While we continue to grow (both our minds and our practices!) it's important to remember our foundations. 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️ Join @linneasolveig in her Yoga Foundations series where we break down the more commonly practiced shapes and sequences for anyone! 🌿✨ 3/2 - 4/6 at our Mississippi Studio
#thepeoplesyogapdx #beherenow #yogaforeveryone #portlandyoga #tpyteachers
yoga nerd out and inspiration time with longtime teacher and friend @mattnelson_yoga 🤓♥️. We don’t take good selfies, and that’s just one of many cool things about us 😂.

Portland folks, check out Matt’s lovely breath-centric, mindful movement classes at @thepeoplesyogapdx! I really love what he’s up to.

#yogafriends #yogateacherlife #yoganerds #pdxyoga #pdxyogateacher #thepeoplesyogapdx #interdisciplinarymovement #keeplearning
🙏🏽to the @thepeoplesyogapdx community and friends and family from across the country for supporting Do Yoga, Do Good and @sistersoftheroadpdx! With a generous matching donation from @verniersoftware we raised over $1000 on Saturday!

Please check out @sistersoftheroadpdx website for ways to help them continue doing the good work, or stop by the cafe for a meal and conversation. Sisters also has a brilliant meal coupon program. You can purchase meal coupons for $2 each and keep them on hand to give out to those in need. The coupons are good for a meal and drink at the cafe. Information on their website.

#doyogadogood #dowhatyoucan #dosomething #yogaisskillinaction #helpyourselfhelpothers #sistersoftheroad #verniersoftware #thepeoplesyogapdx #yoga #portlandyoga
Good morning!!! Class is in 15 minutes! It’s not too late to join us ☃️🌈💫💞 🤸🏼‍♂️ #thepeoplesyogapdx #yogabugrealestate #saturdaymorningyoga #yogaliving
Reposted from @thepeoplesyogapdx - Tips and Tricks for developing your pose ✨🌱 this week we bring you a special treat... a Crow Pose (Bakasana) series on-the-go with our wonderful teacher @ianlemasters_yoga ! In this three-post series, we will work up to Crow Pose together! 😊😌 Keep checking in for our next step: Seated Crow (Upavistha Bakasana) #thepeoplesyogapdx #yogaeverydamnday #yogaforeveryone #pnw #portlandyoga #beherenow #selfcare - #regrann #pdxyoga #yogainpdx #portlandyoga #yoga #vinyasa #armbalance #yogainspiration #yogisofinstagram #movementculture
Tips and Tricks for developing your pose ✨🌱 this week we bring you a special treat... a Crow Pose (Bakasana) series on-the-go with our wonderful teacher @ianlemasters_yoga ! In this three-post series, we will work up to Crow Pose together! 😊😌 Keep checking in for our next step: Seated Crow (Upavistha Bakasana) #thepeoplesyogapdx #yogaeverydamnday #yogaforeveryone #pnw #portlandyoga #beherenow #selfcare
Something awesome is happening! ✨ We're so excited to be partnering with @sistersoftheroadpdx where @mariannetanneryoga will be leading us in a special two hour All Levels yoga class. WHY SO SPECIAL?? because 100% of the proceeds from this class will be donated to Sisters of the Road.
Do Yoga, Do Good 😊✨🌱 For deets, check out our events page, link in bio!
#thepeoplesyogapdx #yoga #pnw #portlandyoga #selfcare #yogaforeveryone
Friends! Please join me two weeks from today for a special all-levels yoga class to benefit @sistersoftheroadpdx!

We’ll feed ourselves with nourishing movement and rest, while helping to feed our community. It’s truly a win win. 💞

💯 of your donation goes to Sisters of the Road.

If you can’t be there for the class, please consider registering anyway! Every donation makes a difference. Link in my bio to register ⬆️.

#yogaisskillinaction #liveyourpractice
#thepeoplesyogapdx #portlandyoga #portlandyogascene #sistersoftheroad #foodjustice #helpyourselfhelpothers #yogaforsocialchange
It's about that time! 💫 Sara Robinette's Yoga Nidra workshop is having a comeback beginning Sunday, Feb. 10th. This is a super relaxing guided practice where you will rest in a deep sleep.. while being totally awake and aware... 😎 yep - that's a thing.
Pre-register via link in bio #thepeoplesyogapdx #yogaeverydamnday #meditation #yogaforeveryone #portlandyoga #pnw
It's Wednesday! ✨💫🌱 Today, focus on where you are, not where you think you "should" be. Be grateful to yourself for the steps that you take every day to grow and learn. The more you take time to appreciate your process and acknowledge your efforts, the better your relationship with growth will become! Happy Humpday Friends! We got this! #thepeoplesyogapdx #yogaeverydamnday #selfcare #TPYhumpdays #tpytips #pnw
It's always a fun time when we get to shout out our teachers! 🌱This is Megan! You can usually catch a class from her on Tuesday or Sundays, in the meantime here's a little more about her! 👇
"As a child, my favorite wrestler was Hulk Hogan. When I was 16 I fell in love for the first time... with Mexico. It’s still my favorite place to visit. When I was 29 I ran the whole wildwood trail with some help from my friends. I’ll never do that again. Though I do still enjoy trail running, I also like sleeping. I am a certified yoga therapist, a Brave Birth doula, and pretty obsessed with the pelvic floor." Thanks Megan for choosing to teach with us ✨😊🤗 #thepeoplesyogapdx #yogaeverydamnday #selfcare #tpyteachers #pnw #portlandyoga
This Sunday begins @mattnelson_yoga 's workshop! ✨This is a Yoga Foundations series that's great for Yogi's of all levels because it will help to build both confidence and understanding of the essential building blocks used in yoga. Pre-Register through the link in bio 💫💙😊 #thepeoplesyogapdx #yogaforeveryone #beherenow #selfcare #portlandyoga
It begins. 📚 🧘🏽‍♀️ ♥️
#ytt #yoga #yogateacher #yogateachertraining #thepeoplesyogapdx #straightupyoga #teachertraining #ilovemyjob
Next Tuesday @soulflowyogapdx starts her 7-week workshop ✨
Jan.29th - Mar.19th , from 5:30-6:45 💫💪🌱
Yoga for Bigger Bodies is designed to bring yoga to those who feel that the traditional class setting is not providing the support and encouragement that is needed to feel successful in Yoga. This class provides a safe space for anyone at any size to become more in tune with their body.

#thepeoplesyogapdx #yogaforeveryone #meditation #selfcare #pnw
Start or renew your yoga practice with the exploration of Yoga Foundations! We have two different, 6-week workshops to choose from, the first beginning January 31st and the other on February 3rd.
Learn more + register through the link in our bio ✨
#thepeoplesyogapdx #yogaforeveryone #portlandyoga
Teacher Tuesday has arrived (and it's actually on a Tuesday)! This week here are some behind-the-scenes moments of her life when she's not teaching in one of our studios 💃🌟💥
Stephanie is passionate about all things sacred, and loves to explore the world, creating and interacting with nature, color, and beauty. She’s obsessed with hot springs, and any other natural water source, and gets into healing waters any chance she gets. One of her main missions in life is to create through music and video, so stay tuned for her release this Friday on her 33rd bday! #thepeoplesyogapdx #tpyteachers #pnw #portlandyoga #selfcare
Tips and Tricks for developing your pose - nothing is perfect but the smallest things can make the biggest differences. This week @sarahdiedrick shares some quick adjustments to bring intention into our Utkatasana Chair Pose - so sit back and relax 😜 ✨💪#thepeoplesyogapdx #yoga #yogaforeveryone #selfcare #tpytips #pnw #yogaeverydamnday
It’s Teacher Tuesday! (Ok we know it’s really Friday but any day of the week is a good day to celebrate our awesome teachers) and this week we’re introducing you too Pam Blair 🥳 here’s a note from her: “I love being outside and moving!!! When I was two, I banged my head against the glass screen door to get my Mom to open it. Geesh!! She loves telling that story 😊
I’m still pretty adamant but a bit more graceful about it. Biking to the Pearl in a fancy dress and heels to show a luxury condo or to show houses on a beautiful day is not unusual for me. I can’t be shy about taking care of my needs so I fit it in when I can!”#thepeoplesyogapdx #tpylovenotes #yogapants #yogaeverydamnday #pnw
This is a reminder. Be free and honest into how your day and life is going when you are asked. You are not a burden to the people around you if you tell them you’re not doing okay. Own your truth so that you can grow and move forward! And remember that not everyday is an amazing one but keep going in-spite of that. Happy hump day everyone - you got this! 🥳 #thepeoplesyogapdx #tpyhumpdays #selfcare #pnw #yogaforeveryone
current favorite warm up, sped up x2 (although you could do it this speed too).

Warms ankles, knees, hips, hammies, whole spine, shoulders, and works balance. Plus it helps me connect with my breath and feels dance-y 💃🏻 🤤

Try and report back? •

#yogaflow #moveinalltheways #yogadance #lunges #catcow #moveyourbody #anjaneyasana #wholebodyyogaparty #crescentlunge #yogaforbalance #pdxyoga #pdxyogateacher #thepeoplesyogapdx #spinalmovement
Here I am assisting an inversion circa 2007. Join me starting tonight for Turn it Upside Down, three or six weeks of inversion prep and practice at The People’s Yoga small studio NE 30th.
#inversions101 #pdxyogateacher #alignmentyoga #pdxyoga #portlandyogaworkshop #yogafun #yogaparty #thepeoplesyogapdx
It's happening! Our 300-hour Teacher Training with Abby Kraai and other teachers begins in about 3-weeks on January 27th. Monthly payment plans are available and we also offer partial scholarships based on need and our mission to support equity in the yoga industry 👍 Learn more and enroll on our website! #thepeoplesyogapdx #yoga #yogaforeveryone #beherenow #portlandyoga #pnw #tpyteachertraining
“Hasta” means “hand” in Sanskrit and “bandha” means “to bind.” Hasta bandha means hand 🤚🏼bind. Arm balances require a strong foundation which begins with the hands. Join me this week @yogabhogapdx and @thepeoplesyogapdx and let’s fly together!
True and I have a Monday morning routine. I go to yoga @thepeoplesyogapdx With @tinybenchyoga and then we stop at @thefillingstationpdx for a treat for her on the way home. It’s a pretty damn good way to set the tone for the week. How do you start your week? #yogabugrealestate #thefillingstationpdx #happypuppers #yogatostarttheday #setthetonefortheweek #thepeoplesyogapdx
Tips and Tricks for developing your pose is back! ✨🌟💥 This week @emilybaumannyoga shares her ideas for easy and quick adjustments that could be made in Uttanasana Halfway Lift so that you can get the most out of your practice ☺ swipe right for a bonus modification pose! 👉 #thepeoplesyogapdx #yogaeverydamnday #yoga #yogaforeveryone #meditation #beherenow #selfcare #tpyteachers #pnw #TPYlovenotes #portlandyoga
Sometimes being upside down feels.. so right side up! Not only are inversions fun but they're good for you too. Join @heyheydouble_a for her 6-week inversion workshop beginning this Wednesday! Find it in the events page on our website and let's play! 💫💧💃 #thepeoplesyogapdx #yogaeverydamnday #yoga #yogaforeveryone #meditation #beherenow #selfcare #tpyteachers #pnw #portlandyoga
Such a lovely group today for my Yoga for Backcare workshop on the upper back. Some of the best feedback I can have is when a student tells me after the class that they had a release of long held pain in their body. Can’t wait for the lower back in two weeks! @thepeoplesyogapdx .
#yogaforbackcare #yoga #backpain #pdx #portlandyogascene #thepeoplesyogapdx #yogaworkshop #yogainspiration #yogaprops #stretchitout #mindfulhatha #movement #yogateacher #community #yogapractice #yogaeveryday #yogaforscoliosis #mindandbody #healyourback #lovemyjob
It might be too cold to go skinny dipping, but during this weekend of rejuvenation and relaxation, are there are lots of other fun, local, free and lo-cost things to due around Portland✨🌟💫💃
Today's tips:
Check out @anisamakhoul 's illustrations
Read a book @powellsbooks
Look at cute plants @pistilsnursery
Catch a matinee movie for $6 @laurelhursttheater (weekends included!)
Write a letter to a friend, send it! ( or don't 😉 )
Buy fresh ( $3 !?) eucalyptus from @traderjoes
Take deep breaths (FREE) and enjoy your weekend.
#TPYlovenotes #TPYrejuvination #selfcare #meditation #yogaforeveryone #yogaeverydamnday #thepeoplesyogapdx #pnw
Turn it up side down with me! Six weeks of or,neck and shoulder work in support of the ever elusive yoga headstand and shoulder stand. Starts Wednesday, January 9, 7:15 PM at the NE 30th Ave. studio.

Read more on the People’s website: thepeoplesyoga.org

#pdxyoga #pdxyogascene #headstand #inversions #inversions101 #thepeoplesyogapdx #alignmentyoga #shoulderworkshop
Dear Belmont Studio @thepeoplesyogapdx : .
You were the first studio I came to when I moved to Portland, back in 2014. You were the first studio in Portland to offer me a full lot of classes, and the first studio here where I felt truly at home. After leaving @truyogarochester to move across the country, I worried that I’d never find another studio that was so welcoming, so beautifully simple, that celebrated yoga in such a pure and honest form. (Tru: you left me some big boots to fill!) But in People’s Yoga, I found my (west coast) yoga family. I am delighted to see you grow, and to spend the next two weeks in an interim space that will no doubt be hilariously cramped, and will certainly make us even MORE excited for the big move to Hawthrone & 40th on January 20!! Thank you, dear Belmont studio, for giving us space for our community to evolve; I cannot wait to continue to evolve with you. Happy New Year.
Faithfully, Abby
#thepeoplesyoga #thepeoplesyogapdx #pdxyoga #portland #portlandyoga #yogateacher #yogakula #yogasangha #community #yogafamily #moving
We might be spamming your feeds with news of our studio move this weekend but the excitement is real! New year, new studio. We'll see your bright practices at our interim SE location; 4252 SE Belmont, Starting January 2nd! More news on our permanent space coming soon! 😊💫🙏 Email, DM, comment, or use morse code with a bright light from your home if you have any questions #thepeoplesyogapdx #yogaeverydamnday #yoga #yogaforeveryone #selfcare #pnw
The solstice has passed and the days gradually beginning to get longer again - but we still have a while to go before the long spring/summer day energies return to us. 🌘🍂💫 As we continue to look inward this winter season, here are some fun, easy and local things to do this weekend to keep you occupied!
Today's Tips:
Look at @evanmcohen 's art and breath
See Neo-soul / R&B artist @bamb00banga perform live at @dougfirlounge
Buy an enchanted flower from @spellboundflowers
Buy $3.25 well drinks and $6 nachos at The Conquistador Lounge
Join @bloomingmoonspa for their weekday happy hour (Foot massage+soak, wine + food = $30)
More to come! #thepeoplesyogapdx #yogaeverydamnday #yoga #selfcare #TPYrejuvination #pnw
Southeast Students The SE Belmont Move Out has started! Have you grabbed your mat and checked the lost and found? Make sure to collect all of your things by 12/29. We'll see your bright practices at our interim SE location 4252 SE Belmont Starting January 2nd!😊💫🙏 Email, DM, comment, or send a carrier pigeon if you have any questions regarding these changing times #thepeoplesyogapdx #yogaeverydamnday #yoga #yogaforeveryone #selfcare #pnw
Yoga for Backcare series winter 2019 coming soon! Starts Sunday January 6th with the Upper back @thepeoplesyogapdx
Start the New Year with tools of awareness to help empower your self care routine with movement and mobility for a healthy back. 📸 @laurenhowlandphoto .
#thepeoplesyogapdx #yogaforbackcare #yoga #backpain #pdxyogascene #yogsinpdx #portlandyoga #yogaeveryday #yogaforscoliosis #mobility #mindfulness #selfcare #newyear #yogaworkshop #upperback #lowerback #namaste
phew! Wow friends this last week was a crazy one forsure BUT YOU GOT THIS! Let’s all remember to take a breath and do something nice for just yourself - whatever that means to you. 🥂🧘‍♂️🍊This is important as we re-center ourselves while 2018 comes to and end and prepare for the new year! This beautiful art is by local artist @lefoxstudio #tpylovenotes #thepeoplesyogapdx #yogaforeveryone #yogaeverydamnday #tpyhumpdays
So we're doing a new thing... weekly tips and tricks for developing your pose! The smallest things can make the biggest differences - and we want to help. This week Abby (+ Wanda 🐶) shows us a few quick adjustments we can make in Adho Mukha Svanasana (aka Down Dog) to get the most out of our practices. 👉🏼 swipe right for a bonus modification! #thepeoplesyogapdx #yogaforeveryone #selfcare #beherenow #tpyteachers #yoga #yogaeverydamnday
Here’s the end of the year holiday schedule Booty Luv®-ers💫 👉M 12/24 - 12 p.m. w/ Heather at @thepeoplesyogapdx (Mississippi location)
👉T 12/25- all classes CANCELLED
👉W 12/26: 12 p.m. at @mefitstudios w/ @suthernyogipdx ; 4 p.m. at @thepeoplesyogapdx (NEK location) w/Heather 👉M 12/31: 12 p.m at @thepeoplesyogapdx (Mississippi location) w/ Heather. T 1/1/19: all classes CANCELLED! Have a great holiday season and see y'all soon! **All other classes with @lydiabfit, @motherofobsidian , @suthernyogipdx will happen on their regular schedule.**#bootyluvfitness #pdxfitness #mefitfam #thepeoplesyogapdx #groupfitness #bodypositive #bootyclass #bootyworkout #assclass #coreclass #coreworkout #portlandoregon
Our 300-hour Teacher Training with Abby Kraai and other teachers begins January 27th. Learn more and enroll on our website! Monthly payment plans are available and we also offer partial scholarships based on need and our mission to support equity in the yoga 👍industry #thepeoplesyogapdx #yogaforeveryone
Our dark little hearts are delighted to invite in the longest day of the year! Happy Solstice, All! May this winter offer us all deep rest, reflection and the energy to meet the sun when it comes. #witchyyoga #thepeoplesyogapdx artwork by @the_wild_unknown
Super easy supported bridge, perfect for #wintersolstice and #restmas practice! 🔈sound on for cues.

You don’t need a gazillion props at home to practice restorative yoga poses. Love this one and it only requires 2 blankets.

Learned this in @laurelbeversdorf’s great restorative class from @jenni_rawlings online class library. I highly recommend subscribing to Jenni’s class library. So many creative, thoughtful movement classes with lots of awesome teachers for like 9 bucks a month, just sayin.

Take 5 minutes and try this one. 🤤

#rest #restmas #wintersolstice #restorativeyoga #chilloutyoga #yogaforsanity #goodenough #supportedbridgepose #yogawithblankets #supportyourself #thepeoplesyogapdx #portlandyoga
Whether it's that one pose you haven't quite got - or something else - remember that all good things take time! Give yourself the compassion that you deserve, breathe in, enjoy the process and you'll get there before you know it. #TPYhumpdays #TPYlovenotes #thepeoplesyogapdx #yogaeverydamnday #yogaforeveryone #beherenow
It's Teacher Tuesday! This week we lift up the wonderful Sarah Diedrick! 🎊✨ She is new to Portland and hails from Vermont - here's a sneak-peek into her life outside of TPY: Sarah's first love is writing. She adores poetry and is working on her first book of poetry as we speak. (👀 better keep an eye out!) She thinks that's why she loves yoga so much - by finding rich poetry in all of the ancient texts and philosophy. Sarah tries to weave that aspect into all of her classes. She also LOVES to dance and has been getting into more dance classes, especially hip-hop and reggaeton 💃💃💃 #thepeoplesyogapdx #tpyteachers #yogaforeveryone #yogaeverydamnday
Start or renew your practice in @thatsnotayogapose ’s Foundations One workshop! We will examine the basic yoga postures while focusing on the breathing practices that are an essential piece of this ancient practice. Jan. 31st to Mar. 7th from 7:15-8:15pm at SE studio....coming to 40th and Hawthorne soon! #thepeoplesyogapdx #yogaforeveryone #beherenow
🗓 ⏰ ♥️
Saturday Feb. 16th 2:30-4:30pm
@thepeoplesyogapdx NE Killingsworth studio.
Do Yoga, Do Good: Another opportunity to enjoy a lovely 2 hour yoga practice (slow movement + restorative) with 💯percent of the proceeds going to @sistersoftheroadpdx !
Sister of the Road serves delicious, fresh, homemade meals in downtown Portland for only $1.25 (paid thru cash, EBT, or work trade). I love this photo because if you are a family with children, you eat for FREE.
Click on the link in my bio to find a short film about @sistersoftheroadpdx and the amazing work they do.
The class is $20 suggested donation, registration is open!

#doyogadogood #thepeoplesyogapdx #sistersoftheroad #helpyourselfandhelpothers #yoga #yogaforeveryone #endhunger #feedyourcommunity #practicegenerosity
The weekend is a great time to reset and re-align. This winter, in particular, feels like rejuvenation is in the works for a lot of people so we're gonna be gathering low-cost & local things to do this season - just in case you get stumped! 💃💖
Today's tips:
Look at all of @maijkah 's art
Take a dip in the heated soaking pool at the Kennedy School for $5
Play with clay at @carterandrosepdx during their open studio time
Listen to free jazz at @the_1905
Buy $3 cocktails and grilled cheeses at @aaltolounge
More to come! #thepeoplesyogapdx #selfcare #yogaforeveryone #TPYrejuvination #pnw
you don’t have to stand on your hands to work a handstand, know what I mean? 🤸‍♀️

Some handstand prep stuff we played with in class this week. Video is x 2.5, slow and steady for 💪🏽 and 🧠.

In the first bit, working on taking the backbend out of shoulder flexion (arms overhead). This might translate to easier balance and more integrity in your handstand 🤸‍♀️

Love love love the wrist push-ups for building strength in wrists/fingers/forearms. Learned that one from @yogadetour. Do more reps than I show here. You can totally do it while watching The Great British Baking Show, bonus. 🤸‍♀️

What are some of your favorite handstand preps? 🤸‍♀️

#handstandprep #handstandpreparation #dowhatyoucan #movementplay #yogaplay #adhomukhavrksasana #standonyourhands #upsidedown #shoulderstrength #shoulderflexion #wristextension #balance #yogastrong #pdxyogascene #pdxyogateacher #thepeoplesyogapdx
Thanks to everyone who joined us for Partner Yoga earlier this month it was such a fun one, what an experience! If you missed this one don't worry there are more to come. If you were able to make it, drop a comment and let's hear your thoughts! ☺💫#thepeoplesyogapdx #yogaeverydamnday #yogaforeveryone
Join us at @suniti_diana ‘s solstice class to settle into this shadowy season. We will experiment with low to the ground movements and guided meditation while being supported by music. December, 22 from 4-6pm at our NE Killingsworth studio #thepeoplesyogapdx
May your flow be this level of restorative over the weekend 😌😴💫 Happy Friday peeps - hope to see you in the studio! #thepeoplesyogapdx #yogaforeveryone
We acknowledge that we can't always be happy, we can't always radiate sunshine, and not every day consists of butterflies and smiles. HOWEVER! We also know that not every day is 'blah' and sometimes they really are just packed to the brim butterflies and smiles. Aim for that day and don't ever give up. Happy Almost-Hump-day everybody 😚✨💖 #TPYhumpdays #thepeoplesyogapdx #loveTPY #TPYlovenotes #yogaeverydamnday #selfcare
Hey, loves! I’d love to see some of y’all at practice this week! 😊 Here’s where to find me:
9.30-10.30a: Vinyasa (Foundations of Flow)

@thepeoplesyogapdx SE
5.30-6.45p: Vinyasa
7.15-8.30p: Yin

@thepeoplesyogapdx North
4-5.15p: Vinyasa + Restorative

Drop-ins welcome 👌🏼
We've said it before and we'll say it again! Take time to be kind to yourself and to your body! Not just this weekend - but with effort and intention to do so as often as you can! How are you paying attention this weekend? Yoga? Extra water? Extra food and beers? lol hey - we wanna hear it all! 😘✨💘 #selfcare #thepeoplesyogapdx #yogaeverydamnday
“Our body is an instrument played by divine breath. It is our job to keep the instrument well tuned and to listen to the voice of truth moving through us.” ~ Anodea Judith.
May your weekend be full of breathing, resting and trusting 😊🌟💖 #thepeoplesyogapdx #yogaeverydamnday #beherenow #selfcare
Hi Friends! We have a new series on the horizon, beginning right after the holiday season! We hope you feel welcomed to join Kris Olson at our SE Studio for her Foundations 1 workshop series - this will be a really nice way to celebrate the new year and celebrate yourselves 💫💖😊 #thepeoplesyogapdx #yogaforeveryone
Happy Hump-day! As we reach the middle our week, we remind you that it's ok to feel HOWEVER you feel! If you're tired, you're tired. Angry? Us too! Sad? of course. Recognizing and accepting what's happening on the inside is an important part of growing. We hope that you feel that you all are free to come to any of your studios, as you are, and to take what you need with 0 expectations. Have a great week, and remember, IT'S OKAY. 🌱#thepeoplesyogapdx #yogaforeveryone #beherenow #beherenow
All the Class Card Sales This Weekend! There's Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday...but we were too lazy to choose. So, we've extended both of these sales Small Business Saturday through Cyber Monday 🤷🏼‍♀️
💖🎉 5 Class Cards. $50 using the promotion code "keep your yoga local"! 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️ 10 class card on sale for a screaming $100 deal in honor of Cyber Monday! Just use the promotion code "cyber cyber cyborg"
#thepeoplesyogapdx #yogaeverydamnday
Not the most exciting yoga video you’ll find on Instagram 😬... but if you make the blanket round, it’s surprisingly harder than it looks!

Never in my 44 years have I all of the sudden needed to put my feet behind my head. But walk/balance on unstable surfaces? On the regular. Which is why I love practicing and teaching this kind of stuff (not that the fancy flashy poses don’t have their place).

In Portland right now, walking down the street means navigating uneven sidewalks, wet slippery leaves 🍁, puddles and mud 🌧. The #yogaish play in this video helps build our proprioception, balance, and strengthens our feet and all the way up the chain (ankles, knees, hips, etc). Also, it’s hard to stay serious when doing it, added bonus. 😊

Video is sped up x2.5, take your time.

#yogaforreallife #functionalmovement #functionaltraining #yogaforbalance #yogaforfootstrength #yogaplay #mindfulmovement #balance #balancingposes #loveyourfeet #thepeoplesyogapdx #pdxyogascene
Hi friends 👋 we hope you've all had a restorative and healing week as we head into the weekend!💖 All classes are back on schedule and we're so excited to have everyone back in the studios #thepeoplesyogapdx #yogaforeveryone
Nothing quite like a deep side-body-opener on Wednesday night to restore ourselves from a long day 😌💫💓 #thepeoplesyogapdx #yogaeverydamnday #yogaforeveryone
Hi friends 👋🏼 as we grow together in our practices, it seems we’re growing in numbers as well! Thank you to everyone who has filled our SE Belmont studio so full over the years! It’s been so full in fact, that we happily announce that on January 1st, our SE Belmont location will be moving just a 10 minute walk away to Hawthorne. This will allow for 20 more mat spaces, which allows us to share more practice. Thank you all so much! It’s because of you we have the privilege of growing together. More information to come 😊🙌🏼✨ #thepeoplesyogapdx
“Say, Abby, what are you so excited about that has you prancing around the beaches of Baja?!”
“Oh, you know, just the fact that I’m leading a 300-HR IMMERSION & FOUNDATIONAL TEACHER TRAINING, Jan-Jun 2019 @thepeoplesyogapdx with @mamapriya & @kobsieg and I CAN’T FLIPPIN WAIT!!!”
It’s true!! I’m every bit as excited as this picture implies!! 😍🌈🌴🌊Also, this THURSDAY, NOV 15 is the early bird deadline, so if you’re thinking about it, and need that extra motivation, DO IT and save yourself $250! And if you like the idea, but want more info first, visit www.straightupyoga.com or www.thepeoplesyoga.org or send me a message (but remember that I’m prancing along the beaches of Mexico so don’t panic if I don’t reply immediately!). ♥️
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Progress! Slow progess is still progress. I’ve been able to clear a couple inches since August! My son felt it was important to add some drama with those magical nefarious hands. Other helpers include #thepeoplesyogapdx and a dose of #letsstartyoga Thankyou helpers!
Over these last 10 years, we have grown from 1 into 4 studios, and that's because of YOU. Thank you for sticking with us through these growing years and supporting us as we continue to share the benefits of Yoga. Which is your go-to studio and why?! We wanna hear you 😊✨💫#thepeoplesyogapdx #yogaforeveryone #yogaeverydamnday
A workshop that helps dissolve our tension and get back to feeling pleasure? Ummmm, YES PLEASE😏☺ Angelina is coming to us live on Nov. 17th to show us how you might wanna just sign up on our website ✨💫#thepeoplesyogapdx #yogaeverydamnday #yogaforeveryone
Trisha is one of our many amazing teachers and we couldn’t be more grateful for her! 💖 but who is Trisha really?? Let us tell you! 🌎 She was born in the Philippines and grew up in Alaska. 🐶 she has a dog is named Pancit (a Filipino noodle dish)
💃🏼 Dance was her first form of movement which then evolved to dance and yoga post-college. #thepeoplesyogapdx #yogaeverydamnday #yogaforeveryone
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Meet Durga Maa, Slayer of Demons, one of the most ancient and enduring of India’s Goddess figures. Dig deep into your core and tap into your power this Wednesday, Nov. 7th, by joining Alison’s Myths & Methods series!🌟✨💫 link to register in the bio #yogaeverydamnday #thepeoplesyogapdx #yogaforeveryone
Julie's Yoga for Bigger Bodies series is coming up FAST ❤ Mondays for this series are already full BUT there are a few spaces available for the Tuesdays series, which starts November 13th and goes STRONG until mid-January! If you don't make it to registration in time, Anna will bring us another series beginning in January, so keep your eyes peeled! ☺✨💖🌀#yogaforeveryone #thepeoplesyogapdx #yogaeverydamnday

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