Flex tables – “The Pen-Pen-Ultimate Value”

 / Flex tables – “The Pen-Pen-Ultimate Value”

A Problem statement: How to exclude weeks and months from the Flex Table card that are not yet complete so users don’t think the period over period numbers are soft?

A Solution Statement: This secret sauce allows for a true week over week or month over month comparison by excluding the current week or month that hasn’t yet completed.

Demo: Use a beast mode to dynamically limit your data to exclude the current week or month from the Flex Table card.  Effectively this will change Penultimate Value to “Two weeks ago” and Last Value to “Last week” instead of “Last week” and “Current week”.

My “Secret Sauce”: Create a beast mode named “Week Filter” or “Month Filter” with the following formula.

NOTE: WEEKOFYEAR() function can be substituted with MONTH() and `ACTIVITY_DATE` is your date data field in your dataset.

This will give the current period a value of ‘0’ that you can then filter in your card to be “Not In” ‘0’. Your “Last Value” in your Flex table becomes last week instead of current week and your “Penultimate Value” becomes two weeks ago. Be sure to change your column names to be clear in the General section of the Chart Properties section of your card!

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