The Marriage of Sales and Marketing: Achieving Real Alignment

October 12, 2022·6 min read

Sales and marketing alignment can sometimes be like a struggling marriage—a little tense. But empathy, communication, and common ground can build a solid foundation to make this relationship work.

Any married person will tell you—relationships are not easy. Sales and marketing alignment are no exception. Instead of a traditional love story, sales and marketing can feel like an unlikely pairing, forced together under the circumstances of driving pipeline and revenue.

The truth is this partnership only works if both parties understand their overall goals and how important alignment will be to achieve them. In this article, we’ll break down the four strategies for a harmonious relationship between sales and marketing—including fostering empathy, making each other’s lives easier, and creating a safe, effective feedback loop. We’ll also drop in several practical “marriage counseling” tips you can implement right now to drive better alignment.

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