Nigeria Affiliate Marketing Guide, Trends, GEOs, Verticals, and Insight

So, our first destination is Nigeria, a country in West Africa. Nigeria is a federal republic that includes 36 states, plus – the Federal Capital Territory, where Abuja, the capital, is located. The largest Nigerian city is Lagos, which is the second-large in Africa and one of the largest rural areas in the world.

Affiliate Marketing Guide For Nigeria

Nigeria is known as the regional power in Africa, which means that it has a substantial influence around the geographical region. What is more, the country is a middle power in the international market, and an emerging global power. Nigeria has a huge population and strong economy – the largest economy in Africa and the 25th largest in the world. The World Bank acknowledges Nigeria as one of the most significant emerging markets

The World Bank acknowledges Nigeria as one of the most significant emerging markets

Income in Nigeria is not steady. While there are wealthy citizens, in general, salaries are below average. Here is what Anastasiya Khegay, Senior Account Strategist at PropellerAds, says about this:

Nigeria is a very interesting GEO money-wise, but the population income is below average, which makes FTDs (first-time deposits) for most of the verticals low, influencing ROI.

Which verticals perform best?


Luckily, some types of iGaming are not prohibited in Nigeria. What is more, as Nigerian salaries are not the highest, so people take their chance to find a simple income source online. This makes iGaming even more popular among the locals.


Sweepstake offers provide another chance to get valuable goods and financial rewards, so the reason for their popularity is pretty much the same as for iGaming. Plus, locals are less used to the classic Sweepstakes, unlike Americans, for example. You have all chances to get conversions with the traditional Sweepstakes creatives.

Finance (Forex)

The same interest for money-making also motivates users to click Forex offers, especially – mobile tutorials on how to trade. According to Finance Magnates research, the country has 200,000 daily Forex traders.

The country has 200,000 daily Forex traders

Mobile Subscriptions

Another fruitful vertical for Nigeria is Mobile Subscriptions. In South Africa, most Internet users prefer smartphones and, according to our statistics, they eagerly pay for downloadable content. So, you can try such offers as mobile games, all types of entertaining content, or applications.


Dating is also popular in Nigeria. According to Statista, the total market revenue is expected to reach $4.65 MLN, and the number of users is most likely to amount to 2.8 MLN by 2027.

Try launching a campaign with appealing creatives that evoke social interest – say, dialogue-like ones.


All types of Utilities work great in Nigeria, since most locals use mobile devices to access the Internet. As such, they are interested in various apps for safety, anonymity, cleaning, and entertainment. The most popular iOS apps in Nigeria are Xender: File Share, Google Chrome, Google, Opera, Pi Browser, and more.

Stats: traffic volumes, turnover growth

Let’s see some stats for a month (1/07/2022 – 30/07/2022), plus the growth percentage for Onclick and Push (Interstitial didn’t grow during this period).

Nigeria Ads Performance

As you can see, Push notifications are really ahead of the competition – they show a giant amount of impressions with significant growth throughout the month – 13.5%. However, Onclick brought more conversions with a head-spinning growth of 25.25%. So we suggest that these formats are the most efficient for Nigeria.

Tips on campaign launch

As our Sales Team recommends, you should start a Nigerian campaign with:

  • Vertical: iGaming / Finance (Forex tutorial)
  • Ad format: Push + In-Page Push / Onclick
  • Platform: Android, Mobile
  • Pricing model: CPC

By the way, in Nigeria, Android mobile takes about 90% of the entire traffic:

Nigeria Best Ad Platform

The typical conversion flow for converting Nigerian offers looks this way:

Push Notification – Click – Landing Page (Registration) – Conversion

Also, we suggest that you should use S2S Tracker to track conversions and therefore we will help you optimize your campaign in the best possible way. We will help you define the most and least profitable zones, help you raise the rates whenever needed, adjust your targeting, and suggest some personalized strategies suitable for your campaign.

Examples of creatives that work

Let’s take a look at some converting creatives for iGaming and see why do they work

So, Nigerians love football, and you have all chances to get profit from a sports-related offer. Our example is for the iGaming campaign, so you can see footballers there, and they are Nigerian footballers. It makes sense to choose pictures with typical locals as your audience – they are more likely to relate, get interested, and click.

Another great idea - using a flag of a targeted GEO for a football-related campaign


So, when working with Nigeria, grab a nice iGaming or Finance offer, choose Push + In-Page Push or Onclick, target mobile Android users, and roll your ads. iGaming is great for football events, Finance is ever-green.

As for the creatives – make them clear and relevant, like those you see on the examples explain what you offer, use appealing images, and don’t forget that people on your banners should look like Nigerians to let users relate to them.

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