The Ultimate SEO Website Migration Checklist

Website migration is more than just an update. It’s a process of substantial change in your website’s structure or tech stack. Migrating your site can be time-consuming, expensive, and risky. But sometimes, it’s either the best or the only option.

Migrations usually take place when:

  • You change your company’s name, so you have to move to a new domain
  • You begin implementing the HTTPS protocol, making your site more secure
  • You move to a new content management system (CMS), such as WordPress
  • You do a major website redesign
  • You change your site’s structure, to optimize for conversions or navigability

Nevertheless, if it’s not done properly, a website migration can have negative effects on your SEO. As a result, your ranking, traffic, and authority could drastically decrease.

What can you do to prevent SEO pitfalls? In this post, we’ll share 14 website migration best practices that will help you restructure or move your site without undermining your SEO efforts.

Let’s dive in.

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