u guys are so talented holy sksks)
ac wolfhardaudios (heavily edited)
ib jaimeysedits
#shanksgrp #vaultgrp
𝐝𝐚𝐦𝐧 𝐠𝐢𝐫𝐥

they ended honestly every boy in less than 0.00002 seconds✨👸🏼
dt: hanna <3 (*tagged)
sc: oxidazed
failed at the coloring and now it looks so shitty but i actually kinda like the edit haha
happy valentine’s day btw xx
#glvdergrp #tmrgrp #shanksgrp #thomasbrodiesangster #mazerunneredit
Ok, this is basic but Iove this movie so much jdksj and wtf is going on with the audio in the loop jdkd ?🥵:/
ac aliferou.s| cc @bravenry
dt julia, alli, calista, jenni, michaela, itamar, dasha, mariella, marie
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reminder that Thomas was only around 16 when he watched most of his friends die and when he went through this journey. He deserves happiness and so much freaking more <3

my audio & coloring
for Dana cause i love her more than anything💓
we all know who the real hbic is bitches ;)
i’m starting my new feed with a scrap but who cares? i don’t.
dt: hanna ; char ; emily ; mary ; goat bitch ; mariella (*tagged) 💖
sc: ephemeral (i added voiceover)
#glvdergrp #tmrgrp #shanksgrp #lightmoongrp #thebrainrct3
Past is something that you can’t let go

Ac: me
Ib: an edit I saw a long time ago
Cc: me
Dt: tagged + @newtssmaze @obriemas @_.lightbox._ [I lost your names, sorry]

#eiffelgrp #thebraingrp #tmrgrp #shanksgrp
step aside thomas...
for tina only lmao
ac kuteaudios
#shanksgrp #vaultgrp
sad hermione :) yeah it’s a vent edit
I made this a while ago,,
I feel much better now but I’m sometimes still sad tho
ac grandaudios
song catharsis - aether [ #thebraingrp #shanksgrp #glvdergrp #wvfflesgrp #nasagrp ]
yes, mE is posting again wooo
I’m actually really proud of this, don’t let it flop ;(

my audio
for Dana, Drea & Julie
song; sweater weather - the neighborhood
#triwizardgrp #draconisgrp #shanksgrp
skateboard p
ac: sp00kyaudios
dt: laurey ofc
I stan this duo
ac: forgot whoops 😬
cc: voidgold
This was meant to be a plot twist but idrc
aka my favorite human on the planet
dt jenni, ava, mak, drea, jaz, dina, juliette, cassandra, jasmin, julia, cassidy, avery and vaultgrp!
ac wldorf on sc
ib svaturns
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my babys 🥺
pls keep them happy & watch till the end of you want to see the cutest blooper with the cutest laughs🤧
ac toxicsaudios
song Katy Perry - Wide Awake
cc me
dt jasmin, julie, jenni, hanna, mariella, juliette, marie, ava, ana, cassandra, ami, emi, dina & kaya
[ #thebraingrp #glvdergrp #shanksgrp #nasagrp #wvfflesgrp ]
au: thomas broke up with newt after having a big argument. he walked away and after a time he started to date teresa (which newt didn’t know)
one day newt just saw them both kissing but he couldn’t handle it because he still had bloody feelings for thomas.
that’s why he started to cry and remembered all the beautiful moments he and thomas had been trough.
quality sucks but they don’t :D
dt: hanna 😤💓 (*tagged)
song: idfc - blackbear -
#shanksgrp #glvdergrp #tmrgrp

ac emiliasbastard cc bravenry
dt julia, jenni, julie, hanna, calista, mariella, dasha+ all other newt stans :)
ib xfgmledits ;)
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Let‘s play hide and seek with the shakes - WHERE ARE THE F&)&!€€& SHAKES ??
ac emiliasbastard cc bravenry
dt julia, zuzia, jenni, julie, mariella, haileigh, elara, clara, dasha, maya + tagged and all other who commented :)
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this is 100% inspired by my own edit which i posted on @thvme hahaha
song: play with fire
dt: hanna ; charline ; wenke ; mary (*tagged) 👽☁️🌌
#shanksgrp #glvdergrp #tmrgrp #thebrainrct3
The maze runner👏

ac oraphics
for Dana & Julie🤷🏽‍♀️
song; no promises - Calvin Harris & Sam Smith

never thought tmr would fit with this audio lmao, i got inspired to make this when i was in the cinema and heard this song lmao
#draconisgrp #triwizardgrp #shanksgrp
I made this edit quick to calm myself and to appreciate tbs’s acting. He’s so talented and precious i wanna cry.

ac @kuteaudios
style is inspired by @bloudlust
for Cass, Jenni, Taylor, Peach, Gwen, Tatum, Marieke, Eveline, Jade, Clara, Esra, Sara & Julia

This is so rushed I’m sorry
my babys 🥰
they deserved to end up together..
ac toxicsaudios
ib toxicsaudios
cc me
song thousand miles - tove lo
dt jasmin, jenni, mariella, AVA, hanna, juliette, ana, dasha, drea, mary, olivia, lisa, gea, #shanksgrp & #glvdergrp [ #thebraingrp #shanksgrp #glvdergrp #lightmoongrp #nasagrp #wvfflesgrp ]
pLeAse dOnt coMmEnt haTe tHANkS!1!1! i love thomesa okay?1! but- ig newtmas will always be superior🌝🌝
- ac me -cc me - dt SHANKS GRP +tagged
okay wow
exactly one year ago i saw the death cure for the first of all million times
it was the day it came out in my country and i was looking forward to seeing this movie for such a long time because i always liked the tmr movies
the day i saw the death cure i just realized how much the movies and especially thomas mean to me
tdc changed everything in my life and trough the movie i got reaaally emotional (in good and bad ways)
ofc it makes me cry every time but my obsession with this movies and thomas just began since this day and i’m so greatful for that
i’m so happy to be part of this fandom and i’m so thankful for everything. <3
dt; hanna & all tmr stans
#shanksgrp #glvdergrp #tmrgrp
ac: tigxn
dt: laurey 🥰
protect my sweet gladers
frame rate 15 ✰
ac wolfhardaudios
ib fxrmality

— Jeg elsker deg
ac hinaudios | cc bravenry
dt julia, calista, clara, zuzia, jenni, hanna, dasha, sara, dani, emily + tagged :)
#thebraingrp #tmrgrp #gallavichsgrp #shanksgrp #empathgrp
She can make anything work
ac: aurvnxia (sc)
cc: voidgold
dt: tagged
[#kayascodsgrp #shanksgrp]
cutest bean on earth🥰
i just want to hug him sksjd
ac allonsyaudios + voiceover
cc me
song Ke$ha - Die Young
dt jasmin, jenni, mariella, marie, hanna, juliette, olivia, kaillyn, neya, polina, maria, karen & gea [ #thebraingrp #glvdergrp #shanksgrp #lightmoongrp #nasagrp #wvfflesgrp ]
all those ships deserve to be respected and loved.
doesn’t matter if friend- or relationship.
each of them (not only the one’s in the edit) is perfect in their own way and we all should respect them <3

dt: @svngster_ @charlinepzo @avasnewt @xfgmledits @dylvsm @vivxdols & #shanksgrp 💓

#glvdergrp #tmrgrp
Otis Milburn is the absolute cutest uwu

ac emiliasbastard
for Dana uwu
song; my type - Saint Motel


— hot boyfriends
ac gothamsmostwanted | cc bravenry
dt julia, calista, jenni, emily, mariella, maya, isabel, reb, dasha, hanna + tagged ❤️
#thebraingrp #shanksgrp #gallavichsgrp #empathgrp #tmrgrp
dork draco ;)
it’s short and scrap i am sorry :(
ac sangsteraudios + voiceover
cc me
song Lizzo - Truth Hurts
dt jasmin, julie, jenni, marie, mariella, dasha, adele, bella, anoud, olivia, leah, anna, mary, mia, maria, polina & michelle [ #thebraingrp #glvdergrp #shanksgrp #lightmoongrp #nasagrp ]
1 year without him -
for everyone
ac odvzai
i cant believe it’s been a full year since the death cure came out. this series has done so much for me and many people and i’m just so grateful for this franchise.
1 year
I’ve would do anything to see them together one last time

Ac: staffaudios
Cc: me
#eiffelgrp #tmrgrp #shanksgrp #thebraingrp
soft bby 💞😩
dt tagged (and every other tbs stan)
my audio
| the death cure

today one year ago the death cure aka my all time favorite movie was released.
feels like yesterday when i just sat there, watched it, and died inside.
this movie honestly means the world to me, as well as the others.
ofc the death cure is the movie which made us all cry for months or maybe even until date but it also has changed probably most of our lifes.
a few of the fans (me included) started making fanpages after watching it or just started obsessing with the triology or its actors.
all this movies and books, especially the death cure, thought me so much about life and about myself and i‘m so thankful for everything.
i wouldn’t have started my fanpage without the movie and i‘m so incredibly happy that i‘ve started it bc u guys and this fandom mean the world to me.
people might think it’s 'only a movie' or the characters are only fictional and unrealistic characters someone just invented but they are not.
it’s more than that. these movies and its characters make people happy (and sad) and for some of us they were the begin of fanpages and of new friendships with people that share the same interest as u.
so thank u wes ball and james dashner for giving us these amazing movies & books.
and also thanks to the whole cast.
thank u for making our all life’s better with the art u just created.

#shanksgrp #tmrgrp #glvdergrp
the ONLY blonde & brunette I stan.
I should be posting about the one year anniversary of tdc but I don’t have anything prepared so im sorry😔

ac emowhofromwhoville
song; geek’d - BhadBhabie
for Taylor, Mariella, Ana, Esra, Viki, Jaz, Jenni, Emily, Max, Isabel, Nafisa, Millie, Sofia, Gwen, Phoebe, Marwa, Danielle, Jade & Julia

No hate to riverdale or something,
just showing my lane ;)
the softest human
thanks for one month on here:)
for shanksgrp
ac drizzyaudios
ib cowboybootsherron
The first one will always be my favourite :)
ac: lavishgilbert (sc)
cc: voidgold
Is this even considered a transition? 😂
definition of underrated uwu💘
Ki Hong is so cute he should be edited more often

Guess i need a new laptop cause it was bugging so weirdly and I wouldn’t let me play it normally without crashing immediately ndjsbsisb

ac me!
cc @astorialt
song; my selfish heart - Meghan Trainor
please don’t let this flop I love him so much🤧


soft ivy trio is the cutest uwu

dt: hanna <3 (+tagged)

#shanksgrp #tmrgrp #glvdergrp
dt: shanksgrp
Ac: me
{ #shanksgrp }
@rosasalazar @kayascods
#sunflowerscultrct1 #saturniarct
they really did love each other:(
ok I’m sry this is so simple and depressing lol this is gonna fLoP
for ava jenni liv and bAbS <omg ur gonna kill me AHAH
ac/ib tranquillums

ac/ib xx.ediiiss | cc voidgold
dt julia, zuzia, calista, dasha, cadence, cj, kaya, gabby [#glvdergrp] + tagged
#thebraingrp #gallavichsgrp #tmrgrp #shanksgrp
WELCOME TO #shanksgrp
@newtsbastard @newtssmile @anasnewt @softnewtie @mysmolnewt @newtvibe @vxladyy
Thanks for everyone who tried out, we had some many talented people to choose from. We will be recruiting again soon ;)
little angel martin 🥰
dt : @mysouth.side @mybeacon.hills @lydiastrawberryblonde @lvdia.mp4_ @lydiainskis @lydiaxgent @demoniclydia @twgrey @allxsonsvids @axfive @beacon.stilinski @roden.vsp @madvlme @teen24runner @megascenes (ty)
ac kuteaudios
here are the results from #shanksgrp ;)
don’t be sad if you didn’t get in, we love y’all🥵
it was so hard to pick the members omg, y’all are so talented🤠🥵
( gc is on instagram btw💗)
collab part lol
dt's are tagged
[#shanksgrp #tmrgrp]
ac emiliasbastard
ib/rm bloudlust
[#tmrgrp #shanksgrp]
Welcome to #shanksgrp recruit !!
MBF: leaders @avasnewt @axfive @vsmvlti @livs.vids_
•Tag 3-4 TMR editors •Post on your story •Make 1 edit using #shanksrct
Due Jan 20th
Good luck 🤪 btw if you already commented on the others posts, you don’t necessarily have to comment again
Welcome to #shanksgrp recruit !!
MBF: leaders @avasnewt @axfive @vsmvlti @livs.vids_
Tag 3-4 TMR editors
Post on your story
Make 1 edit using #shanksrct
Due Jan 20th
Good luck
𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚜𝚊𝚏𝚎 𝚑𝚊𝚟𝚎𝚗
hi no ones gonna be active but here ya go (listen w/ headphones)
ib iretried2
[#tmrgrp #shanksgrp]
my first time using after effects
off beat but idc
[#tmrgrp #shanksgrp]
| Happy birthday Melanie, i love you. 💌
dt: @littlebodybigheart
ac: me/cc:majesticbanshee ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
[no hate, please.]
| V.Lodge 💄
ac: kuteaudios[edited]/cc: majesticbanshee.
[#tbsangstergrp #shanksgrp #themazegrp #crybabytearsgrp forgot the logos sorry..]
dt: @marine_polet @lunsyprodz @beamingnewt @editsiris @thxknight @blondiecurse @deluxelukas @lightningstrxs [the rest is in the comments] [THE QUALITY WTF @instagram]

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