How to Avoid 10 Common Web Design Mistakes That Hurt SEO

If your website is poorly managed and has mistakes, it can seem untrustworthy to users. Therefore, you should avoid common errors in website design or revamping to stand out. 

When you design a website, avoid a few common mistakes while creating your web page design, and you can create a better-looking and better-performing website.

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This guide will help you analyse the mistakes people generally make when designing websites.

Top Web Page Design Mistakes to Avoid

When you design websites, avoid making the following mistakes.

  1. Not Making the Website More Accessible

Your website should be more accessible. To make your website more accessible, you must consider some factors like putting the proper colour contrast to the website, adding appropriate alternative text for images and graphics, adding accessible names and labels, and focusing on visual indicators.

  1. Not So Responsive Website Design

A responsive website is much more visible than a static website. This means you should consider optimising for devices like PCs, mobile and tablets. 

Focus on the specific layout of the website design, check the proper image size, and enable media queries to provide a seamless user experience to your website and visitors.

  1. Not Focusing on UI & UX

UI and UX are key aspects of web page design as they make your website more aesthetically appealing. If your website is too fun to navigate and doesn’t bring any boredom, it benefits the users. So, give some importance to the overall design aesthetics of the tool for better performance.

  1. Irrelevant Customisation

Ensure you customise your site correctly. For example, if you are making an education website, ensure all the necessary features of an education tool are there. 

Further, if you are creating an eCommerce website, ensure all the business-related tools are functions added there that help users navigate the website effectively.

  1. Adding Useless Features

When you design a website, try to put all the features in a different bucket. If some features could be more helpful for your website, try to put them, but do not force it. You can also try to simplify your website for users with a better user experience.

  1. Having No Hierarchy for Navigation

Another common web page design mistake developers and people make is not adding hierarchy. You should avoid making that mistake and put a proper hierarchy to help users correctly analyse and visit the website. 

For example, put the web pages so that one page leads to another without confusing the users.

  1. Not Showcasing Your Brand Images Properly

Make a proper view of how your website can help users resolve their issues. Also, put the basic idea of your website on the About page of what you are offering.


A website is like a first impression to people, so try to make it more accessible. You should follow the basics and avoid the primary web page design mistakes. Make your website better and more informative, simple, and easy to navigate.

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