The sound of the wind blowing in these trees will never get old. Hawai’i YOU are filled with so much beauty and GOOD people. Our time here is priceless and it’s so true with that saying that goes LUCKY WE LIVE HAWAII. It never really use to sit as well as it does now. Perception changes when things happen to you and I hope you choose to see the GOOD in all things. ALOHA IS DOPE and 🙌life is too. #sundaysesh #madeinhawaii #gangstahtrees #inhawaii #shortstackhawaii mahalo 📷 @j2wice
Weekend vibes! What does your future look like? #fearless&fun Here we come! #theweekend #lawlowbro #upHI #shortstackhawaii #kanakaofthefuture Mahalo 📷 @mightyxmouse_ 🖤
🌺S H A K A S U P🌴 You can find ALL our new goods at @themommademarkethawaii next weekend. This ol’ thing will be there. 🤩 Our newest revamped tee #SHAKASUP. Grey is always a good idea. #alwaysingrey #fridayfreshcatch #shortstackhawaii
Fresh shave ice pocket tee’s are HEA! They are available now til Tuesday! Get your flavors today! Our most famous tee is back and lookin soooo good! We’ve got BEAR FEET, VINTAGE RAINBOW, and MODERN PARADISE pockets in shop. We hope you love them even more! #shaveicepockettee #shortstackfreshest #madeinhawaii #shortstackhawaii
Youth sizes are now available on our website. There is only a handful so don’t miss out! Our new shave ice pocket tee’s will debut tomorrow and we can guarantee you that it’s gonna be sweet! 🍧 #goodthings #ouryouth #thefuture #shortstackhawaii #madeinhawaii 📷 @j2wice 🤙🏽
Spring break is currently happening and you will find us enjoying the sunshine with our babes. Today has got us feeling grateful about the now. THEE absolute NOW. Not thinking about anything else but what’s happening in this moment in time and being IN it. #towinit .
Kids are fed, happy, and having fun. #checkcheckcheck Enjoy your spring break, fam! #ALOHAISDOPE available NOW! #intheNOW #ALOHAisNOW #shortstackhawaii Mahalo 📷 @eva_thiim55 🖤
🌴The one hard thing about living here is that you still have to go back to school and work after a weekend like this. It’s fine though, cause we can do it again soon! Push through your week with these basic beach vibes. We guarantee it’ll be go by #bye🌴.
A handful of Youth sizes will be available this week AND a bit of a new new on fresh Friday. #howsthat #thefutureisbright #kanakaofthefuture #madeinhawaii #shortstackhawaii mahalo 📷 @j2wice
There are many things that give us life here at SHORT STACK, and this little girl sitting on the beach in our new raglan Kanaka tee is doing that the MOST!🙌Our future is lookin’ beautiful and bright! 🖤🌺 Aloha, Miss Livi Grace🌺 #kanakaofthefuture #madeinhawaii #shortstackhawaii #ohbaby mahalo 📷 @joshua_cayabyab 🤙🏽
Let me tell you something about these friends.... Their moms have been friends since kindergarten, grew up in hawaii, raised a family, and now their kids are repeating this amazing cycle of friendship. How many of you have the same experience? Friends are so hard to come by and it’s a lot of emotions between people. At the end of the day, you know who has your back and who you want in your life no matter what. So here’s to friends forever! Tell your friends you love them today and everyday. People are what they are...they’re PEOPLE and we all love knowing we are thought about and are loved by a person. We love you! ALOHA #isdope #HAWAII #isforever #theyreourfuture #shortstackhawaii #madeinhawaii
Growing up HAWAII and living in the islands where people can only dream to visit and see someday or see again someday. Our Hawai’i is very loved and very recognized for its beauty in all aspects. We can see this beauty through our children and it gives us this feeling which only the word ALOHA can describe. No place like it. It is forever. 🖤
Spread these ALOHA vibes with our new collection of tee’s. It’s out now! And a HUGE THANK YOU to EVERYONE who has bought our new collection this far. 🙌🖤#likenoother #HAWAII #shortstackhawaii #alohaisdope #kanakaofthefuture #thebasicbeachcollection Mahalo 📷 @j2wice 🤙🏽
These photos and more to come, are a result of when creative minds let their passion shine through. When the two masterminds behind Short Stack Hawai’i, Lani & Tanya, approached me about shooting their new look, I was thrilled! My family are already big supporters of the brand, so to contribute in any way to what they had in store, would be an honor. I had no idea though that this project would be so fun and how sincere everyone involved would be. But I think these photos speak to those volumes. Mahalo.
#alohaisdope #supportlocal #shopsmall #thinkbig #shortstackhawaii #madeinhawaii
Our children are the future, HAWAII is forever, and ALOHA is DOPE. We are here! SHOP this collection now!🖤 #beachesanddreams #shortstackhawaii #madeinhawaii #ALOHA #HAWAII #KANAKA Mahalo 📸 @j2wice
Running to that new drop like...TOMORROW! We’re only a daaaaye awaaaaay. The Basic Beach Collection will finally be available on our website tomorrow. Thank you for being so patient with us as we worked to get them out to you. We can’t wait for you to get your order and take on any beaches that comes your way. Issa mood, Issa vibe, it’s SHORT STACK HI! 🖤#shortstackhawaii #alwayswearaloha #alohaisdope #HAWAII #likenoother 📷 @j2wice 🤙🏽
Prepping our website this weekend to get THEE new line out next week. The Basic Beach Collection drops on Monday! And yes...we have the entire collection in sticka’s too! Take your Short Stack HI vibes anywhere🖤. HAWAII🖤ALOHA IS DOPE 🖤 Kanaka of the future🖤 #basicbeachthings #thatsmybeach #alohaisdope #shortstackHAWAII mahalo 📷 @j2wice
Always save the best for last. ALOHA IS DOPE! Plain (white tee)and simple. Spread the ALOHA because love is absolutely dope🖤 .
This completes The Basic Beach Collection. We hope you love it just as much as we do. The messages we are sending out this time around is simple. Teach our children well, Hawaii is forever, and ALOHA IS DOPE. #word Mahalo 📸 @j2wice 🤝 #alohaisdope #HAWAII #KANAKAofthefuture #shortstackhawaii #thebasicbeachcollection #likenoother
Only one place like it and the memories you make here are only yours. HAWAII. Like no other. .
Second tee in The Basic Beach Collection is our HAWAII tee in that classic black. Ready to take on any beaches that come your way. .
Hey @j2wice ! Get out here and show them who caught these amazing basic beach shots! Mahalo for your work! 🙌 📸 @j2wice #shortstackHAWAII #HAWAII #itsyours #HAWAIIlikenoother #takingonallthebeaches #inhawaii
They are the FUTURE! 🙌 TEACH them well and let them LEAD the way. #alohatowhitney .
Our new line will open on our website next week Monday. Get ready for THE BASIC BEACH COLLECTION. First tee on the line is KANAKA OF THE FUTURE #fewwchaa #shortstackhawaii #thebasicbeachcollection #saidshelovesthenorthshore
T-shirt : @shortstack_hi
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Looking like a stack. Printed and pressed, honey. #thatsus We will set up inventory this week as we finish printing the rest of the tee’s, put dem on di website, and BOOM! 🤩 Just a few more days. 🙌Like...6 🖤 #lawwwwdletsgo #hawaii #shortstackhawaii #basicbeachcollection
🤙🏽 The people have spoken.🤙🏽We’re peakin’ through. 😎The whole meal is coming! .
Let me tell you about this new collection coming out next week. We have three new tee’s featured in it and we’ve brought back the basics. 🙌Classic Hawaii in every way. Not only did we work hard bringing this together but during the process we have made some MAD 🖤 connections. We’ll never stop talking about how many amazing people we have met through SHORT STACK and at the end of the day you’re not just working with us or being our customer, you are REAL PEOPLE to us who have made us feel really good with your kind words and support. All the random conversations too! We like those. We wanted to bring those kinds of vibes to the table. Bottom line. 🤝Our photographer NOW friend 🙋‍♀️ @j2wice has brought our vision of this brand to life and it was a pleasure to work with him and his wife @aga1nst.the.gra1n during this process. When you meet good people, let them know. Nothing is guaranteed, just your bills. #paymybills #maybelaterwecouldchill #shortstackhawaii #madeinhawaii #sneakypeak #imisstheoldMTV #thebasicbeachcollection
Something fun is happening tomorrow with @j2wice! That’s all we can give to you! Laaaawd 🥴#whatisthatface .
Just a HUGE THANK YOU 🙏 to EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU that entered your children into our Short Stack squad!🙌 Seeing the amount of entries and all the supporters for this brand has been inspiring and we are so full of thanks! 🖤 #alohafuturehawaii #🌴clues #putitinanotebook #steeeeeeve #shortstackhawaii #shortstacksquad
How’s this SHOOTS DEN crew! 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽 One, two, tree shaka’s all the way through! 🙌 This tee is coming back 🗣BETTAH. New tings,who dis? 📟Don’t forget to enter your babe in The Short Stack Squad in our previous post AND.......make sure to check out @littlecaycam for her local hand made moccasins that look fresh with our behbeh (baby) tee’s. SHOOTS DEN 🤙🏽 #shortstackhawaii #madeinhawaii #momsinhawaii #localfromhawaii #bettahbrah mahalo 📸 @littlecaycam
🖤 Signs from the universe in 2019 be like😎...no worries. Our sale ends this Sunday. This color tee won’t be back✖️. No worries tho....better things to come.🖤 #ahhhhhhh #whheeere #soooooon #noworries #shortstackhawaii
This tee isn’t going anywhere. MADE IN HI for life 🙌. The deals will go tho. Last week for this SALE. . #madeinhawaii #shortstackhawaii #brandnew #theband
Final week for all these good old goods to be on sale and for sale 😛. New things have arrived and we are making room fo bettah tings. Get these last looks on our website 🤙🏽 #madeinhawaii #shortstackhawaii
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There are two moods you can bring into the beginning of the week AND into your life. Which will YOU choose? WE will cry about it at first BUT we really going to go in with NO WORRIES. It also helps when someone you love is by your side #broishere #noworries #madeinhawaii #shortstackhawaii 🙌 mahalo 📸 @shelbypaige___
Being a mama, I never want to forget their tiny faces. Those faces have memories that will always bring aloha to the heart. BUT I also can’t wait to see your big face, beside me for the rest of my life. 🙌Sharing ALOHA 🙌 -mama #sharingaloha #withyourmama #madeinhawaii #shortstackhawaii 💙Mahalo 📸 @tewaikupusmama
Welp daddy went back to work yesterday & grandma and auntie left today. We’ve made it to nap time alone soo 💪🏼 #noworries #mamasgotthis
Bunched in our little detail that we will be adding to ALL our merch. A simple reminder when you doing laundry. 👕ALWAYS WEAR ALOHA in everything you do. We promise life will improve because you will have no fudge to give, just ALOHA and THAT doesn’t cost your energy a penny. #timeisreallycashflow #eatrealfudge #alwayswearaloha #newisgood #inhawaii #shortstackhawaii
How’s his SHARING ALOHA face? Happy NINE to this handsome guy! 😍 We are so close to our new goods guys! KINDA. 🤭 We literally feel so good about what’s coming. In the meantime you need to check our website for what’s left. Das all get! 🤨🙌🤙🏽#onsaleeveryting #madeinhawaii #shortstackhawaii mahalo 📸 @carlyheartchad
We all know packing the family up to go to the beach requires AYE ALOT. Once we get there we try to rush them to get to the water and sometimes forget that the journey begins as soon as their toes hit the sand. They are always reminding us to slow down especially when we are in the most rush. This year we are slowing things down with our family and really taking in all the time we are given. For us, this is what our memories are like when they’re MADE IN HAWAII. Make some memories in our tee’s that are all on sale now! 30% off site wide. Check um 🤙🏽 #aloha #toeshitthesand #takeitslow #inhawaii #memoriesinhawaii #shortstackhawaii
Kids these days turning ONE in Hawaii like...🤙🏽shoots den! Happy birthday to this handsome braddah. Growing up in the islands is a beautiful thing. 🌴🌈🤙🏽 #shootsden #paradise #palmtreesways #birthdaytingz #madeinhawaii #shortstackhawaii mahalo 📸 @le_manchot_irr 🤙🏽
The aloha plane is here to give your Friday an extra boost of happy. Playing pretend as a kid gave us so many great memories and seeing our keiki’s do the same brings a huge smile! When I was a kid I used to take Monopoly money and put it in my wallet then go to the store with my mom and pretended I had enough money to buy ANYTHING I wanted in the grocery store. 👑 ALL the cereal and Oreo cookies to last a lifetime. #wholemilktoo #stillgoals #sharingaloha #alohaisfree #madeinhawaii #shortstackhawaii Mahalo 📸 @thekeikidept
Palm trees and Polaroids will always give you PARADISE feels🌴🌈. How many of you bought your kid a Polaroid camera for Christmas and you have it in your purse, don’t let them use it, and take lots of selfies 🙋‍♀️ That’s how right? 😎 NO WORRIES! Get this tee for your babe on sale today! Click our link in our bio to take you to our website. 🤙🏽 ALOHA 🤙🏽 #noworries #hawaii #HIlife #madeinhawaii #shortstackhawaii #palmtreesandpolaroids #paradise #addictedtoparadise Mahalo 📸 @wolf_mama_
🌴Just opened up our website! 🌴Everything is on sale and it is the last of everything we’ve got. Most of those designs will not be making it back BUT that NEW NEW is 👉 heading your way next month. Don’t miss out on our oldies. Click the link in our bio to take you there. 🌈They’re good goods! ALOOOOHA! 🤙🏽 #alohawear #madeinhawaii #shortstackhawaii
This is the only level of NO WORRIES I ever want to be on. 🤝 No worries guys, our website will reopen this week. The last of the last tee’s before we change a few things around here. Did we tell you?😁 We have decided we won’t be bringing back AYE LOT of our old stuff. Leaving most of the old behind. We will hang on to the good GOODS and they will be tagging along to new and better tings and tees. #thankyouforservingus #peopleandthings #newtees #noworries #thankyounext #holdinghappy #hawaiiishappy #shortstackhawaii Mahalo 📸 @wolf_mama_ 🤙🏽
We’re in the creative kitchen stirring up some new designs as well as some snacking. Mostly snacking and in our kitchen we have LOTS of 🍷. Um....#notkidding🤫. In a few weeks we will share what we made! This photo is over a year old and the vibes are still so fresh🍍 Mahalo 📸@sydney.maile 🤙🏽 #madeinHI #shortstackhawaii #LIVING #freshvibes #dailygrinds #cheersfriends
SHARING ALOHA is going to always be the best gift anyone can give. When our children give us love it feeds their little hearts right back. Man, their hearts seem little but they really give the MOST. Spread the ALOHA! #likeakid Happy Martin Luther King JR. Day❤️🙌#HEisALOHA #keeptheALOHAalive #sharingALOHA #shortstackhawaii
2019 has us flowing with its vibes and we are just feeling good over here. Does 2019 feel that way for you? We hope so! We’ve been away for a while but it’s nice to come back to seeing photos and messages of aloha and support. The Short Stack fam is rocking our gear in our feeds and we LOVE it! The genuine support has been brand changing and we want to give you even better things this year. So get ready! We are throwing out some new feels for 2019 and it really just feels good. Like food. 😌 Food always feels good #neverregretit. ALOHA everyone! We are happy to see you! 😎 #letsgetittho #hawaii #shortstackhawaii #2019feels #likefood🤪 #80’sbae’s✌🏽
🌲Christmas in Hawai’i 😍. What a great way to end the year with these awesome family photos of this beautiful ohana. 😍 We here at Short Stack just want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We have a few BIG changes coming in the near future and we couldn’t do any of that without you. 😊 THANK YOU for SHARING ALOHA with us. 🤙🏽 #shootsden #shakasup #yahyou #noworries #sharingaloha #madewithaloha #madeinHI #shortstackhawaii MAHALO 📸 @sarahmckayphoto
Come down and get these last minute Short Stack gifts for your babes and loved ones. We will be at the OHANA HALE MARKET PLACE tomorrow from 10am-8pm with sales on ALL our inventory. We hope to see you TOMORROW! 😍 SHOOTS DEN 🤙🏽 #madeinHI #shortstackhawaii #sharingaloha #🍍🍕
SHAKAS UP🤙🏽 If you are on Oahu this Friday, Dec. 21st come get your last Short Stack shopping on for this year. We will be at the @ohmhawaii OHANA HALE MARKET PLACE from 10am-8pm. ALLLL DAY with sales on EVERYTHING we have! Our website will close on Friday and we are officially going to close up shop til next year. We hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday so far. We hope to see you Friday to get your last Short Stack gear for the year! Mele Kalikimaka! 🤙🏽 #shakasup #madeinhawaii #shortstackhawaii #ohanahalemarketplace mahalo 🤙🏽 @eva_thiim55 💙
🎵On the 7th day of Christmas 🎄Short Stack gave to meeeee a chance to get a sale on ALL their teeeee’s.🎵Today is your last day and last chance to grab any Short Stack gear before Christmas! EVERYTHING is on sale today and today only! So if you missed anything during the week, you could still get a deal today! 🤙🏽🎁 #YAHYOU #SHAKASUP #NOWORRIES #SHARINGALOHA #OBEYYOURMADDAH #OBEYYOURFADDAH #SHOOTSDEN #🍍🍕 #SALTYGANG #SALTWATERCREW #MADEINHI #SHORTSTACKHAWAII
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NOTE: All orders will be shipped once the 7 day sale closes. If you need your items sooner, let us know and we will get that to you ASAP. If you purchase items on different sale days, contact us so we can adjust your shipping costs properly. 🤙🏽#yahyou #shortstackhawaii #christmasinhawaii #ohanagiftings
🌲Our Christmas sale kicks off tomorrow and we are starting off with a Giveaway! 🎁Check us out tomorrow to see what our giveaway is. For the next seven days we will give out a DEAL OF THE DAY on a certain item. Shop with us for the week and see what deals you can find to put under the tree. Cheee!🤙🏽 #mytutugavetome #madeinhawaii #kinetings #shortstackhawaii #giftings #yahyou
Our 7 day Christmas sale starts this Aloha Friday! Come check and see what we get under the Christmas tree🌲 chee hee!🤙🏽 #shootsden #shortstackhawaii #madeinhawaii #melekalikimakababy #hawaiibaby #santababy Mahalo! 🤙🏽 @summer.rad
Pocket full of ALOHA🌈 #SHORTSTACKoriginal #madeinhawaii #shortstackhawaii 🍧#whatflavor?
🚨 SHARING ALOHA alert 🚨 We are starting off our SEVEN day sale this FRIDAY with a GIVEAWAY! Yea, that’s right! Lol We’ve had an awesome run this season and we want to share our Aloha with you.🤙🏽 This will be our finale sale for the year so if you’ve been wanting another chance for good deals then shop with us starting Friday! More details to come🤙🏽 #sharingaloha #shortstackhawaii #madeinhawaii #giveaway&sale #banggin
🤙🏽 Big THANK YOU & Mahalo’s to everybody who came out last night and got their fresh Short Stack gear and gifts for the babies.🤙🏽 We will be featuring our new tee’s this week and will also be having our final sale of the year. Stay posted for more details. ALOHA #sharingaloha #madeinhawaii #christmasinhawaii #shortstackhawaii
Shakas Up! Happy Sunday Everyone!
#theGunz #shortstackhawaii #myheart #hnnsmile
Hanging in Waikiki til 10pm tonight while SHARING ALOHA. New designs are out tonight so come and check them out at the Ohana Festival🤙🏽#sharingaloha #shortstackhawaii #waikikibeach #kinetings
Get your local faddah, braddah, uncle, & papa one special kine gift this Christmas. Fresh shave ice pocket tee’s are available! All flavors and sizes. #whatflavayoulike #madeinhawaii #shortstackhawaii #braddahman 🤙🏽
Our OBEY your maddah tee’s are a match made in HAWAI’I with @littlecaycam NAUGHTY moccs. ❤️ We will also be launching OBEY your FADDAH this Saturday at the Waikiki OHANA FESTIVAL from 4pm-10pm. Come shop with us this Saturday! Shoooots🤙🏽#wepateh #obeyyourmaddah #obeyyourfaddah #madeinhawaii #shortstackhawaii #waikikitings
Our sale starts at midnight tonight! All tings on sale😎. Limited stock for this sale so don’t hesitate. Get um! 🍽
🤙🏽Thankful for all that we have🤙🏽#eachother #familia #madeinhawaii #shortstackhawaii
YEAH YOU❗️Our website will be closed tomorrow and reopened on Friday for our Black Friday sale! No code needed. Everything will be marked down and this is the only chance you’ll get these deals for the year so make sure to stop by this Friday! K den! Shooots! #madeinHI #kinetings #shortstackhawaii mahalo 🤙🏽 @aimeejoycueva
🍭 The joy of rainbow cotton candy! 🌈 You will see that the best rainbows are MADE IN HI 🤙🏽🌴 #flauce #madeinHI #shortstackhawaii MAHALO 😎 @sharisaemi
🤙🏽🤙🏽Sunday Crew-zing 🍍🍕 #shootsden #madeinHI #shortstackhawaii #shortstackohana #hanabattadays #goodoldays
Get your holiday shopping started with us by grabbing SHORT STACK adult tee’s and tanks. We have Shave ice pocket tee’s, shoots den, Made in HI, yah you, and more. Let us know what you like and we can make um happen brah. #noworries #shakasup #madeinHI #shortstackhawaii #peanutbuttahguavajelly💕
😘🤙🏽 Pretty much sums up how life should be 😘🤙🏽 #aloha&noworries #HImood #madeinhawaii #shortstackhawaii mahalo 📷 @kuxlilianasmama 💋
Another BIG shout out to all that came out and showed your endless love and support for Short Stack. To our returning customers and friends that come out and support year after year, you don’t know how much we appreciate you. To our new customers and followers, we want to say ALOHA! Thank you for seeing something that you love in our brand and we welcome you into the fam. To all the keiki that rep our tee’s, you are the real deal! Thanks again for giving us another opportunity to do what we do. We love you! Now go vote! #please #shortstackhawaii #mommademarkethawaii #madeinhawaii #alohahawaii #votetoday
#AD Or just every ting feels. Yah you! See you at the Mom Made Market this weekend🍔🍟🥤 #animal #sponserus #yahyou #mommademarkethawaii #madeinhawaii #shortstackhawaii
🤙🏽You’ll be sure to find this Shaka patch tee when you see us at the Mom Made Market this weekend🤙🏽 you coming? #shootsden 🤙🏽 #mommademarkethawaii #madeinhawaii #shortstackhawaii
We are sooo here for this Yah You ohana squad 👪😎Cheeehoooo yah you! 🤙🏽 #yahyoufam #shortstackhawaii #madeinhawaii mahalo 📸@le_manchot_irr
Gracie 🌺 #MadeInHawaii #VegasBorn #ShortStackHawaii #ShortStackKids #shortstacksquad #JaeleyGraceLopes
Congrats to our winner, winner @kailuacheril!!!! Thank you again to everyone for entering our giveaway! And a super special thank you to our friends @shortstack_hi for partnering up with us! 😊🍧
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Have you entered our @shortstack_hi x @twiggyhawaii Shave Ice Lover giveaway yet?? See previous post to enter! 🍧😋
One lucky winner, winner will win a Short Stack Hawaii Shave Ice Tee (any keiki size, patterns pictured) along with a Twiggy Shave Ice Coloring Tote (comes w/ fabric markers)—prize valued at $57! 🍧
Giveaway closes tomorrow on Aloha Fri-YAY 10/19/18 at 4p HST. Thank you to everyone who has entered so far! Good luck 😘
#twiggyhawaii #shortstackhawaii #shaveice #shaveicelover #giveaway #shaveicetee #shaveicecoloringtote #coloringtote #madeinhawaii

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