/ The Football World Cup 2022 Edition

The Football World Cup (or Soccer World Cup if you’re a North American fan) is upon us, kicking off for the 22nd time in just under a week hosted by the nation of Qatar. Of particular note is England vs United States on Friday the 25th for a little EMEA office vs HQ rivalry.

It’s admittedly an unusual time for the world cup to begin, which typically takes place in May, June or July, however, due to the extreme temperatures of the Qatari Summer it will take place during the cooler months of November & December for the first time in the tournament’s history.

To celebrate the tournament and to keep track of what happens as the tournament progresses, we have put together a series of dashboards which you can find below.

There’s loads to dig in to and explore but before you do there are a few things to note:

  • When the 2022 World Cup begins in November, our datasets will update with new data at the end of each match day.
  • Being a data company, and to show the power of Domo, we again chose to source all data from publicly available sites using Jupyter Notebooks and Beautiful Soup.
  • As we publicly sourced the data, there may be some errors with it. If you notice one, feel free to reach out to us and we can make corrections

Some datapoints I found interesting while playing around with the data is:

  • In 21 world cups there have only been 8 different countries to win
  • Brazil has both the most World Cup wins (5) and match wins (73) since 1930. what’s interesting is that Italy trails in second with 4 World Cup wins and third in match wins, but didn’t actually qualify for the tournament this year

We’re also excited to present the ‘Ask me Anything’ page powered by a Natural Language Query (NLQ) app from our friends at Pramana. We will elaborate on that part of our Dashboard in a post next week.

With no further ado, our World Cup App:

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