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What is Email marketing for local business and how it works will be answered fully in this post, but then how email works for businesses has been in existed long ago, and for decent purpose. It’s the best direct and effective way of linking up with your leads, encouraging and converting them into loyal customers, regularly winning out over all other web marketing channels.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through what and how direct email marketing for local business works, what is email marketing for small business compared to other forms of online marketing, what email campaign is, how to optimize your email campaign and email list segmentation.

Let’s dive into it;

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What is Email Marketing Definition?

Email marketing for small local business is the process of using email to promote and market your local business. It is used to build relationships with prospective customers, preserving existing customers up-to-date and informed on your brand, suggesting coupons to inspire customer dependability, and more!

Marketing with emails is a different digital marketing channel and a direct method of marketing, the same as marketing through snail mail, however, direct email marketing for local business is far more cost-effective for your budget and for the means since it’s completely paperless!

A number of persons consider direct email marketing as outdated, but then again they couldn’t be more wrong. Marketing with email has been make use of from the time shortly after the birth of the Internet. So, I will also tell you how email marketing works.

email marketing lead generation strategy
Email Marketing for Local Business

It has grown significantly ever since then and is still an exceptionally useful marketing tool. In fact, a lot of marketers maintain that marketing with email is more essential now than ever before.

There’s are beneficial reasons 85% of U.S. stores care about email marketing as one of the most active customer marketing tactics!

So what is Local Email Marketing used for?

Let look at how email marketing works – as this will help you understand why you should employ sending of emails in your marketing strategy.

  1. Direct Email marketing is a tool for building trust with your customers, and over time they turn to loyal customers.
  2. It is also an effective means to relate important information about new sales or promotions you are running to your customers. Your customers will want to stay informed about your brand.
  3. Email marketing is one of the best techniques to stay engaged and connected with that local audience.
  4. The truth is that about 28% of US online buyers confessed they subscribed to store or product via emails opt-in so they can stay informed on brands they are interested in.

Now that you know what is email marketing for local business and what is use for, it’s important to understand that there are direct email marketing services or software you must subscribe to get started with your email campaign.

So let’s look into marketing software that runs email marketing;

What is email marketing software?

What is Email Marketing  Software

Email marketing software is a tool or services on the internet that enables the features of allowing brands and business to take advantage of sending emails to their customers and monitoring them.

There is a great deal of software and automation tools online that make email marketing for small business very easy. For instance, MailChimp and Constant Contact are one of the best email marketing services that allows you to send direct emails and observe how your subscribers network with your emails.

Read the seven best email marketing services that can help you start your marketing campaign and our best three that we recommend.

You can use either of these direct email marketing tool to monitor your analytics like click-through rates (CTR), open rates, bounce rates, and conversions. These are ways on how email marketing works.

Since we’ve answered your question concerning what is email marketing and its usefulness really is, you possibly will be raising another question like “So does my local business need email marketing?” Certainly! All can take advantage of direct email marketing, specifically small businesses.

Email marketing for local business is actual reasonably priced and easy to monitor, specifically in contrast to other forms of conventional marketing.

What is the benefit of email marketing for small local business?

What are the benefits of email marketing

Now let’s look at the benefit of marketing through email and how email marketing works in delivering your exact goal:

1.      You get to reach wide online users:

The fact is 94% of online visitors make use of email. As a result, marketing through email allows you to get in touch with great deal of online users even if they are not on social media.

2.      It builds up your brand’s relationship:

In addition, a study establishes that a shocking 75% of adult online users expresses that email marketing is truly their ideal marketing method!

So if your business at this time is not making use email marketing, it’s without doubt what you should take into account in order to reach a wider audience and builds up your brand’s relationship with your existing customers.

3.      You can monitor easily your ROI:

An extra benefit of direct email marketing is that it’s really straightforward to track your Return-Of-Investment (ROI). The whole thing is trackable when you make use of email marketing software, so get to know who is opened your email, who is clicked your site through your emails, and more.

Above all, the ROI is generally very high for the reason that you don’t have to put ad money behind emails to get them to the right audience unlike other forms of advertising.

4.      You can target your ideal customer:

Emails can be used to market targeted ideal consumer since you can only send emails to people who have opted in through providing you with their email address.

This procedure therefore makes email marketing one of the low-cost possible marketing strategies.

5.      It is mobile friendly and Compatible:

Emails are mobile friendly and compatible, one fact about emails in the U.S is that 66% of all emails in are opened on mobile phones and devices.

 If you’ve been pondering on using a text message or SMS campaign, email marketing may possibly be a better choice for you.

What is Email Marketing for local business vs other forms of Marketing?

Email marketing Vs Other Forms Of Marketing
Image Credit: Smart Insights
1.      Local Email marketing and SMS marketing                                                                                              

Marketing through emails is much similar as SMS marketing, though, desktop users can receive your messages but very large users of smartphone finds emails more comfortable than text messages from companies. This is how email marketing works with SMS marketing to effective result.

2.      Local Email marketing and social media marketing                                                                     

Despite the fact that direct email marketing is commonly used in combination with other methods of marketing like social media advertising and even TV and radio ads, it has its own distinctive set of good features.

In support of this, let’s picture an ecommerce store and that’s running a sale. When a sale post is updated on social media, this post might not be seen by most of your followers.

Merely about 1% of your followers will usually see a Facebook post except you increase its visibility through running ad. But if emails about promotions or sales are sent, it is certain that it will get to every single subscriber of your email list. This is another way how email marketing works with social media.

3.      Local Email marketing and Search Engine Marketing                                                                              

One more big dissimilarity amongst email marketing for small business and other forms of marketing is that people really want to connect your email ads! Those who subscribe to your email list decisively provided you with their email address for the reason that they craved for more information on your brand.

This is not the same as search engines ads, social media ads, TV, magazines ads, and radio ads. Someone who sees your ad on Facebook or while watching the morning news is not interested to learn more regarding your brand, so they will ignore your message or regard it has spam.

If a consumer openly signs up to your business with their email address, it is for the reason that they exclusively want to opt in to your email marketing.

Maybe one of your sales promotions or coupon interest them, but the process is however a much more consent-based marketing strategy.

This is how email marketing works with search engines and why direct email marketing is so exceptional and so successful!

What is email marketing Compared to other forms of marketing?

Let talk how best email marketing for small business works in connection with other forms of marketing. Marketing through emails works very well with social media marketing.

Email marketing and social media marketing:

You are capable to cross-promote your brand’s social media profiles through emails via buttons asking for email subscribers connect with you. Your social media profile page can also be used to gather email list that can be used for your email marketing campaigns.

How Do I collect emails through social media ads?                                                                      

There are a few ways to do this;

  1. Giveaways: Running a giveaway on your social media accounts can lets people make available their email address in order to opt-in.
  2. Quality Content: You can also basically create quality posts that will solve their problems and also asking your social media followers to pitch in to your email list and making available a link to a form they can sign up on.

Odds are, if they were interested enough to follow your brand on social media, they will want to learn more about your brand through email, as well.

  1. Lead Generation Campaign: With lead generation campaign on social media network like Facebook, you can collect emails that could be used for email marketing campaign.

Email marketing and remarketing campaign                                               

Direct Email marketing for small business can as well works along with a remarketing campaign! Emails can be used to send cart reminders and notifications to your remarketing audience. You can customize these emails with the particular products from your online store.

How do you start an Local email marketing campaign?

Before we go into how you can start an email marketing campaign, let’s first understand the what is email marketing campaign.

What is email marketing campaign?

This is an organized setting of distinct mails messages that are sent out within a specific time frame with one specific purpose to specific subscribers.

online marketing blog MarketingBlogo
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 Though email marketing campaign is really broad. But using email marketing software, one can tailor and personalize emails with subscribers’ names and send them out on their birthdays, days before exclusive deals etc.

You can as well preserve separate email lists and send out special offers or promotions to different group of audiences.

Note that it’s not every sent emails will produce the same effect with every one of your email subscribers, so it important to segment your email lists and craft out different emails that meets the needs of different segments of your overall audience.

How Do email marketing campaign Works

Since we have looked at what is email marketing campaign, now let’s look at how email marketing works and some approach you need to get you started with your marketing campaign, below are the list of processes that must be undertaken for you to have a successful result running your campaigns.

Build Up an Email listing

Building up an email list is your first step to get your email marketing campaign started, this is to collect an email list. This is the first step on how email marketing works.

There are possible questions a potential email subscriber will ask before signing up for email listing.

Will I be spammed? What will be their profit or what benefit would they get for signing up with their email address. Are they up for special discounts?

Will my email address not made public or be sold? Make it certain to your potential subscribers of the benefit of subscribing to your email list and their email address will not be sold out.

Though there’re various ways to start and build up your email list, but the first phase to get started is to embed an email sign-up form on your blog or website.

This way you can prompt your current website’s visitors and propose to them an exclusive discount or special deal in exchange of their emails. Alternatively, you can leverage the power of your social media account to collect your audience’s emails.

Create Compelling email content                                                                                           

As soon as you have an established email list, the nest phase is to start preparing your emails. There are many kinds of content you can add in your emails and exclusive forms to choose from. There’s not much more customizable form of advertising than email marketing, therefore the sky’s the limit! For your direct email marketing to work and convert effectively, content is key.

Types of Email Content to Include                                                                                                   

Some patterns of content you can add on your emails that links to articles on your website,

  • Exclusive bonuses for subscribers.
  • Customer testimonials.
  • Infographics about new promotions or sales.
  • Broadcasts about new items or services.

Emails can as well be used to remind public who have showed interest in your business that you exist!

As soon as they decisively join your email list, don’t overlook a compelling welcome message. Remember they’re would-be loyal customers and not just prospect.

They would end up been your brand ambassadors free of charge if you do the right job. To really impress them, your welcome message will be their first impression. Make it count.

Include Email Coupons                                                                           

In the united states alone – when talking about loyalty reward, 64% of its online users has printed coupon from their email.

Email coupons is a terrific valuable tool to drive sales both in-store and online, and can also be used alongside email marketing strategy.

People can quickly subscribe to your email list after seeing or reading the promise on your email coupons! Crafting the perfect headings to selecting the most appealing layout, writing your emails can be irresistible.

The content of your emails depends solely on your business type. Nevertheless, there are some techniques that best fit most businesses.

What is Email Marketing Campaign Technique?

Email Marketing Optimization Techniques
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Videos: For example, a survey conducted by the Relevancy Group establish that marketers who append video to their email campaigns gets a 40% increase in ROI.

Infographics: Infographics on lists, and promotions/discounts as well create a very engaging emails.

Quality Content: Your emails ought to include valuable information or content that is engaging that your subscribers possibly will be engrossed in reading. Learn how to start copywriting for you email marketing.

Selected examples of content you can add to your emails are answers to popular FAQs, extracts from blog posts on your website, and reviews or opinion polls.

Read more from Campaign Monitor on email marketing campaign.

What should be the email layout?

Compatibility is key when it comes to email layouts. Your emails ought to agree with the design of your social media accounts, ads, and website for consistent branding.

Likewise, as almost half of all emails are opened on mobile devices, you’re sure to make your emails are mobile-friendly.

What is email Marketing optimization?

Email optimization is the set of procedures businesses set up to increase their conversation rate and build long-lasting relationships with their audience using direct email marketing. Your email marketing campaign can’t be more effective if certain measures are not put in place.

What to do to optimize email marketing campaign                                             
  1. Create more email opt-in chances
  2. Send a re-engagement email
  3. Use image carefully
  4. Adjust your rate of recurrence
  5. Segment your lists

After all, the primary objective of your emails ought to be to develop the right message to the right person at the right time. It can be complicated to set up these things to line up faultlessly, especially on the first attempt. That’s why A/B split testing is so significant!

What is Email List Segmentation?

What is Email List Segmentation - MarketingBlogo
Image Credit: eMailChef

Email list segmentation is the practice of segmenting your subscribers into smaller categories according to a specific measure so that sending them personalized and relevant emails will be easy.

List segmentation allows you to send out specific emails to a particular set of subscribers you know are more interested in a particular content which will increase conversion rate, rather than bombarding you email list with every single email.

Why Segment Your Email List?

It’s important we look at the reasons why email list segmentation is important, segmenting your list will help amongst other things do;

  1. Segmenting your list will increase your email open rates.
  2. Boost your click-through rates, and decrease your unsubscribe rates.
  3. Segmentation significantly improve the effectiveness of their email campaigns.
  4. Subscribers segmentation allows to send powerful autoresponders – a series of emails sent out automatically according to some measures, that you can use to encourage your leads and generate sales.
  5. Segments make it easier to know what heading and content to craft to attract users to open and engage with your email campaigns.

The goal with segmentation is to understand why the user opt-in your email list in the first place?

Did they buy any of your product? Visit a particular page? Download a specific lead magnet?

There are many different ways to share and portion your list into segments.

Ways To Get You Segment Your Email List:                                                                         
  • New subscribers: send new subscribers a welcome email or a welcome series.
  • Preferences: Those who want to get and read your new blog posts vs. those who only need sale announcements.
  • Interests: subscribers who are attracted classical music vs. those who love pop.
  • Location: alert subscribers who reside within your local event.
  • Open rate: recompense your most active subscribers with an exclusive offer specifically for them.
  • Inactivity: ring a bell of notification to subscribers who may have not been active for a while of your next step about an event.
  • Lead magnet: emails can be targeted to subscribers according to topics of the lead magnet that they sign up for.
  • Shopping Cart Neglect: subscribers can be reminder of the items in their cart that they haven’t confirmed yet.

These ideas just scratch the surface of what you can do with email list segmentation.

What is email Marketing etiquette? What is not?

Email etiquette is the rules or standard of behavior a business should abide by while writing or replying email messages. It’s the code of conduct for email communication.

Business emails generally request formal language and precise adherence to good grammar and spelling.

Now that we’ve talk over what email marketing is, it’s importance, and how to correctly make use of emails in your marketing strategy.

What to Avoid in Your Email Marketing Campaign?


An ineffective email marketing strategy is spamming your email subscribers – it will never lead to sales or brand awareness and will definitely put an end to your company’s reputation.

Buying Email List:

One more unfortunate direct email marketing tactic is buying pre-made email lists. Building up your email list with audience who have honest interest in your brand is key.

Purchasing a pre-existing email list get you unqualified subscribers who will unlikely have authentic interest in your brand and will end up unsubscribing from your emails because you’re seen as spammer.

Wrapping Up on What is Email Marketing for Small Business                               

We hope this guide has helped you learn what is email marketing for local business, how direct email marketing works and why it’s important for your business.

With the best email marketing services for small business, well-planned email marketing strategy, your marketing campaign will be a success.

Remember to build your email list strategically and create quality email messages for your subscribers to increase engagement and conversions.

As you build your email list, make sure that you are using these 14 high converting places to add email signup forms. Ensure to concise your email copy and let it on point to engross subscribers and keep them engaged and reading.

One of the only impending shortcomings and how email marketing works is that it can be time-consuming. That’s why you may possibly want to think about hiring a digital marketing agency to take care of all your email marketing needs!

Do you have any other point to share with us regarding this post, please let us know in our comment box. And if this guide gives you an understanding on this subject matter, don’t hesitate to share with families and friends.

Here's WHAT IS EMAIL MARKETING for Local Business & How it Works 2022

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