Brazil Affiliate Marketing Guide, Trends, GEOs, Verticals, and Insight

Brazil is the largest country in both Latin and South America, as well as the fifth largest and seventh most populated in the world. The capital of Brazil is Brasilia, and the most populated city is Sao Paulo. Brazil consists of 26 states and the Federal District.

Affiliate Marketing Guide For Brazil

The Brazilian nation is considered as one of the most diverse and multicultural because of the migration from all over the world.

Economically, Brazil is the regional middle power. It has the strongest emerging economy in Latin America and the twelfth largest GDP in the world. According to the World Bank, Brazil has an upper-middle income economy and the largest share of global wealth in South Africa.

It has the strongest emerging economy in Latin America and the twelfth largest GDP in the world

Which verticals perform best?

Brazil is a huge and profitable GEO with such leading verticals as:


What makes Brazil that great for iGaming? Well, first, this GEO is not overcrowded. Second, there are no tough governmental regulations here. And finally, locals are crazy about iGaming and football. As Statista highlights, 48% of the population play online 1-3 times a week. These three factors make iGaming just perfect for Brazil.

To know the best campaign time, mind that Brazilians watch Brazilian Série A, The UEFA Champions League, and Liga MX.

As Statista highlights, 48% of the population play online 1-3 times a week


Another fruitful vertical for Brazil is Finance and namely – Trading offers. Such categories as Credit Cards, Crypto, Forex, and Binary are popular among Brazilians.

As for the Credit Cards offers, which are very popular among Brazilians, please mind that to make your ads relevant, you should only promote their local banks, like Santander and Banco do Brasil.


From 2014 to 2020, Brazil was in a deep economic crisis. Right during the recovery of 2020, the COVID pandemic affected the economy again. So the locals do know what financial problems are. Therefore, they eagerly search for earning opportunities, as well as freebies. And here is when Sweepstakes, one of the most profitable Brazilian verticals, steps on the stage.


It’s hard to name a GEO, where Dating is not popular, and it is also true for Brazil. Brazilians are very social and communicative, so they might be interested in Dating offers a lot. Just mind that targeting BR for Dating, you should choose relevant creatives — mostly, with Brazilian ladies and men on your banners.

Stats: traffic volumes, turnover growth

Here are the stats (1/05/2022 – 1/08/2022) that show how formats perform and grow:

Brazil best performing ads format

Basically, all formats show great results, while On?lick and Push are real top performers for Brazil. Below, we will give some launch recommendations about the campaign launch and CPA offers to choose for these ad formats.

Tips on campaign launch

And here are some recommendations from Anastasiya Khegay, Senior Account Strategist at PropellerAds:

As we can conclude from our statistics, all the top campaigns are launched with iGaming offers. Affiliates usually launch them on Onclick, with a landing page leading directly to the registration page. What is more, Finance applications, especially Forex tutorials and Credit Cards offers, convert greatly in Brazil.

Let’s check the stats by platforms (1/05/2022 – 1/08/2022):

Ads platform stats

Here are possible campaign setting for you Brazilian campaign:

  • Vertical: iGaming / Finance (Forex tutorial, Credit Cards) / Sweepstakes
  • Ad format: Onclick / Push
  • Platform: Android – Mobile / Windows – Desktop
  • Pricing model: CPC

So, you should pay special attention to iGaming, which is a real leader in BR, but you can also try Forex, Credit Cards (Santander Bank and Banco de Brasil), and Sweepstakes.

For Onclick, use creatives with special proof and success stories, for Push – appealing Finance banners are recommended. We will show you some examples below.

Examples of creatives that work

Brazil Finance Ad Creative

As we mentioned, working with this GEO, you are recommended to use Portuguese the most widespread language. And here is the translation of our examples:

Invest now Try earning with your phone

A Secret Trading System Check now

What makes them appealing? The first one includes a really eye-catching pic with money (it is true that users’ eyes stick to such pics automatically). Plus, the text – an easy way to get cash with the help of your smartphone sounds intriguing. This might be just the case when you only hint what you offer – that evokes interest and encourages users to learn how a smartphone can become an instrument for money-making.

The second Push has graphs familiar to all traders – they are aimed at people who look for earning opportunities online. The graphs make it precise and specific – you show that this is a Forex offer without even mentioning the name. As for the text, here we have a magic word – “secret”. Such wording is great for educational apps for trading – it’s like you offer something not familiar to regular traders (most likely, some insights that might work).

Brazil Ads Creative Sample


This guy broke the system Now he earns from his coach

Strong wording like “broke the system” attracts attention immediately, while a chance to “earn from the coach” is a dream of anyone, indeed. Such a copy can motivate anyone to click.

The button should lead to a landing page, where users can read the full story of a successful guy, who used your Trading application and learned how to earn money. Such stories are encouraging and serve as social proof – “if someone else did it, then I can do it, too”.


Brazil must be one of the best GEOs for Finance and iGaming campaigns, especially Credit Cards. Whenever you promote iGaming offers, make sure to choose Onclick as a format and a landing that brings users right to the registration form, where they perform target actions. As for Finance, focus on educational apps that help users grasp the principles of successful trading.

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