This One Simple Skill Will Change Your Life

This one simple skill will change your life

I was at the typical pre-event “meet and greet” at a conference. As I was enjoying a few drinks and networking – I ended up in a rather revealing conversation.

I asked their name (a waste of time, due to the prominent name badge) and enquired about what brought them to the conference. I proceeded to ask more questions because I was curious.

For the next 10 minutes, I was able to discover this person’s motivations and a bit about their background and life. 

I was then asked a typical question that I was happy to answer.  “So what do you do?” 

I started to reply, only a few words into my first sentence before I noticed that their eyes were glazed over and they were scanning the room. 

We’ve all met those people. 

Your impression of them plummets as you know they don’t care about you or are even faintly interested. 

You can do two things. Persist or leave. 

I exited stage right.